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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 23:47


Summary of Part One: The Sphinx joins in the heavenly constellation, the Big Dipper.

The Sphinx and the pyramid lay-out are according to Sky/Ground principles, and the pyramids reflect the Belt-stars of Orion. This Sky/Ground is two-fold: The Belt interconnects with the Big Dipper and two constellations shares a same star, which is the second dipper-star, the Knee-star in Bulls Thigh (and) is the third Belt-star in pyramid. It means that the Sphinx is a Hoof-star according to Egyptian Iconography (of a Bulls Thigh), the pyramid and coffin texts centre theme: That in Rostov (in Giza) is this the Sky/Ground.

Now Egyptian Iconography is deeply mysterious .It informs the viewers, but it leave an impression of both facts and fiction.

Of course we can say that Egyptian art-form is symbolic but still there are questions; Like symbolic of what? Then here the answers mystify: It is purely symbolic of the things which the pharaohs kept secret, namely their own ancestral origins: And how it began in Rostov!

Thing is with Egyptian Iconography: That its symbolism IS that it HINTS to some Secrets! Meaning, HINT to things (the hidden things) which only THEY, the pharaohs and their courts had knowledge about! 


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Friday, 23 November 2012 00:22

Pyramid Construction

Source: -

Valery Uvarov: Pyramid Construction

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Terrence Aym -

The Bermuda Triangle: mysterious, unworldly, sometimes deadly. For decades intrepid researchers delved into the maze of mysteries hidden deep within this most enigmatic place on Earth.

Some speculate the bizarre time anomalies, disappearances and weird phenomena can be explained by natural occurences. Others are insistent that relics of an advanced, unknown culture left behind fantastic technology…great energy machines that literally warp spacetime and open portals to other realities.

Now American and French explorers have made a monumental discovery: a partially translucent, crystal-like pyramid rising from the Caribbean seabed— its origin, age and purpose completely unknown.


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October 16, 2012 - An unprecedented new archaeological discovery has been made that ties the world's ancient pyramid-building civilizations together and shows they all practiced the same advanced "Universal Religion."

The discovery, on the surface, is a seemingly simple one: it is the discovery of a key architectural parallel they all shared, and which is still visible in the ruins of their temples. We can see this parallel in the photo below. Note how the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Indonesians—ancient pyramid-building cultures that scholars claim were not connected—all built parallel-looking "Triptych" temples:

The pyramid-cultures all built "Triptych" three-door temples, with the door in the middle wider and taller than the two flanking it.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012 00:06


Unlocking the secret of the Big Dipper -

By Robert Madsen, Mason/Constructor -


The Giza ground-plan mimics the three belt-stars of Orion. It’s a dream made true by a star-gazing culture, a “heaven on earth” as if in dreams the stars had descended and taken residence upon earth.


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An engineer Senad Bahor from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina is an author of Master’s thesis at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. This is the first scientific degree at one of the Bosnian Universities dedicated to the Bosnian Pyramid project. The name of the thesis: “The Four Dimensional Visualization of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids – New Methodology for the Reconstruction of the Cultural Heritage Site”.


„His challenge was how to do the 4D visualization if :

  • „the site is completely covered with gravel and soil, with the houses and other objects residing on the top of the cultural heritage objects?
  • „there are no historical materials, photos, maps, sketches, paintings or written material on the site whatsoever?
  • „it is hard to place the cultural heritage site while comparing it with any other similar sites around the world in a certain timeframe in history (older than any cultural heritage site)?


Using HTMLS and WebGL for 4D visualization he has applied new methodology:

  • „Obtain high resolution aerial photos or satellite images of the area in order to comprehend the area at the fullest
  • „Convert the satellite image into a high resolution z-map image by using the Z-map software and its photogrammetric process in order to get the elevation information from the captured image;
  • „Import the z-map and the original aerial image in the 3d software and place them as textures on a polygonal plane. Then, run the tessellation process by using the software displacement algorithms on the polygonal texture map to get the 3d polygonal model of the area;
  • „Observe the model to find patterns that can be matched to the existing real-world objects and compared. The excavation points should be used to capture the textures.
  • „Visualize the object that is present underneath the Earth surface and place real-world textures at the predetermined pattern
  • „Place the prototyped model on the polygonal terrain to get the full 3d scene

The new models he came up with are extremely valuable and they show that the original dimensions of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are larger they previously thought. Height of th Pyramid, for example, is much higher than 220 meters and could reach over 360 meters.

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Friday, 05 October 2012 20:59

Excerpts from the book: “THE PYRAMIDS”

by Valery Uvarov, Member of Russian Geographic society -


“Source” of knowledge for the Egyptian, Sumerian and Mayan civilizations was one and the same.”




The history of the use of the pyramid structures in the course of the “development” of the civilization can be divided into three basic stages.


Stage 1. In the heyday of Atlantis and later when the Atlanteans who survived the catastrophe arrived in northern Africa, the pyramids were used as a means of communication and a tool for gaining understanding. With the aid of the pyramids it became possible to do more than just improve the energy, and consequently psychic, capacities of the human being.


The pyramids provided a unique opportunity to make “contact” with energy-based forms of life and to interact with representatives of extra terrestrial civilizations. The knowledge obtained in this way raised the capabilities of the Atlanteans who, in the eyes of the primitive peoples around them were like gods.


In the process of degradation evoked by the breach of fundamental moral and ethical standards, partially preserved teachings passed down a somewhat distorted picture of how the ancient gods had lived and what they did.


Stage 2. This stage in the use of the pyramids was marked by the search for possessors of the ancient knowledge who had survived the flood, attempts to re-establish contact with the departed Neferu and the performance in the pyramids of certain initiation rituals intended to elevate the pharaoh to a level appropriate to his divine (Atlantean) origins.

After the pharaoh lay in the sarcophagus the priests were responsible for more than just monitoring everything that happened to him after he “left the body” (“died”). They were supposed to direct the pharaoh, as almost any person in a suggestive (hypnotic) state becomes a passive observer of events. Under the influence of the pyramid a person’s consciousness is linked to the information field and, receiving a complete picture of the world, that person is in a state of passive observation. The priest, by constantly pointing out the divine nature of the pharaoh, his affinity with the gods (with Osiris), helped the pharaoh to remain focussed on the main goal and to make an “astral flight” to, for example, the constellation of Sahu (Orion).

The third and final phase in the history of the use of the pyramid begins from the moment when they started to mummify pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. While in the period of the greatest flourishing of the Old Kingdom civilization such things as mummification had not been heard of, by the time that ritual did appear, knowledge about the practical use of the pyramid had been completely lost.


In order to see this clearly, we have to go back into the depths of pre-dynastic times, to the era of the Neferu and Shemsu-Heru, when the preparation of the pharaoh for “Intercourse with the gods” in the pyramid, following the “way of Osiris”, began with purification of the body, through fasting and purgative diets. When the knowledge was lost, the “pharaoh’s journey into eternity” still began with purification of the body, but not through fasting, but by surgical removal of the organs, embalmment (mummification) and giving the deceased as symbolic resemblance to Osiris.


And, while in the remote past the pyramid was an inseparable and primary element in the process of “intercourse with the gods”, later following some sort of genetic memory and distorted ideas and the link between all that takes place and the pyramid, the burial procession delivered the pharaoh’s embalmed body to an “underground” tomb topped by a pyramid

Thus the ancient knowledge was forgotten and today when speaking of the purpose of the pyramids Egyptologists say: “it is common knowledge that the pyramids are the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, they were erected to preserve their mummified bodies and grave goods.”


It is for that reason that many generations tried fruitlessly to find even one mummy in the pyramids.



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August 07, 2012 -


Classics professor David George and a group of Saint Anselm students and alumni discovered for the first time a series of pyramidal structures under the city of Orvieto, Italy.

For 20 years, George has led students to archaeological dig sites to uncover the mysteries of the past including trips to Greece and most recently Castel Viscardo and Orvieto, towns in the southwest edge of Umbria, Italy.


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Friday, 14 September 2012 18:05


Engineer Nihad Omerbegovic, who’s the author and designer of the game “Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid” for IPhone, IPad and Android has just released the trailer for the game. It can be seen at the following link:


Game itself will be released by the end of October. More about it and donations to support the project:

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 21:49

Ancient Pyramids Found In Antarctica?

A team of researchers are claiming that they have discovered three ancient pyramids on the ice covered continent of Antarctica.

Exact details are sketchy, but the team have released three intriguing pictures of their discovery.

The international team comprises researchers from the United States, and several other, are from various European countries. Two of the huge pyramid structures were found approximately 10 miles inland, the third one not far from the coastline, clearly visible from ocean.

The team are currently planning an expedition to reach one of the pyramids to find out if it is a natural or an artificial structure. No further Details have been reported from the team as of 29 August 2012. More news is pending.
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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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