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Thursday, 13 September 2012 21:25


"Hidden History" Conference was organized by the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation and it took place on September 8th, 2012. in Visoko.  According to those present it was "fantastic". This international scientific meeting brought together a number of experts and researchers with a common love for exploring and discovering the real history, ancient civilizations and unexplained phenomena.

Conference was opened by Academician Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. He advocated the creation of a new scientific paradigm and the establishment of an interdisciplinary "Pyramid Science" modeled on the research of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. A review of the world's unexplored pyramid with emphasis on the Bosnian Pyramids and new findings and analysis, followed.


Lecture by British author and researcher Philip Coppens was dedicated to the mysterious megalithic structure and artifacts. Senad Bahor from Sarajevo presented his master's thesis on the subject of the Bosnian pyramids through time using 4D technology.

Italian scientist Professor Paolo de Bertolis provided important scientific analysis of ultrasonic phenomena in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, their regularity and unique artificial origin, unlike natural pyramidal hills in Italy where this phenomenon could not be recorded. Physicist Slobodan Mizdrak, Ph.D. of Croatia introduced the results of an experiment using electromagnetic radiations on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.

Foundation’s archaeologist dr. Ricardo Brett from Italy announced publicly, for the first time, reports on radiocarbon dating of organic material found in the Pyramid of the Sun in June 2012.  Austrian researcher Klaus Donna, once again, in his brilliant talk presented the discoveries of new artifacts that do not fit into the official history and are thus completely ignored by official science.

The conference participants were welcomed by Prime Minister Zenica-Doboj Canton Mr. Fikret Plevljak who called on the entire Bosnia-Herzegovina and international press to come to Visoko and visit the Bosnian pyramids.

"Bosnians, wake up. Something is happening in Visoko, the history is solving here!” said Plevljak.

During his speech, he called on opponents of the project to visit archaeological sites in Visoko and, if they believe that "there is nothing there" to provide the scientific evidence for such claims. He added that the Cantonal Government and its 400,000 inhabitants will fully support a research project of the Bosnian pyramids. Foundation and conference was greeted by the Mayor of Visoko Munib Alibegović and friend of the Foundation Ambassador of Pakistan to Bosnia HE Khalid Jaffery.

The conference, in addition to speakers, gathered a large number of guests and tourists from the UK, Austria, USA, Germany, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia. Scientific conference was attended by the Summer Camp’s seventh shift which numbered more than 65 volunteers from 20 countries. They were, in the presence of Prime Minister, Mayor of Visoko and president of the Foundation’s Board of Directors Ahmed Bosnic, delivered certificates for participating in the Summer Camp.

Next day, September 9th, visit was organized to the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian stone spheres” in Zavidovici.

The entire course of the conference was followed, in addition to local media, with five TV crews from Austria, U.S. Croatia and Bosnia, who are preparing documentaries about the largest and oldest pyramids in the world.

The Foundation would like to thank everyone who participated in the organization of the scientific conference this year.

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Dogmatic Science - the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids. 
The Opposition to New Discoveries in Prehistory and the Prerequisites for Building Huge Structures in Prehistoric Times.
by Dr. rer. nat. Eberhard Baumann

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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