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Saturday, 14 October 2017 11:23 Published in News

I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and help with our group.

We all had an amazing time, and everyone felt this place to be very powerful... we all had very deep processes and I say thanks to the pyramids, they are working their magic for sure :)

We hope to be able to bring more people in the future, so I'm sure we will meet again as I'm sure the journey with these pyramids has only just began and I look forward to seeing what unfolds in the future :)

Thanks again, we are eternally Grateful for all you are doing there 


PLASMA as CO2-GANS produced in RAVNE-Tunnel

Friday, 06 October 2017 08:13 Published in News

In September 2017, for the first time ever, a plasma experiment for producing CO2 GANS took place in the RAVNE-Tunnels - successfuly executed by plasma scientist Rudi Lerch from Munich/Germany.

CASTELLAR DE MECA / TIERMES - The heart of Celtiberia

Thursday, 05 October 2017 06:38 Published in News

By Jorge José Manuel Bernal


Undoubtedly, the most spectacular and enigmatic cart ruts in the world, without any trace of direct or indirect percussion of tools. Extraordinary and impassable bifurcations tracing of the furrows; incredible divisions of the roads that become riddled trifurcations in many occasions. Walls carved with ancient and advanced technology applied and selectively directed, that still retain the arched shape that undoubtedly allowed to be covered formerly by a vaulted ceiling; big steps and uncorrelated slopes of 10%, 20% and 30% that join to others without apparent sense with others of 40º, without maintaining a logical pattern of inclination. Large monoliths of 3.5 tons that form cyclopean walls.  Curves impractical for a car of our time; steps of 40 centimetres’ height from path to path perfectly preserved; massive and dangerous stone extraction work; stairs, cavities, niches and cups; tubular holes everywhere; egg-shaped and rectangular pits of 28 meters in length and depths of 5 meters that are connected between them, forming a set of more than 110 tanks or deposits, all excavated in the rock that also had to be covered in the antiquity. Parallel ditches that are lost under the ground; a huge quarry that occupies the entire mountain range; evident traces of mining activity. Perfectly visible fossils and seashells; and so I could go on ....

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TIERMES – The heart of Celtiberia 

The tool of God - archeological site

24 meters of old vehicle tracks are visible and fortunately very well preserved. They are located in one of the last accessible sections of the road that borders the river and parallel to a section of the quarry. On the sides of the same place we can see some small cavities carved in the rock, that apparently fulfilled the rescued function of "cave graves". With only a quick observation anyone can realize that the grooves, as usual, do not present marks of percussion direct or indirect, contrary to the anthropomorphic "tombs", carved roughly and later in time.

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