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The remarkable story of Stonehenge, one of the UK’s most iconic historical landmarks, will be told at a large exhibition at the British Museum, due to open in February. More than 250 objects are being loaned to the museum from institutions across six European nations and across the UK, in a bid to give context to the time in which it was built, some 4,500 years ago. The era marked a period of enormous social and technological change.

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Bosnian pyramids and the tunnels of longevity in Visoko

Wednesday, 12 January 2022 12:58 Published in News

Interview with Semir Osmanagić founder of the Foundation “Bosnian valley of pyramids”- by Vanja Kovačev

“I don’t lead, I serve”

Bosnia is a land of wonders! It has always been that in many aspects – natural wonders, the amazing people diversity, charming and famous pan-Jugoslav humour, a multifaceted warm hart for everybody, a unique multi-ethnic whirl and best model of “Brotherhood and Unity” -a slogan of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia that was coined during the Yugoslav People’s Liberation War (1941–45) which evolved into a guiding principle of Yugoslavia’s post-war inter-ethnic policy. Bosnia is the birthplace of many extraordinary people, beautiful mixed marriages and romances… but also is, according to Semir Osmanagich, the cradle of the ancient civilisation that has built Bosnian pyramids.  Many have already visited Sam’s Valley of pyramids and many plans to do it soon; The best tennis player in the world Novak Djoković visited Visoko 3 times and is a good friend of our today’s interlocutor dr Sam Osmanagich.

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Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun founder Semir Osmanagic said Australian politications are trying to make a name for themselves through Novak Djokovic. Osmanagic, who has a good relationship with Djokovic, praised Djokovic for sticking to his beliefs and values.

"All these politicians want to make a name for themselves through Novak. For two years they harassed the population with draconian measures, abolished all human rights and freedoms, and then decided to present Djokovic as the main culprit for everything.

Typical propaganda on how to divert attention from the main culprit. He is not anymore only the best tennis player of all time, the best athlete in Serbia, the Balkans, Europe of all time, he uses his fame to propagate ideas that are global.The concept of a healthy living, the concept of a different future.

People see him as a symbol of freedom. Everyone will realize that the values he represents should be values of all of us. Australia has made Novak a symbol of freedom," Osmanagic said.

Djokovic's father agreed with Osmanagic
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison took to Twitter two days ago to confirm Djokovic's visa was cancelled.

Djokovic's father Srdjan wasn't happy at all with what happened at the Melbourne Airport and he specifically called out Morrison. “Jesus was crucified on the cross, and everything was done to him, but he is alive among us even now.

Now Novak is being crucified, they are doing everything to him,” Srdjan said. “The leader of that faraway land, Scott Morrison… Dared to attack Novak and expel him before he had reached their country. They had wanted to throw him to his knees, and not just him, but our beautiful Serbia."

Meanwhile, Djokovic appealed the decision and he is awaiting the court's decision on his case. Djokovic is a record nine-time Australian Open champion.








Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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