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Archaeological Park Foundation volunteers are still smiling after a long day excavating the most durable concrete ever analyzed, ancient or modern, on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, July 17, 2017.

After the third shift of the volunteering action which was consisted the most by the people of the Czech Republic, the fourth turn of the volunteers which are staying in Visoko has 42 participants, and twenty of them are coming from Hungary. This is the result of the Charlotte Igloi’s activity, which has been bringing to Visoko for the third year in the row the volunteers which are participating, as she prefers to say, in a historical project. 

– I’ve heard about the pyramids right from the start, so since 2006, and since then I am interested in the project. I knew right then that the history we have been thought with isn’t correct and accurate and that the discovery of the first European pyramids is an important discovery. When I came here for the first time, I came with a tourist group because I wanted to get convinced of my own in what I’ve heard. As I saw all of this with my own eyes, I’ve decided to come back as a volunteer, because I wanted to be here, to be a part of the project and learn more on the spot. However, this is the third group of volunteers I brought here from Hungary. Each group consist of 20 people coming from entire Hungary, and everybody who came is very satisfied, but also interested in history and all that is happening here. – said Charlotte.

On the end, she added that she will continue coming to Visoko and bringing volunteers.

– When we heard that the project doesn’t get the support from the State or the Government, we decided to help with our own hands and we will keep on coming to Visoko in following years. – Charlotte Igloi pointed out.

Previous three turns of the volunteers have brought to the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids many volunteers and participants from different European countries, and among the participants, there were people coming to our country from USA and Australia. At the moment, in Visoko, resides the fourth shift of volunteers, and the group’s characteristic is that it’s consisted of the people which are living closer to our country. We have many Hungarians, Romanians, and among volunteers, we have Slovenians which came to our country for a couple of times already.

– This is my third time in Visoko and I really like the project, the country as well as the people. I came here to help, but I also relax like this and have some kind of the peace on my own doing something I don’t get a chance to do in my home. In terms of the entire project, of course, there is always something that can be better, but you can also say that it can be worse, so here I wouldn’t change a thing. The present group, in which I am too is pretty big, and we are coming from different countries what makes this project even more special, this gathering, meeting new friends and all this within the work and taking place in a historical project. I am very happy and I intend to come here in the years ahead. – said Branko Habjan, the participant of the volunteering activity of this year who came from the neighbourhood, from Radovlice, Slovenia. 

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