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Dr. Paul LaViolette on the Bosnian pyramids

"Now here is some further food for thought to throw into the mill as another possible explanation for how these energy beams are generated.  The Pyramid of the Sun is underlain by a conglomerate rock layer that also extends for kilometers into the surrounding land area where it is found to be permeated by a labyrinth of tunnels dug in prehistoric times.  It is found that this conglomerate material contains quartzite as one of its main rock components.  Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed when quartz-rich sandstone or chert has been exposed to high temperatures.  Like quartz, it is piezoelectric, meaning that it will generate electric fields if vibrationally excited.  This principle is used to keep the second hand accurately ticking in your wrist watch. 

Now quartzite grains or rocks have natural resonant frequencies that range from a few kilohertz up to many megahertz depending on their size, the larger the rock, the lower its resonant frequency.  For example, in the case of a quartz crystal, a crystal having a thickness of 10 centimeters (4 inches) will naturally resonate at 28 kiloHertz.  Interestingly, if we take the speed of sound in concrete we find that it is 3400 meters per second, about 10 times the speed of sound in air.  Now an ultrasound wave manifesting a frequency of 28 kiloHertz in concrete will necessarily have a wavelength of 10 centimeters!  Just a coincidence?  This means that ultrasonic vibrations generated by the quartzite will produce sound waves whose wavelength matches the dimensions of the quartzite rocks that are resonating at this frequency and hence will sympathetically reinforce their vibration causing self-amplification of the resonant vibration! 

This makes one wonder whether the ancient architectural plan to construct a pyramid encased in concrete made of embedded quartzite may have been purposefully done as a way of amplifying a resonance that was naturally present in quartzite rocks of the proper dimension.  Moreover because these quartzite rocks are piezoelectric, they will be producing an oscillating electromagnetic field of the same or similar frequency.  Of course, quartzite will have somewhat different resonant frequency than the example given above for quartz, and this will depend on the impurities present in the rock.  But, in general the resonance will have a wavelength size that will center around quartzite rock inclusions of about the size that are found in the concrete and conglomerate layers.

If the quartzite conglomerate making up the concrete encasement of the pyramid and also the underlying naturally present quartzite conglomerate layer are radiating ultrasonic and EM waves at this particular frequency, then it is conceivable that the resulting electromagnetic wave component could be focused by the iron dish-shaped reflecting layer that Dr. Mizdrak has theorized might underlie the pyramid, and thereby be directed upward toward the pyramid apex.  So actually the observed electromagnetic energy beam may be deriving its energy ultimately from the pyramid's ultrasonic energy waves and their resonance with the quartzite in the rock conglomerate.  

An ultrasonic wave components have been discovered coming from the Tumulus in Vratnica where it was found to be much more discontinuous than that coming from the Pyramid of the Sun.  Also its sound emissions were found to be emitted far off from the center of the tumulus. 

The signals have also been measured in the tunnel labyrinth system adjacent to the Pyramid of the Sun but the ultrasound component there was very weak and present only deep within the tunnel system.  Also an infrasound component was present there in the 7 to 10 Hertz range, hence in a range that corresponds to the frequency of the Schumann electromagnetic resonance.

Hydrophone recordings conducted in water pools within the Ravne tunnels showed the presence of ultrasound oscillations at 24 kHz and one octave up at 48 kHz whose amplitudes changed in a rhythmic manner.  A 38 kHz frequency also appeared erratically.  Interestingly, this is 14 kHz higher than the 24 kHz frequency, a difference frequency that is half of the 28 kHz frequency reported coming from the Pyramid of the Sun.  Researchers were getting too much environmental noise to get reasonable ultrasonic measurements for the Pyramid of the Moon.  There are plans in the future to make hydrophone measurements there.

So what is the source of this vibrational energy of over 10 kilowatts that excites this quartzite resonance?  One source might be natural seismic noise in the earth arising from movement of the Earth's tectonic plates and ongoing mini seismic events.  Seismic studies have found that the region around the pyramids is unusually quiet.  Could the pyramid be acting as a seismic energy accumulator that dampens earthquake activity in its vicinity?  Intriguing!  Or this energy may come from the 7.83 Hertz Schumann electromagnetic resonance that comes from all parts of the sky due to oscillation of the Earth's ionospheric layer.  This frequency lies nowhere near the pyramid's 28 kiloHertz resonance, but interestingly scientists have found it present in the EM signature observed coming from the Pyramid of the Sun.  So likely it is somehow tied into the resonance phenomenon that takes place there.

Of course, this theory is presently somewhat speculative being based on a paucity of information.  Research needs to be carried out to measure the actual speed of sound in the pyramid's concrete slabs, the resonance characteristics of the quartzite found in the concrete and in the natural conglomerate layer.  But for those of you who have any doubts about this theory, I encourage you to come up with a better explanation.  It is indeed a mystery that needs explaining." 







Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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