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Independent radiesthetic test of 5 water samples from Visoko: Vital Waters!

June 2014 volunteer Josh Costar from Great Britain quietly and neutrally took 5 water samples from different sources in the pyramid valley. The source under the Ravne entrance, the source at the Moon pyramid (before and after solstice ceremony), the river near the bridge below the Moon Pyramid and the source beside the river below the Moon. They were sent by mail to Vortex Vitalis in the Netherlands, ir. Frank Silvis’ independent water testing firm.

Frank is a civil engineer who has a career spanning decades in waste water, ground water and latest decade drinking water management. In this last capacity he developed his inner sense of checking the vitality of water for many drinking water firms all over the world and also of many waters from sources and also sacred wells.

He received the numbered and source marked small glass bottles that were carefully wrapped in double, crinkled aluminium foil by mail and tested them on july 7th.

The results

Every sample taken in the Visoko (BiH) valley, either from Ravne or from sources and river near the Moon Pyramid, was close to 40.000 Bovis when taken at the source.

This is at least 100% higher on the Bovis scale (more vital) than for instance water tested by Vortex Vitalis from the sources in Lourdes (F), White Chalice Well (Glastonbury, GB) or other European sacred wells.

This also means the water vitality is higher than that of most human beings. It can help and may be healthy to drink. But if your system is not used to it, the ‘boost’ can bring forth strong reactions, basically to be interpreted as ‘cleansing’.

Frank also warns that this analysis did NOT take the bacteriological composition of the waters into account.

He comments that he has never seen this high value in natural waters anywhere before and suggests that there must have been some human interference.

For the complete report, with pictures of each source and also parameters like germinating power of the water or amount of electro smog at the source and gathered during transport

and for an explanation of the parameters see links: 


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