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Orgone Energy & Schumann Resonance

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is when the vibrational rate of the Earth’s magnetic energies and underground water causes a lower vibration, which in turn creates stress to the human body. What Are Earth’s Magnetic Energies Anyway? The Earth’s magnetic energies consist of gridlines know as the Hartman grids and Curry grids which are generally life giving in natural surroundings, but become harmful when a building is constructed on or over them, or if the land that has been poisoned by toxins, chemicals, fertilisers, land fill or other contaminants. Water Veins represent where water runs in underground streams.

Where three of the grids or water veins cross a natural vortex is formed and these are known as Acupressure points of the earth. These Acupressure points, again in natural surrounds are life giving but become harmful when contaminated by the construction of buildings or other man-made structures. These then become a danger to human health, especially if you are sleeping or spending a lot of time over them, as this can lead to physical or mental health problems and other serious health disorders. Fault Lines, Fissures & Fault Zones Geopathic Stress can also be caused by Fault Lines and Fissures, known as Fault Zones. These occur with the rising or falling of the Earth’s crust. This can cause a lower than normal vibrational rate in the Earth’s frequencies, which can then create severe physical and mental states in the human body.

Many Metropolitan cities around the world are affected by major Fault Lines that they have been built on. Geopathic Stress caused by Fault Zones lowers melatonin levels causing sleep disorders, mental instability and depression. These then ead to related problems such as alcohol abuse, pharmaceutical drug use or recreational drug addiction. Unfortunately most of our lower socio-economic housing areas are more often placed in areas of severe Geopathic Stress, although it doesn't discriminate, as even some of our better socio-economic areas are build over these fault zone areas. How Can Orgone & Schumann Energy Help?

Orgone Energy offers solutions to cure or remove Geopathic Stress and Fault zones in your home or business. The Geopathic Stress can be neutralized or harmonised with tools such as Orgone Energy / Schumann Generators. A Geoclense Geopathic Stress Harmoniser or other “cures” put in place, raise the vibrational rate of these magnetic grids and fault zones to a “life giving” energy, improving the physical vibration of your home and work environment. Other household dangers such as Electromagnetic Radiation from electrical appliances can also harmonized with the Schumann Generators, Orgone Energy products and other tools, providing an energetic state rich with healthy life-giving “Negative Ions” which are naturally found in nature, returning the vibration of your space back to how it should be.

EMR Mobile Phone Protectors and WiFi Protector on your electronic equipment and computers will protect you by neutralizing the harm that they cause. Wearing a EMR Orgone Energy Protection Pendant can help to keep you protected from these no matter where you go. Someone recently stopped having Anxiety and Panic attacks in his office as soon after he start to wear an Orgone Pendant! A young boy stopped crying continuously and gained lots of confidence in himself from wearing an Orgone Pendant and is a completely different boy now.

What Orgone Energy Generators?

One of the most promising and exciting devices being made increasingly available to the public in this 21st century are the Orgone Generators or Schumann Resonance metaphysical products, whose principles and workings were first introduced and made popular by Wilhelm Reich in the 1950's. These items have been brought back into popularity in recent times. They are also known as "chemtrail busters" or "Holy Hand Grenades" (HHGs), and these Orgone Energy Accumulators / Chi Generators have tremendous healing and protective capacities.

What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone Energy is chi, pranic energy or the Universal life force energy that sustains our Universe. It has two atoms of oxygen to one of water, and it is through the oxygenation process that it builds and heals. It is the creative life force and it is regulated by your crystalline-based pineal gland or third eye, which is our master gland in our body. Due to the pollution, chemicals and bad habits we create, our pineal gland by the time we are adults, has shrunk from the size of a golf ball to that of a dried-up pea and so have our spiritual powers! The planet as a whole is Orgone or oxygen-deficient, thanks to the man-made and other interference to our planet. Hence our severe lack of Spirituality in our society and also why Orgone Energy Products are also know as products to enhance Enlightenment.

Since most of us are at a loss spiritually or are working hard to try to regain our Spirituality, we must fight the enemies of humanity in and one of way to do this by using Orgone Energy technology, which is more organic than it is artificial and therefore more powerful. This technology restores the original Orgone Energy content of our planet by amplifying our planet’s natural energies and elementals (nature spirits). Not only do these devices create or amplify natural Orgone Energy or creative life force, but they also neutralize and convert deadly orgone energy (known as DOR) into positive healing energy. They do this immediately.

Orgone Energy attracts, energizes and empowers natural energies and elementals to do their natural restorative and repair work to the environment. The Great Pyramid in Egypt was a giant Orgone Energy device, as are all pyramidal structures around the planet. Unfortunately, they have been deactivated because of improper use. Mountains and trees are of nature’s own natural Orgone producers balancing our climate daily. Large-scale deforestation is a major crime of the negative forces, that will turn this planet to be a lifeless desert if it isn’t stopped.

Orgone Energy may in future be harnessed to power cars and utilities, and will eventually replace polluting fossil fuels, which are destabilizing our climate. Orgone devices can be pyramidal, conical or cylindrical, or come as a pendant or in other forms and have no size limit. They can even be made into rings, toys, furniture, and just about anything else. It is as much an art as a science, and the more attractive you make them - the more they will attract and generate positive influences. A common hand-made unit is around four by four inches but can be much smaller, and has an astounding effective radial range of roughly one fourth of a mile.

The power of an Orgone Energy Generator is exponentially enhanced when configured with other generators, usually in triangular or hexagonal fashion. They are commonly constructed of a molded resin matrix, interspersed with metal shavings and containing a central quartz crystal surrounded by a copper coil. More coils, crystals, and minerals are added for enhancement. The resin attracts the Orgone Energy, the crystals amplify it, the coil directs it and the metal shavings repel it. Astrology, Feng Shui, Divining, Dowsing and other disciplines can be used in conjunction with Orgone Energy products to select auspicious times, places, materials, and purposes for your Orgone Energy generating items.

What are the Benefits Of Orgone Energy & Schumann Resonance Metaphysical Products?

Worn as pendants or jewelry, or placed strategically in and around your house, office, workplace, neighborhood, car, or on your cell phone, laptop or computer, Orgone Energy & Schumann Resonance Metaphysical products, among other benefits, will:

- eliminate toxins, poisons and radiation from the air

- defeat chemtrails and keep your skies clear

- improve breathing problems especially those with asthma

- promote natural health, energy levels and well-being

- knock out bad thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornados before they get to you

- clear negative energies as they cannot survive around this energy and naturally removed them

- keep demonic entities out of your home and environment

- stop EMF & ELF attacks (often the cause of anxiety and panic attacks and mental illness)

- protect you from EMR from your Cell Phone as it stops the hot head effect

- stop WiFi signals while using your Wireless Internet connection from causing you harm

- help you to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed - emits positive energies and remove negative energies

- stop headaches and migraines and will improve overall health

- improve gardens, lawns, crops & indoor plants

- improve the moral nature of the people around you







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