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Summer 2012. My husband and I travelled to Bosnia during our Summer break. Really looking forward to see the Bosnian Pyramids with our own eyes. We had met Semir Osmanagich a few times and listened to his inspiring lecture on the pyramids, in Arkansas 2011 and in Maarssen (Holland) during Spring 2012. We were convinced, we had to see the pyramids.

Arriving in Visoko immediately we felt the special energy. The volunteers who stayed in the same hotel as we did, were all very nice and gentle people. The longer we stayed, the intriguing the whole setting appeared. On Sunday there was a change of shifts. The second shift was leaving and volunteers for the third shift arrived. Every face of a volunteer who left had in one or other way a sad expression. Some said: I am longing to go home, yet, I don’t want to go home because my home is here too.

My husband and I gave each other looks and later on that night my husband was asking: “how would it feel for you to stay here as a volunteer for one week?” Wow, awesome. I didn’t need time to think over that one. So we became volunteers.

Being a volunteer was an incredible experience. Working in the tunnels with there extraordinary energies, with a bunch or people coming from all over the world is very special.

There is a heart-felt energy in general, in the tunnels and at the pyramids. Working together is bounding as well. Combine those two and you will grasp the picture. In no time you become friends with people you didn’t know them a couple of days ago. Sometimes you’re not even able to speak the same language, still, the heart-felt connection is there and a very high vibrations of oneness is resonating with all.

To me this experience is so worthwhile because it emphasise again we all are world citizens. Even though I am born in the Netherlands doesn’t give me the right to claim this part of the world as mine. We all are a guest on Mother Earth. Working and being together in unison and with heartfelt energies is truly connecting. That experience is there for every one. Simply being a volunteer and you will understand.


Thea Boven

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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