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The Invisible but Vital Life Energies of the Bosnian Pyramid Valley

“Our forefathers all over Europe including Bosnia and probably in most of the Northern Hemisphere lived in higher states of consciousness, lived with knowledge. They were much more advanced than we are today contrary to our arrogant belief that we at present are the crown of creation. I repeat: We have sunk down to the level of worms in knowledge and spirituality, in ethics and morals, in mental and physical health compared to our present-day status. [. . .]”

Dr. Eberhard Baumann

Photo: The Three of Life on a stećak, Bosnia and HerzegovinaIn ancient times architecture was considered not only a creation of form to limit or define space, but also inherently a sacred form that concentrated beneficial earth and cosmic energies and dispersed harmful earth and cosmic energies.

The subtle energies of earth and cosmos were taken very seriously in the spiritually advanced societies of the past. The ancients were conscious that certain architectural features transformed invisible energetic fields that exercise subtle but predictable influences on the human body and on the environment.

In spite of our scientific progress in the modern day, we still know very little, in comparison to the ancients, about the relation of forms both natural and artificial to subtle and invisible but potent energies from earth and sky.

Since 2006, researchers from many different disciplines have visited the Bosnian Pyramid Valley. These researchers have made pioneering discoveries that have allowed us to dramatically expand our modern understanding of the nature and purpose of the Bosnian pyramids and pyramid structures across the planet.

A two-year study performed by biologist Dr. Sulejman Redžić from the Faculty for Natural Sciences at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, has shown that the soil temperature on the Bosnian pyramids and nearby areas is 5 degrees Celsius warmer than elsewhere in Bosnia.

Astonishingly, Dr. Redžić was able to identify several plant species on the pyramids that are typical of warmer Mediterranean climate zones. This means that these ancient pyramid structures create an artificial microclimate in the Visoko Valley.

U.K. scientist Dr. Harry Oldfield developed a photographic method similar to Kirlian photography that captures the “shapes” of electromagnetic energy in a two-dimensional photograph.

Dr. Oldfield’s photos of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun showed that the electromagnetic fields above the pyramids are oriented toward the vertical rather than the horizontal. This is unusual because the electromagnetic patterns above natural features such as hills and mountains are normally vertically oriented. Vertically oriented electromagnetic fields are characteristic of artificial (manmade) structures. In addition, Dr. Oldfield recorded more activity than expected, with strong electromagnetic fields above the Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun.

Corroborating Dr. Oldfield’s findings, Dr. Slobodan Mizdrak, a physicist from Zagreb, Croatia, led a team of experts who measured both electromagnetic radiation in the Bosnian pyramid complex in 2010 and 2012. The team also measured an unusual 28 kHz ultrasound phenomenon exiting the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. A two-day experiment in April 2012 demonstrated that the source of the ultrasound “energy beam” is beneath the pyramid at a depth of 2440 metres (1.86 miles). Analysis of collected data has shown that a metallic plate located deep under the pyramid in combination with underground water flows and unexpectedly high concentrations of negative ions generates electric power of more than 10 kilowatts. 

The presence of high concentrations of negative ions has also been detected also in other locations of the valley, namely inside Ravne tunnel labyrinth. Different measurements performed during the past six years have shown a tremendous increase in negative ions inside the tunnel system, reaching levels of up to 40,000 ions per cubic centimeter 200 meters inside the tunnel system. Negative ions are atoms or molecules that have more electrons than protons in their nuclei. Series of analyses in the last 120 years have proven that negative ions clean the air of dust, spores, mold and pollen and provide numerous health benefits to human beings. Thousands of people who have visited the underground tunnel labyrinth during the past six years have been able to experience the healing power of this negative ion-rich location.  

Janez Pelko, a Slovenia researcher who studied the effects on the human aura of a short stay in Ravne tunnel labyrinth, demonstrated that the human aura increases and reconstitutes itself significantly in almost 80% of cases among people after a one-hour stay inside the tunnel labyrinth. Janez Pelko’s research is mainly inspired by the work of Prof. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a renown Russian scientist who invented the Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), which represents a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography, allowing direct, real-time viewing of human energy fields.

Thus we come to the conclusion that ancient cultures had developed an understanding of the subtle effects of various invisible life energies and created structures to both generate and magnify them.

The latest evidence on the beneficial health effects produced by the pyramid complex in Visoko comes from the scientific discipline known as Geobiology.Geobiology is the study of the influence of the immediate environment on the health of plants, animals, and humans. This “environment” includes natural cosmic and earthly energies, as well as artificial (architectural) structures, ancient or modern.

This discipline requires the study of ancient texts such as the Indian Vastu shastra(also Vastu veda, “science of construction”) or the Chinese Feng Shui (Feng means “wind” and shui means “water”]) widely used since ancient times to orient buildings and spiritually significant structures such as temples and tombs.

One very simple but accurate way of measuring the various energy fields existing around us is the unsophisticated instrument known as the Bovis biometer, a scale developed and named after the French physicist and radiesthesist André Bovis(1871–1947). The Bovis meter is used to quantify the strength, or radio vitality, of the cosmic telluric energy inherent in a location or object.

The measuring method utilises the knowledge of electromagnetic wavelengths, and specifically the wavelength of red light which is in the region of 6,500 Ångström units. The wavelength of one Ångström is equal to one ten-millionth of a millimetre (1 Ǻ = 1/100.000.000 mm). The biometer, however, measures subtle energy and not wavelength, and the units of vibrational quality or intensity of radiation is being measured in Bovis units.

To stay in good health our body and spirit need to live in a healthy environment and to have a healthy, balanced diet. An average value for a healthy abode and for a healthy person is 6,500 Bovis units. Values below 6,500 Bovis units indicate a qualitative energetic deficiency. Values above 6,500 Bovis units indicate a higher energetic quality. The vibrational plane corresponds to the aura energetic bodies, starting with physical plane (1 – 7) and ending with the divine plane (43 – 49).


- 1,000 BOVIS = Sodas

- 1,500 BOVIS = Cooked Foods

- 3,000 BOVIS = Steamed Foods

- 6,500 BOVIS = Fresh RAW vegetable foods 
(considered “sufficient” to keep the energetic balance)

- 7,000 BOVIS = Average human

- 8,500 BOVIS = Sprouts, very ripe fruits, fresh pressed juices

- 9,500 BOVIS = Sunflower greens, wheatgrass, sprouted seeds

- ABOVE 10,000 BOVIS = Place of Power

- ABOVE 14,000 BOVIS = Ethereal Range

According to geobiologists, above 10,000 Bovis, toxins begin reversing spin, allowing them to be more easily eliminated without harm to the body. Harmonious flow and vitality are restored in the body, relieving stress, depression and fatigue.

A team of researchers from Slovenia led by Ivan Novak visited the Visoko valley in January 2013. They measured the vibrational quality of several locations in the structures of the Bosnian pyramid complex.


A. Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth

1. Entrance to the tunnel labyrinth: 15.000 bovis

2. First intersection at a distance of 15 metres from the entrance: 25.000 bovis

3. Egg-shaped monolith: 21.000 bovis

4. Chamber near the egg-shaped monolith: 20.000 bovis

5. Edin’s tunnel: 25.000 bovis

6. Megalith K-1: 25.000 bovis

7. Megalith K-2: 25.000 bovis

8. Dry-wall in the vicinity of Megalith K-2, at 185 metres from the entrance: 25.000 bovis

9. “The Healing Chamber”: 25.000 bovis

10. Mislav’s tunnel: 25.000 bovis

11. Entrance to the underground lake: 30.000 bovis

12. The 3rd chamber: 26.000 bovis 13.

The Power Stone (“Energetski Kamen”): 40.000 bovis

14. The last intersection excavated in 2012: 25.000 bovis

15. The intersection named Sara’s spiral: 26.000 bovis

16. The four-metre-high chamber situated inside the circular corridor: 25.000 bovis


B. The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

The biophotonic values observed at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are:

1. Toward the top of the pyramid: 25.000 bovis

2. At the center of the top in the area where the energy beam is located: 50.000 bovis

Notice: in this area the Slovenian researchers advise against a stay of more than 10 minutes.


C. Vratnica Tumulus

At Vratnica Tumulus in the Visoko valley, the situation is similar to that of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Towards the top of the tumulus a value of 25.000 bovis was detected. At its top, inside an area of 4 square metres where earlier an electromagnetic source and ultrasound frequency was discovered, a value of 50.000 bovis was measured. Also in this case, the Slovenian researchers advise against a prolonged stay.

There is no end to knowledge, scientific progress, but sometimes, due to cycles of cataclysm or ice, humankind loses knowledge that is regained by painstakingly following clues left behind by our ancestors, engaging an ancient knowledge sometimes long forgotten, a knowledge that tells us that the ancients, more than we, knew a great deal about the natural environment, about life-enhancing architecture, and about the numerous invisible life energies that pervade our world.









Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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