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Saturday, 27 May 2017 08:19 Published in News

In spite of the variable weather, the month of May 2017, became the month with the biggest number of the visits to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, in the last couple of years. The numerous excursions and organized groups came from India, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Austria and other countries, to visit the Bosnian Pyramid of The Sun, the Underground Labyrinth Ravne and the Park “Ravne 2”. Also, there are the individual visits of the Bosnian Diaspora and the visitors which are going into the tunnels for the medicinal energy of the pyramids.

The guests are finishing the visit to Visoko by going to the beautiful Park “Rave 2 “, which fills up the energy of all visitors. The access, parking and the use of the installations in the park are free. The team of the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation flawlessly maintains the park applying the highest global standards.

The kindest and experienced guides, the Bosnian Pyramids and all the efforts of the Foundation are the magnets for the guests, which will return to Visoko in the years ahead.


Saturday, 27 May 2017 08:17 Published in News

In May, the kid’s playground in Park “Ravne 2” is completed and the board with the basic information about the donor and the installation is placed. 

The long-term associate of the “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation and the member of the International Advisory Board of the Foundation, Dr. Salah Al-Rashed from Kuwait has donated the funds through the company Salam International, which mounted the tower and the swing for the children 3-12 of age. The contractor, which works in accordance with the Safety Standards of the European Union, is the Company “Istracom” from Sanski Most.

The playground is already in use and many youngsters have been spending eventful time on the “Three Pirates” tower and the “Maja” swings, with the attentive looks of their parents or the school teachers. 

In mid-May 2017, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun was visited by Indian spiritual teacher Mohanji together with 110 followers from Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and other European countries. For two days they explored the archaeological sites in Visoko.

Together with the Guide Service Coordinator, Ajdin Ahmetspahić, they visited the north side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and Tunnels Ravne where, after the visit, they decided upon a two-hour meditation in the healing chambers of this ancient complex.

They spent a fair share of the time in the “Archaeological-Touristic Park Ravne 2”. Over there, after seeing the entire park, they decided to stay on the third platform for yoga and relaxation, or more exact, “HUESA platform”.

There, they met Dr. Osmanagich who found time for a good friend and his group, and later on, they were joined by Grand Master Patriji at the entrance to the tunnels. This was an interesting meeting of the three experts in their fields.

This is the third year in a row that Mohanji together with his followers and families from Serbia decides to visit Visoko and according to his words, he is planning to keep coming back, because for him this is the place with a special energy and perfect conditions for meditation.

The others from the groups coming from the neighbouring countries were also amazed at what they saw and what they have experienced, announcing the more numerous following visits.

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