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I think they are divine energy, concentrated and formed into stone balls. I can feel a pressure holding it together, so that the concentration can take place. The concentration goes as far until the stone is formed. They were made in ancient times for us, conserving and placing divine love on earth. It is there for the time Planet Earth is open for it again, when the time is changing. It is already releasing small amounts of love, but then it probably will release all of it. I would not be surprised, if the stone balls will then fall apart.

It matches with the sayings, that there is some kind of valuable treasure in it – it´s only a different level.

I like to call them “Liebesperlen Gottes” in German, translated into English it is like: “Divine Beads of Love” or “Love Beads of God”. “Liebesperlen” in Germany are also cute little sweets for little children. The double meaning of the word makes it nice.

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