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This weekend's nice weather at the Park in Ravne attracted also the group of twenty junior scouts, members of the Scout Union "Visoko". For them the visits and stays in the nature aren't unknown activity, therefore, this visit connected the pleasure with activity - being in nature and listening a presentation getting. new knowledge on the particular matter from nature, which they were able to hear from Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

The story on megalithic circles, meditation platforms, but also on the preservation of the nature and our relation to it has brought the smile on the faces of the youngest of scouts. At the end, all of them, impressed and full of new knowledge left the Park Ravne promising that they will remain as regular visitors and remaining as the ones which will take care of this pearl of the nature, located just few minutes from the centre of the Visoko city.


Monday, 20 March 2017 10:20 Published in News

Last winter days, fifteen workers of the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation, used for intensified works at the Ravne location.

One team worked on the reconstruction of the Foundation's Museum. After the rock fall behind the building and destroyed one of the Museum's wall, the renovation is close to its end. A new supporting timbers and plasterboards are mounted as well as the new whitewash. During the next week the new glass boxes will arrive, the shelves will be mounted and the artifacts placed back where they belong. The opening of the Museum is expected by the end of March 2017.

The house for the ticket sale at the entrance to the Underground labyrinth Ravne is also getting a different look through remodeling. It's fully insulated now and it will lower winter electrical bills. After installation of the net and glue, the walls are whitewashed. Following is the installation of new electrical outlets, floor tiles and after that, exterior protection and the paint job. The installation of the cabinet, shelves and placing of the books, DVD's and souvenirs is expected for the last weekend of March.

Behind the Museum's building the supporting wall is in the process of installment to prevent further rock fall. The fundaments are filled with concrete and the reinforcement bars are installed, which later will be filled with the concrete in order to support the rocks. The finish of these works is also expected by the end of March.

The height of the electrical cables is corrected by adding the supporting pillars. On the one of the Foundation parking lots next to the access to the Ravne tunnels the new poles with the protective wire are installed. This parking will be closed during the night. Namely, every morning, piles of garbage are found here due to the night visitations.

In the Underground Labyrinth Ravne the works on replacement of the wooden support is continued. With each day passing, the safety in the prehistorical passages is raised to a higher level.

In Park "Ravne 2" the stone installations are refreshed spreading the access roads and the interior of the installations with the gravel.

After the termination of the works in March the continuation of the maintenance of all locations follows. This refers primarily to the reinforcement of the road which leads to the Park "Ravne 2" and the drainage channels. This year’s works on the maintenance and renovation due to the long and cold winter are evidence of the necessity for the huge financial means in order to preserve the tourist-archaeological destinations.

The Foundation proudly emphasizes that these costs will have been self-funded without any financial assistance from any governmental level.

Following numerous visits recorded in the past days at the sites of the Underground tunnels and the Park „Ravne 2“, we had a visit of the Zenica-Doboj Canton's Assembly Representative, Kemal Musinbegovic, a  great friend of the Foundation. Mr. Musinbegovic had a first chance to visit in company of Dr. Sam Osmanagich the part of the Park "Ravne 2". After the visit, he didn't hide the amusement with the things seen and he promised help at the Zenica-Doboj Canton Assembly.

-The work of Dr. Osmanagich is something unbelievable and praiseworthy. I'm astonished with what I saw here, by the design and arrangement of everything. This is really an unbelievable location for leisure and relaxation, and as a Representative of the Canton Assembly I will put an effort that the Foundation and Dr. Osmanagich get the support from this Canton Body. - Musinbegovic said.

According to his words in future periods, the representatives and councillors of the Zenica-Doboj Canton Assembly should pay a visit to these localities and convince themselves at the site on what has been done, on the numbers of the visitors, but as well on the importance of this locality, not only for Visoko and the Zenica-Doboj Canton, but for the whole country as well. After this visit it is expected to have Conclusions of the Assembly, but also to have the proclamation by the Representatives of the Archaeological-Touristic Park "Ravne 2" as the location of the extreme touristic and archaeological interest of the Zenica-Doboj Canton.

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