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The method commonly used to record dates of artifacts and structures is Radiocarbon dating, and was pioneered in 1949 at the University of Chicago by William Libby who has since been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work.  Radiocarbon dating accurately records dates to 58,000 years and was used to determine the date of the Bosnian Pyramids.

Italian archaeologists Dr. Ricarrdo Brett and Niccolo Bisconti discovered an organic material (a leaf) on the top of the concrete blocks that cover Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in June 2012. Carbon dating was performed in Lab in Kiev, Ukraine with astonishing result: 24.800 years +/- 200 years.

It gives the minimum age of the pyramid structure and makes it the oldest pyramid in the world.

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Croatian physicist Slobodan Mizdrak, Ph.D., led the team of physicists, electrical engineers, anthropologists and other experts in April 2012 while conducting an experiment on the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Two-day recording raw results were submitted to the labs in Zagreb (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Vienna (Austria). Results were obtained and presented at the annual “Hidden History Conference” held in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina on September 8, 2012.

 It has been confirmed that the source of the energy beam, which is emitted through the top of the largest pyramid in the world, is located 2.440 meters below the pyramid with the shift of 440 meters. An iron plate represents the source combined with the negative ions and underground water streams and it’s able to generate the electricity of over 10 kW.

These results are pioneering steps in understanding of the real purpose of the original, oldest and most superior pyramids.

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Principal investigator of the Bosnian Pyramid project Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D. was flying over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko and made several photos of the largest pyramid in the world.

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I had been at Visoko this summer working in the 6th shift of the summer camp and I have to say that the experience itself was life changing for me.

I was present at Amsterdam at the James Tyberon’s weekend workshop, about the Metratonic keys, where I first heard about the Bosnian Pyramids, and had the pleasure of meeting you.

I had some feelings, or insights or even “messages” in several occasions, that I would like to share with you.

"The Pyramid of Love is at the center of the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. The energies of the pyramids of the Sun and Moon are at a high frequency, but they are uniquely different from each other. These pyramids “carry” or bring the original codes or frequencies of the name they have. The pyramid of the Sun carries the original codes of the sacred masculine, the alpha and omega of the universe; the Moon pyramid carries the ancestral codes of the sacred feminine, of the creation; The Pyramid of the Love stands between the energies of the sun and moon pyramids and acts to integrate their respectively unique energies before passing the united energy stream to the Pyramid of the Bosnian Dragon. The mythical dragon is traditionally known for grounding. The dragon pyramid receives this integrated energy and transmits it into Mother Earth."

As Metatron states this complex of pyramids is linked to the cristalin grid, constantly downloading these codes, and now because humanity is getting ready to enter again in a full conscious state, in perfect unity within. We are now ready to access again the frequencies or codes that the Bosnian pyramids carry, we are now ready to reactivate and remember who we are.

Another thing I noticed is when we were at the top of the moon pyramid and also at the top of the Love pyramid that have a lot of resident Crickets, that sing gri, gri… but when you pay attention, you notice that these sounds come in waves… I think that they reproduce the electromagnetic frequency that comes out (or in) of the pyramids.

Another amazing thing happened when more or less 30 of the volunteers in my shift visited Ginje. Spontaneously, we gathered in a circle holding hands, and started to make the sound OM…Then I started to feel my heart biting really quick, and I knew that we were meant to do something… I started to make some sounds, I cannot translate what they were, but I just had to open my mouth and the sounds came out, then the girls accompanied me, and we made like a melody where the guys were making lower sounds, and the girls higher ones. It was absolutely powerful and amazing… When we finished my whole body was shacking and I was completely full of something I cannot quit describe. Again, I think that ceremony had the purpose of through our energy group ancoring and opening something…

These were some of my experiences at the wonderful town of Visoko.

I Hope they can be somehow helpful.

What I do know is that I am a different person now. Visoko opened my heart to life and changed the flux of life through me.

I thank you with all my heart for opening this window of opportunity to me,



Ana Rita Pedrosa, DVM, PhD student from Portugal

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Saturday, 29 September 2012 19:49


by: Nico Heins -

Greetings Mr. Osmanagich,

I want to thank you - for the amazing opportunity you have allowed us to have as being part of the volunteer community this summer. It goes without saying that the times we live in are extraordinary and experiencing first hand what is happening in the Visoko area, I must say it has connected many dots for me. It's fascinating and eye-opening to learn and see how all our ancient global cultures were so interconnected.

For me, my path is clear, I must continue to seek out ancient sites and continue connecting the dots. I am confident that in our lifetime we will uncover even more secrets of the earth (and the pyramids at Visoko), and that the mainstream will be forced to take ancient history into account. I hope to make it back to Visoko again.

Continue to push forward, to uncover the ancient truth of Visoko.

With warm regards,

Nico Heins

Graphic Artist

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Saturday, 29 September 2012 13:09


Doug Krieger -

Viewing the Great Circle drawn among the three pyramids - Pyramid of the Sun, Moon and Dragon - I was still not absolutely confirmed in my logistics and felt that what was needed would be a "platform or grid" upon which the "squaring of the circle" could confirm the "Sacred Geometry" of the entire site. If we could construct such a grid/platform which would echo the Dimensions of Paradise, then a resounding attestation of the site would be altogether noteworthy.

The question, of course, was partially answered in that the 8,221.5 foot "diameter of the circle" based upon the measurements between the various pyramids had already been completed and we knew that the 8221.5 feet divided by the dimensions of the Sacred Cubit (i.e., 2.1 feet or 25.20 Inches) had already yielded 3,915 Sacred Cubits (no remainder).

However, I had not yet designed a grid for such a measurement - it was virtually impossible to do so starting from the Imperial Foot - but the Sacred Cubit paved the way!

The grid is exceedingly prophetic in its expression in that it is 45 x 45. The "45" from the prophet Daniel bespeaks of the 1,335 days or "45 days" beyond` the "1,290 days of desolation" - or, put another way, upon the termination of the "days of desolation" - i.e., 1,290th day - then there will be 45 days of BLESSING "unto the 1,335th day or 1,290 days + 45 days = 1,335 days. I know all this is exceedingly complicated; however, the number "45" is EXCEEDINGLY POTENT IN ITS IMPORT and is literally the time of the Coming of Messiah to the Earth bringing BLESSING and HARMONY among peoples! Daniel 12:12 states: "BLESSED IS HE WHO WAITS, AND COMES TO THE ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE DAYS" - Why? Because the "Sun of Righteousness" has come with "Healing in His Wings" - bringing Peace to Humankind!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012 12:05

The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon

Source: www.the-tribulation-network.com -

By Doug Krieger -

Endless controversy surrounds the discovery of the “Valley of the Pyramids” near Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina near the picturesque old town of Visoko due ten-miles north of Sarajevo.  The Fojnica Stream and Bosnia River flow through this mysterious, recently-discovered (AD 2005) triangle of massive would-be pyramids approximating BC 3000-2500 (as archaeological “discovery” continues amidst a swirl of skepticism, jealousy, nationalistic pride and scientific research – let alone a rich source of Sacred Geometry…as this author shall relate). The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (the “crown jewel” of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids) is the first European pyramid to be discovered.  It has all the essential elements of a pyramid, including four perfectly shaped slopes (with an extravagant one-fourth of a mile causeway leading up to the pyramid’s plateau) and it’s perfectly oriented to the cardinal sides of the world (North-South; East-West with its north side oriented to Stellar North) likewise, it has a top that is flat (the plateau) and an elaborate entrance complex.  It bears a striking resemblance to the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán, Mexico – a subject this author has extensively discussed (See here) and is aptly entitled the Pyramid of the Sun…moreover, as its dimensions are disclosed it will more than match her entitlement (containing those measurements which resemble those of Earth’s Sun); after all, her earthly GPS/Google Maps coordinates on precisely her northeastern base corner are Latitude N 43.98, Longitude E 18.18; this gives us a “digit sum” of “24” (Latitude) and “36” (Longitude) – therefore, 24 * 36 = 864 which “864” is the fractal/resemblance of the diameter of Earth’s Sun at 864,000 miles. Thus, aptly entitled is this:  The Pyramid of the Sun.

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Rresults of investigation on the correlation between Pyramids and constellations above Visoko.

This data confirm a possible correlation between the Pyramid and the Star that were perfectly aligned in the 36.420 BC.

- by Armando Mei & Monica Benedetti

<Read PDF document here>

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 13:11


Početak iskopavanja učesnika sedme smjene volonterske akcije MRAV doveo je do obaranja i prvih rekorda. U Podzemnom labirintu Ravne, volonteri su napravili rekord u broju izbačenih kolica sa šljunkom: 192. Na taj način su oborili rekord iz jula od 174 kolica.

Na Bosanskoj piramidi Sunca se proširuju novi kvadratni metri sondi i pokazuju betonski blokovi koji prekrivaju piramidu.

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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 18:36

A Geoglyphic Study of the Bosnian Pyramids

by Arthur Faram -
The Faram Research Foundation -

Note: PDF document updated on 27.10.2012

This paper details the results of a geoglyphical study of the newly discovered Bosnian Pyramids at Visoko, Bosnia. The practice of using the geometry of ancient structures to release hidden details of their origins is not a new practice. This practice has been handed down through secret societies since even before the building of the Bosnian pyramids. I call the re-discovery and application of this ancient practice Geoglyphology.

Read PDF document ... UPDATED!

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