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Scientists thought people first set foot on the frozen Tibetan Plateau 15,000 years ago. New genomic analyses suggest multiplying that figure as much as fourfold

The first humans who ventured onto the Tibetan Plateau, often called the “roof of the world,” faced one of the most brutal environments our species has ever confronted. At an average elevation of more than 4,500 meters, it is a cold and arid place with half the oxygen present at sea level. Although scientists had long thought no one set foot on the plateau until 15,000 years ago, new genetic and archaeological data indicate that this event may have taken place much earlier—possibly as far back as 62,000 years ago, in the middle of the last ice age. A better understanding of the history of migration and population growth in the region could help unravel the mysteries of Tibetans' origin and offer clues as to how humans have adapted to low-oxygen conditions at high altitudes.

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Thursday, 23 February 2017 10:46
"After hearing there are hundreds of pyramids in China that even the locals do not know about, we flew there to see ourselves. We filmed 4 groupings over 1 day, and we believe we haven't even seen the half of them."
Published on Sep 27, 2016
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 07:43

Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Advanced Archaeology Review Magazine is proud to announce the ASEAN Advanced Archaeology Symposium 2017 has been confirmed and will be held at the Balanghai Hotel, Butuan City, in the Philippines. The conference will include Archaeologists, Geologists, Researchers, and Authors from across the world as well as from the Philippines that will be presenting their research on advanced archaeology discoveries, new theories, and discussing new technical scanning equipment that is being used in the archaeology arena.

There will be a demonstration of the new Satellite Radar Scan technology at a nearby dig in the Agusan Del Sur area of the Caraga Region of Mindanao.  The Scan Technology penetrates up to 6K into the earth.  It shows the chambers, materials, minerals, etc. that are there. It is truly  the future of Archaeology and it is highly recommended to attend.

We would like to invite all Universities and Societies with Anthropology, Geology and Archaeology programs in the ASEAN communities of S.E. Asia and Pacific Rim area to join us for this exciting event. 

Dr Sam Osmanagich, the Director of the Center for Archaeology & Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids will be presenting on "Archaeological Tourism" that he has helped to promote in Bosnia helping to substantially  increase tourism incomes for many communities there.  We highly recommend Tourism Directors from all LGU's from all over SE Asia to attend.

The Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center will have a package deal for all staff and representatives from interested Universities and Societies.

The list of presenters for the conference is now available at: &

For more information please contact:

Bruce Cunningham


Ancient Mysteries International LLC

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 63 905 355 9891

Friday, 10 February 2017 12:42

Volunteering on Bosnian Pyramids will take place in a period June 5, 2017 – September 30, 2017. In order to be flexible enough, three different packages are offered for interested parties:

 (1) Bosnian Pyramid Expeditions with Volunteering

– all-inclusive offer (accommodation, meals, local transportation, excursions), recommended for the first-time volunteers, mature volunteers, families with children

 (2) Volunteering, only

– recommended for experienced volunteers with their own transportation and accommodation

(3) Hotel “Piramida Sunca” in Visoko offer for Volunteers

– recommended for ex-volunteers with nostalgia for the Summer Camp, walking distance to the tunnels and pyramids


Tuesday, 07 February 2017 08:00

More archaeologists believe to have found a colossal 300-meters-tall pyramid in Romania dating back tens of thousands of years.

Pyramids were a religious trend for ancient civilizations. From Africa to North America, Asia and Europe, these unique structures are spread all across the globe, where various cultures had built them without any apparent connection established between them.

Overall, pyramids shared a similar architecture and were envisioned as religious places of extreme importance, be it as a resting place for a great ruler, or a ceremonial center dedicated to the gods.

Although many of these imposing structures have stood the test of time, we only know of those that had been constructed a few hundreds, sometimes thousands of years ago.. However, in recent years evidence has been mounting up in regards to antediluvian civilizations which thrived before the last glaciation or what it has been known as the great flood. That more than 14,000 years ago according to most researchers, and it appears that these timeworn peoples were also pyramid builders. Could this prove that long before the first known organized societies there were others at least on the same level of advancement that were also able to transit the planet?

Proof of these forgotten forefathers stand both the Sumerian King List and the Egyptian pharaohs timeline which remind about their rulers up to a time when the gods first descended upon the Earth. The nearest palpable evidence of antediluvian civilizations are the Bosnian pyramids discovered in 2005, constructions dating anywhere between 12,500 to 30,000 years back. While investigations at this site are well underway, it appears that another startling discovery has been made a bit due est into the land of Romania.

An intriguing mound from the Buzau mountain chain measuring about 1,000 meters from sea level has captivated the curiosity of archaeologists after they stumbled across the remnants of what they presume to be another ancient megalithic pyramid.

As you can see in the above picture, the mountain has all the traits of a pyramid. It measures 300 meters from the bottom, that’s 150 meters more than the Pyramid of Giza and 80 meters more than the Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia.


Tuesday, 07 February 2017 07:47

The "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” will celebrate the arrival of the spring having two concerts in March 2017.

So, on Saturday, March 18, 2017, two Czech artists Yanni and Karel Kekši will have a concert at the "Touristic-Archaeological Park Ravne 2" from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Two days later, on Monday, March 2017 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. The Bosnian Pyramid visitors will send the love and peace messages for the Spring Equinox Day.

The concerts and celebration are open to all interested public.

Sunday, 05 February 2017 08:43

At the premises of the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation in Sarajevo, on February 2, 2017, the Foundation’s Board of Directors held a session.

The Session attendees were the Board members Ahmed Bosnić, Slobodan Stajić, Josip Svoboda, Mahir Hadžiahmetović, Zekerijah Smajić, Sam Osmanagich and Muhamed Ćatić. Besides them, the attendants were also the Foundation Assistant Director Sabina Osmanagich, Foundation Advisor Ismet Karasalihović, Foundation Associate Jasna Ismić, Foundation Advisory Board President Admir Tatar, Foundation Guide Coordinator Ajdin Ahmetspahić and the Foundation Project Coordinator Sandin Adilović.

During the two-hour meeting, the present discussed (1) Present explorations of the Foundation on the sites in Visoko and (2) Plans for 2017: archaeological excavations, energy phenomena measurements, medical research, project promotion, touristic programs, Park "Ravne 2" contents and financial plan.

It was pointed out that 2016 was one with the most success by now. The new 200 meters of underground tunnels Ravne cleared, the new tunnel level is discovered in "Ravne 2", the new tunnels were discovered on "The Bel Tower" hill and on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, another 150 m2 of concrete blocks is cleared. The energy recordings show the generation of Tesla's Torsion Fields (Scalar Waves) over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, and this will most definitely affect the explanation of the function of the Pyramids in Bosnia and in the World. Financially, the Foundation is stable, without debts, and all employee salaries are paid on regular basis.

The Foundation has formed the International Advisory Board consisted of 128 members from 40 countries, and Regional Advisory Board consisted of 55 members from the six countries of the Region. It is planned to activate the Foundation Council with Visoko representatives.

The Members of the Board have accepted the proposal for Contract on the Rent of the Park "Ravne 2" in which the Park owners Sabina and Semir Osmanagich rent, free of charge, the arranged Park to the Foundation to use for 100 years, until February 1, 2117. The Contract applies also to the future legal successors of the Osmanagich family and the Foundation. The Members of the Board showed special appreciation for the selfless action of the Landlords and that is benefiting for all citizens of Bosnia and visitors from all around the World.

All present supported the activity of the Foundation Members in Commission for Tourism at Municipality Visoko and their standing points for the nomination of two Foundation projects as a part of the Tourism Development Strategy of the Visoko Municipality. Also, the stand supported is to have a bold systematical approach to the development of the touristic infrastructure in Visoko to create better conditions for a longer stay of the visitors of the Foundation.

Sunday, 05 February 2017 08:38

A very nice cromlech, with 16 stones still standing, some 3 m high, at Kalula, close to the village of Asoda Sharif, Swabi District, Khyber Pashtunkwa, Northern Pakistan. Apparently there are more around Peshawar region. Details below from ammanamba.

The site is in a small village called Kalula, Northwest of Swabi, a larger town and District Center in KPK and about 1.5 hrs drive from Islamabad. The stones can actually be seen on Google earth, if one knows where to look. I noted down as coordinates on my GPS: N 34 degree 14' 19.7" E 072 degree 20' 08.7". They were shown to me by a befriended retired general who lives in the area. The site used to have a fence, a sign and a guard, all gone. I have not had time yet to do research on it in literature but there should be some mention somewhere. 

16 stones are still standing, plus one half buried and one has a base only, so in total 18 can be traced. Furthermore, another two small stones adjoin two of the larger standing ones, possibly as support. 

The stones are in a nearly perfect circle, except for one which stands slightly outside of it. However, as most stones (13) stand on one side, forming a semi-circle, only an archaeological dig could confirm the circle as such. The semi-circle stones are roughly oriented south-west, the one out of line is on the other side, where two more standing and one lying stones can be found on the imaginary circle line. 

The stones are generally uncut, although some seem to have been shaped into rectangular form with defined corners. They are of granite, which I believe can be found in the mountains nearby although my guide maintained that that type of granite comes from about 20 km away. The tallest stones are about 3 m high. 

According to the archaeologist-director of the Peshawar museum there are at least two more circles in the vicinity of Peshawar which I have not yet been able to visit (a bit tricky area). One such circle was already depicted in James Ferguson's: Rude stones monuments in all countries (1872)! 

According to locals the stones were once 30 and erected by Ashoka (Buddha) to be able to meditate at each one, one day of the month. However, it seems to me quite likely that the stone circle is of much earlier date, neolithic/early bronze age, in line with similar circles elsewhere. Again, I did not do any research in literature on these circles in Pakistan as yet.

Sunday, 05 February 2017 08:24

Writer : Laura Lee

Source : Ancient American magazine Feb. 1997 

I found much to marvel over during a recent trip to Egypt. Most marveling over ancient stonework focuses on the size of the huge stone blocks in the Great Pyramid, and how they were put into place. But I was enchanted by an aspect of ancient stonemasonry that gets little press, yet offers tangible clues to another mystery. Cairo Museum's Old Kingdom rooms are full of vases, bowls, large lidded boxes, and statues, carved from schist, diorite, granite and obsidian, that defy simple answers to the question, "how did ancient sculptors carve this hard igneous rock with such precision?" Surely not with pounding balls, and copper and stone tools, as suggested by Egyptologists.

After our tour, my husband Paul and I spent a full day in the museum, where we could leisurely examine the wonders therein. To our eyes, the oldest artifacts have an austere, "modern" look, with their clean lines and perfect proportions, that make the New Kingdom items seem baroque by comparison. The big stone boxes wore marks, in corners where two curved lines came together, for example, that even I could guess were made by machine tools. I was especially puzzled by life-size diorite and granite statues with satin-smooth surfaces, and precisely, delicately carved features. On the base of several statues, a few crooked rows of crudely-drawn, rough-edged hieroglyphs had been chipped in. Now this is more the look you get with chisels on hard stone. I imagined those hieroglyphs to be the equivalent of graffiti on a fine work of art, a later addition to an heirloom antique. Two very different techniques implies two different dates. And why use a lesser technique, unless the first, superior technique had been lost? 

When the standards are inadequate, new theories arise. So, I went looking for them. I find great benefit in crossing disciplines. Following the trail of evidence, to see where it leads, often requires stepping outside the constraints of the preconceived notions of one field. So, I went looking, not among Egyptologists or archeologists, but to those who would know about rocks and tools. I found two independent researchers, a geologist and a machine tool manufacturer, to see what the stone artifacts could tell us, and what the marks left behind by precision machine tools looked like.

Both were recent guests on "The Laura Lee Show," the weekly, nationally syndicated radio interview/talk show that I host. Here is their story.

Ivan Watkins is a Professor of Geology, Department of Earth Sciences, at St. Cloud University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He is investigating the finished surface of Inca stonemasonry. He says the surface of stone, at the microscopic level, indicates how it was, or wasn't, worked. "And you can rule out the standard issue explanations when it comes to ancient Inca stonemasonry, which is very similar to that of Egypt," he says. 

Watkins explains that soft rock is easy to cut; granite and the other hard igneous rocks are difficult. Granite contains 15 to 30% quartz crystals, and a few other minerals of varying degrees of hardness, which is important when viewing the signature marks left in stone under the microscope. The methods that are supposed to have been used by the ancients, such as pounding, hammering, grinding, polishing with abrasives, and wedging, just don't match up with what Watkins sees under the microscope. 

What he sees, in the case of hammering, is rock wanting to break along pre-existing planes of weakness. When river sand, which is mostly quartz, is used to grind and polish rock with quartz, the softer minerals in the rock are sanded out, while the quartz crystals, little affected, are left standing above the rest of the minerals on the surface. In the case of wedging rock, Watkins finds the absence of low-angle fractures, and no ability to control the cracking of the rock. On a surface worked with pounding stones, all the minerals are unevenly fractured.

All of which is incompatible with what Watkins sees with Inca stonemasonry. What he does see on some Inca stones are slick surfaces, at Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo, and the Rodadero at Sacsayhuaman, still used as a slide by children. Similar to a ceramic glaze, heat can melt quartz fragments into a glaze that fills in irregularities, creating a smooth surface.

In an effort to discover just how such surfaces could have been obtained by ancient cultures, Watkins went looking for modern technology that produces a similar signature. He found an important clue in the work of geologist David Lindroth, at the US Bureau of Mines, Twin Cities Research Center. Lindroth was using 100 watts of light energy, focused to a circle of 2 mm, to cut through any rock, in a process called "thermal disaggregation." The cuts were only 2 mm deep, but repeated passes can cut through rock of any size, he reports. Quartzite fragments quite easily with this process while basalt melt. And, he concludes, Inca stone surfaces are similar to those that have been thermally disaggregated. 

What about a process that could cut stone, produce this signature, and used an energy source available to the Inca? Watkins found another clue in the bracelet worn by a modern-day priest in Cuzco. In the yearly Festival of the Sun, fire must be given by the hand of the sun. The ceremony requires lighting wisps of cotton on fire by using the suns rays, which are concentrated with a highly polished, concave indentation on a large gold bracelet. The bracelet is similar to those worn by ancient Inca. 

Then Watkins noticed large parabolic gold bowls in a museum in Peru. "These bowls weren't meant to sit on a table holding fruit; they'd roll around the table. They must have been used for something else. They are just the right shape and material for catching the sun's rays, and focusing them into a beam of light." 

Sun light strong enough to cut stone? Watkins suggests ancient Inca stonemasons heated and cut stone by using a series of very large gold parabolic reflectors to concentrate and focus solar energy. He points to the Conquistadors records mentioning an Inca golden dish so large, it spanned the length of two men (it was cut up for poker chips before it was melted into ingots and carried back to Spain); to those big granite bedrock posts at Machu Picchu as possible supports for the mirrors; the fact that Peru, like Egypt gets strong sunlight all year long; and that gold is at its most reflective when its alloyed with silver. (Interesting that some pyramidions, or capstones, found in Egypt were made of electrum, an 80/20 ratio of gold to silver.) Watkin's research led him to develop a solar-powered device for cutting and polishing stone, for which he received a patent, application #4611857.

Now let me introduce you to our guest who reads the signature of precision machine tools, even when he sees them in places that just can't be, according to Egyptologists. And read them he did, from core drills more efficient that our diamond bits today, to "space- age precision" planing, to intersecting lathe marks. 

Chris Dunn, now in senior management at Danville Metal Stamping in Danville, Illinois, has spent much of his career working with machinery for jet-engine components, and non-conventional manufacturing methods such as laser processing and electrical discharge machining. He also brings a fresh perspective to viewing an ancient artifact, describing himself as "unencumbered with dates and histories and chronologies."

Two visits to Egypt, for personal inspections of selected artifacts, had him asking "how was this created? How, precisely, is this engineered? what tools were used to make this?" His opinion of the tools on display as the instruments by which many ancient artifacts were created: "they are simply physically incapable of reproducing those artifacts today. So why should I believe they could do so thousands of years ago?" Logical enough. 

And it does not deter him that ancient tools capable of reproducing these artifacts have not been unearthed. "The tools haven't yet been found, but that shouldn't stop us from deducing what they were, by the marks left on the artifacts," he says. What marks? According to Dunns investigation, the marks of sophisticated sawing, drilling, lathe, and milling practices, and a standard of even, level, flat surface planes impossible to achieve by hand. 

There’s the diorite bowl in the Cairo Museum that appears to have been cut on a lathe. Dunn points out the simple stone bowl has a "sharp cusp, where two spherical, concave radii intersected. This indicates the radii were cut on two separate axes of rotation. Cutting stone on a turning lathe is a pretty sophisticated use of a wheel."

And how to explain the spherical, stone drill cores, the piece removed when a round hole is cut? Dunn points out that ancient drill cores fascinated famed British Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie, who first established, by examining the cores and the holes left behind in the stone, that a tubular drill was used, the same as we use today. 

Dunn found, in "Pyramids and Temples of Giza," published in 1883, that Petrie had calculated the rate of descent of this ancient tubular drill, by measuring the distance between the spiral grooves it left behind on the core, as 1/10th of an inch per revolution. Which means, according to Dunn, that these ancient drills cut through solid granite with a feed rate 500 times greater than today's diamond drills.

"I presented Petries astonishing calculations to other craftsman, asking them to determine what possible method could create that same feed rate, and the other characteristics we see in ancient drill cores, such as the hole and core tapering into the stone, and grooves cut deeper in quartz than in feldspar," says Dunn. "Most gave up. Only one figured it out, and he independently came up with the same method I did." What method is that? "Ultrasonics." 

How do we use sound today to cut through rock? Dunn explains, "todays ultrasonic drills use very high frequency vibration, sound, traveling through a medium. It induces a tool to oscillate, or reciprocate back and forth about 19,00 to 25,000 hertz, in a rapid grinding process. A paste or slurry stimulates the cutting action." Modern ultrasonic machine-bits are used for the precision machining of odd-shaped holes in hard, brittle materials. It is significant that ultrasonic drills cut through quartz more easily than through the feldspar of granite. "Ultrasound gets the quartz in the granite vibrating in sympathy, and therefore cuts more easily," says Dunn.

Then there's the so-called sarcophagus in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. (Why assume it was meant to hold dead bodies, when no bodies, mummified or other, were ever found in the Great Pyramid? Was it instead a chamber of initiation? Or did it have something to do with the Ark of the Covenant, since the Ark's outside dimensions are said to be a perfect fit to the sarcophagus' inside dimensions?) Dunn points out the end piece of this granite box, the side facing north, bears saw marks that are very similar to saw marks on todays granite surface plates. What is a surface plate? "They are precision- ground, flat blocks that serve as a reference plane when measuring other flat planes in the manufacturing process. Granite is used, because its stable and extremely hard. Metal surface plates can swell. Granite surface plates don’t," explains Dunn. 

And this is why he finds it intriguing that the big black granite boxes in the Serapeum at Sakkara were only roughed out when first brought into underground chambers with quite different atmospheric conditions than the dry outside air. (We deduce this from one rough-cut box that still sits in a corridor, having never made it to its chamber.) Once inside the chambers, after the stone had a chance to adapt to the atmosphere, was it then finished. This helped the granite retain its precise dimensions. 

And "space age precision" is how Dunn describes the level surface of the inside of the Great Pyramid's sarcophagus, or granite box, and those of the Serapeum. He brought along a portable instrument which measures the accuracy of a level surface, and shone a flashlight behind a straight edge held against the smooth sides. No light escaped between the straight edge and the granite to indicate slight imperfections. "Of course, to really measure it, Id like to bring in laser surface scanning equipment. But from my quick measurements, I'd say it was so even, so level, it would be impossible to achieve that by hand," says Dunn. 

Still, why was such precision needed? After all, you don't go to all that trouble for no reason. So it's an open question as to exactly what the builders were doing with these artifacts. Unfortunately, these stonemasons weren’t giving away any secrets, or writing them down. Judging by the Freemasons, architects and builders who, some say, trace their lineage back to mystery schools of ancient Egypt, they were a secretive lot. This too does not deter Dunn. "The interpretation and understanding of a civilization's level of technology cannot hinge on the preservation of a written record for every technique that they developed," he says. 

What about the preservation of an artifact? In this case, these precision tools. Where are they? What were they made of? Copper is just not tough enough for this kind of work. "Ferrous metal tools would have rusted away by now," answers Dunn. 

Petrie, who was the leading Egyptologist of his day, also determined that saws nine feet in length were used by the ancient Egyptians, and noticed that, during the construction of the Great Pyramids sarcophagus, the drill had wondered away from its course, leaving a scallop cut a little deeper in the corner. Yet todays Egyptologist never seem to mention such curiosities. I wonder how they can overlook such rock-hard evidence, forsaking the opportunity for sound forensic science.

When a theory cannot adequately explain the evidence, lets throw out the theories, not the evidence. Personally, Ive found it helpful to become comfortable with the unknown, to be wary of easy answers, and to follow the clues provided by the anomalies. Which after all, are anomalies only because they, for now, lie outside our intellectual comfort zone.

Now I must share with you my other favorite story of the year: Pyramids in China, long rumored, are finally confirmed, and they look a lot like those of Meso-America.

Since 1945, when U.S. Air Force pilot James Gaussman, flying over a large earthen mound in a remote section of China, snapped a picture, this single photo of a shadowy, pyramidal form was one of the few clues that China had pyramids.

In 1994, German researcher Hartwig Hausdorf was invited to the Forbidden zone in China's Shensi Province. There, he saw over a hundred pyramids, and was allowed to climb, photograph, and videotape them. Here is what Hausdorf shared with me in recent correspondence:

The Shensi pyramids are made of clay, and have become nearly stone-hard over the centuries. They are without decoration. Carved stones stand in front of a few pyramids. Many are heavily eroded or damaged by farming. They are flat topped, reminiscent of the pyramids of Meso-America. One pyramid stood tall, reminding Hausdorf of Teotihuacans Pyramid of the Sun, in Mexico. 

Some of the pyramids are large enough to be seen from space. Hausdorf mentions an article in the March 1994 issue of the Chinese newspaper "Xian Wanbao" in which it was reported that a U.S. astronaut took photos of nine dark spots in the Shensi region. When developed, an enlargement revealed nine pyramids the size of a forty-story house. 

Many of the pyramids were designed along the golden mean proportion, as was much ancient architecture around the world. This is the case in the only stone pyramid so far located in China. In Shandong, there is a 50 foot tall stone pyramid of a different style, no steps, topped with a little temple. The golden proportion, 0.618, is also found in the great Shensi pyramid. Divide the height by the base (approximately 300 meters divided by 485 meters).

The pyramids stand alone, or in rows of three, or in clusters. (And when mapped, will some turn out to be configured along key constellations, as the three Giza pyramids are found to imitate the placement of the three belt stars of Orion?) Hausdorf talked with one Shensi archeologist who is of the opinion that there must be an astronomical connection and alignment of the pyramids around Xian, and who reported that additional pyramids were recently found north of Xian city; one of which stands exactly on the geometric center of the old Chinese empire. 

How old are China's pyramids? One clue comes from the 1910 diaries of two Australian traders, who noted what an old Buddhist monk told them --- that in the 5,000 year old records of his monastery, those pyramids are mentioned, described even then as being very old.


Prof. Ivan Watkins

For a detailed examination of Prof. Ivan Watkins research, see "How Did the Incas Create Such Beautiful Stonemasonry?" in "Rocks and Minerals" Vol. 65 Nov/Dec 1990, or write to him c/o St.C

Sunday, 05 February 2017 08:17

January 2017 has been one of the coldest in many past decades. All the days, in Visoko the temperature was below 0C, and sometimes it dropped to -10C and -18C. For this reason, the New Year’s snow stayed throughout all month.

Despite of the cold weather, the workers of the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation have tirelessly worked in the Underground Tunnel Ravne. The new twenty meters of the tunnel are cleared. The new sections are fortified with the supporting wood and, simultaneously, in access sections the old support was replaced with the new, without delay.

The removed pebbles from the Tunnels used as fill-in-material in the prehistorical tunnels are now used for the expansion of the parking lots in front of the Entrance to the Tunnels.

Friday, 03 February 2017 18:41

During January 2017, the "Archaeological-Touristic Park Ravne 2" was covered with the snow. Nevertheless, the Park is charming too in white.

The visitors of the Park are certain about its submissive beauty and peacefulness. Apart from the megalith blocks and organic fruit plants, the majority of the stone installations are covered with the snow.

Friday, 03 February 2017 18:38

In this winter, the roads were covered by the snow from mid-December and during January 2017. The reason for this is constant low temperatures. Nevertheless, the steep road to the Underground Labyrinth Ravne, the Park "Ravne" and the surrounding weekend cottages was accessible all the time throughout the year. In other words, called upon by the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, the Public Utility Service "Visoko" employed the mechanization on regular basis, and cleared the roads after each snowfall.

As of 2017, PUS "Visoko" and the Foundation agreed on contracted services, therefore, the Foundation covered the costs for the full-time and professional removal of the snow off the roads ("shoveling and salt spreading").

Friday, 03 February 2017 18:34

The Discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids and the author of the book "Unexpected Archaeological Sites of Israel and Palestine", Dr. Sam Osmanagich, continues promoting the Visoko destination. This time, during February 2017, he will visit Israel, Palestine and Jordan and beside of the research program he will have several presentations, as follows:

- February 9, 2017, Galilee (North Israel)

- February 10, 2017, Galilee (North Israel)

- February 11, 2017, Galilee, Inbar House (North Israel)

- February 12, 2017, Lotem Winery (North Israel)

- February 13, 2017, Haifa (North-West Israel)

- February 15, 2017, Tel Aviv (West Israel)

- February 16, 2017, Jerusalem (East Israel)

- February 21, 2017, Tel Aviv (West Israel)

Dr. Osmangich will use this opportunity and promote the English Edition of the books on Bosnian Pyramids, "Pyramids around the World and the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids" and "Unexpected Archaeological Sites of Israel and Palestine".

We are expecting that this visit will result in repeated visits of Israeli guests to the Bosnian Pyramids.

Friday, 03 February 2017 18:30

In 2005 the anthropologist Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D., made an incredible archeological discovery in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, a complex of five enormous pyramids covered by soil and green vegetation, which he named “The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids”, previously considered just to be green hills.

The largest of them, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is over 720 feet high (220 meters.), considerably higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt of 482 feet (147 mt.) high. There are four other smaller ones, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (623 ft. / 190 mt.), Pyramid of Love, Pyramid of Dragon (295 ft. / 90 mt.) and Temple of Mother Earth.

In the nearby Vratnica village, he discovered also the tallest Tumulus in the world, 200 feet (61 mt.) high. Famous Sillbury Hill in England is 196 ft. (60 mt.) high. It is an artificial conical hill and consists of two-layer megalithic terraces, clay layers and artificial concrete layers.

In addition, he found also the entrance to the Underground Labyrinth, called Ravne Tunnels. Locals used to consider it small natural cave. Excavation confirmed that entrance leads to an even more extended system of an underground network under the Pyramid of the Sun, which is 1.55 ml. (2.5 km.) distant. Also the Tunnel Ravne is the biggest and most complex Tunnel system ever discovered.

Upon making these remarkable findings, which would shock an unbiased scientific world, Dr. Osmanagich was immediately attacked by the mainstream media, accused of orchestrating a hoax designed to bring money to his native Bosnia. He was ridiculed as a Bosnian Indiana Jones, an amateur archaeologist doing pseudo-archaeology. Despite Dr. Osmanagich’s proofs that these are man – made structures in perfect orientation with the cardinal points of the compass, several so called experts, dismissed these proofs and claimed that they were just natural hills, and that there were no pyramids in Bosnia.

Interested in archeology and in this project for many years, finally I visited the site in Visoko in August 2016. I was there for 40 days, having a lot of fun helping as a volunteer to remove 1 meter (3 feet) of soil and clay from the concrete surface of the base of North side of the Pyramid of the Sun and in the Tunnel Ravne labyrinth, helping to bring out the excavated fill-in material. But, as a photographer, I also wanted to document the older and most active archeological site, with the biggest and mysterious pyramid ever discovered and hopefully bring to the attention of the world. Before I went there, I wrote to Dr. Sam Osmanagich, about the project I wanted to do there, beside the volunteering work, so I had the pleasure of spending weeks with him and photographing him around the site, on group tours and to scientific conferences. It is incredible to me that scientific findings of such magnitude have been dismissed by a biased group of individuals with a clear interest in suppressing them.

I was very fascinated by the interesting and long “Odyssey” that this Bosnian Project went through in all the years and by the stunning discoveries made by the Bosnian Indiana Jones.

From the beginning, Bosnian archeologists, geologists from the University and curators from the National Museum of Sarajevo, attacked him when, after removing 1 meter of soil, he found evident construction material. He found perfect man – made concrete blocks (15 X 5 Feet X 1, 5 foot, 7 Tons heavy), perfectly aligned, disposed in 4 rows, shifted for a better stability of the entire walls’ structure.

It is not necessary to have a Ph.D. to understand obvious things or to distinguish if something is made by intelligent hands or by nature.

This concrete has also been analyzed and shown to be man – made and with a high quality, harder (up to 133 Mpa) than modern concretes (10 to 60 Mpa) and with a very low water absorption of 1%, that normally is 1% to 3%. These proofs clearly indicate signs of human construction and civilization.

In 2006, when Dr. Sam Osmanagich announced that he would start digging to look for more structures, 23 leading Bosnian academic archeologists, geologists, historians, and museum curators signed and sent a petition to the Bosnian government asking them to do not allow the excavations. The Bosnian Prime Minister went to visit the site and when he saw the four layers of big man – made concrete blocks and thousands of tourists, he allowed Dr. Osmanagich to continue to excavate, because this archeological discover would also be good for the economy.

Although he revealed more concrete blocks in the Pyramid of the Sun’s construction, these “experts” asked the help of the President of the European Archeology Association of the U.K., to stop the Bosnian Pyramids Project. They started to write to magazines and newspapers and claimed, on their web site, that Dr. Osmanagich is an amateur archaeologist, not an expert, and that this project was a big archeology “hoax”.

Then, the President of the European Archeology Association of the U.K. and other archeologists from Germany, France and United States signed another petition to stop the project. However, the Bosnian government rejected it.

Not only did Dr. Osmanagich not have help, he suddenly had a lot of aggressive enemies in Europe. He decided to invite an expert in Pyramids from Egypt, Dr. Ali Barakat, who spent 42 days on the site in Visoko. At a scientific conference in Sarajevo, on the 23rd of June, 2006, Dr. Barakat declared that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is a man-made pyramid. He sent a report of his findings to his superior in Cairo, who immediately organized a meeting with the Ministers of Culture and Tourism, and the Supreme Council of Antiquities. The subject of this meeting was the detrimental impact the Bosnian Pyramids would have on the highly profitable international tourism to their own pyramids in Egypt. Afraid of this prospect, these bodies summarily declared that there were no pyramids in Bosnia and that the concrete blocks were a natural phenomena. Dr. Barakat was labeled as a non-expert in pyramid archaeology by his superior Dr. Zahi Hawass, and upon his return to Cairo he was fired from his job from the Government.

The discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids is not just a local archeological issue, but an international, scientific, economic and political issue.

Although Dr. Osmanagich’s support from Egypt was withdrawn, fortunately his project gained a lot of attention all around the world. He received help from thousands of volunteers from 62 countries and 6 continents. (total of 2.400)

Scientists from many countries visited the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids to perform research on various aspects of the pyramid complex. The Bosnian Pyramids Project quickly became the most active and open archaeological project on the planet. Not elite science, not selection of information, no hidden knowledge. Unfortunately even these many volunteers are not enough for a big project like this. There is a great deal of excavation work to do on these huge pyramids and an endless amount of scientific research.

Then, more problems came when the president of the State Commission for National Monuments in Bosnia suddenly changed the law declaring that the majority of the area of the Pyramids was “protected.” Protected from what? Protected from their true archeological and scientific investigation.

Even in a protected area, it is possible to ask permission, so Dr. Osmanagich, in 2005, created a nonprofit Foundation called “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” for archeological digging. He wrote about the project, connecting with the University of Cairo and the biggest archaeological faculty in the world, but his project was rejected 3 times by the Federal Institute without explanation.

Also the Minister of Culture declared on TV that he would never grant permission or money to continuing this digging.

Dr. Osmanagich continued to dig in the unprotected areas around the pyramids and in the Tunnel Ravne, where his Foundation has received permissions to explore the underground labyrinth from the Regional Ministry of Forestry who’s the owner of the land and the Regional Ministry for Culture for archaeological work in 2006. But again, he was attacked by many journalists, writers, magazines, and by the most influential and powerful archeologists, Egyptologists and geologists. Also the European archeological associations, American anthropologists, academies of sciences, Federal government and the Bosnian political parties were against him. All were hoping that he would give up and we would never hear anything again about the Bosnian Pyramids.

But Dr. Sam Osmanagich is a determined person, and he continues the fight for his important archeological discovery, for love of the research and the truth, which is the cultural patrimony for everyone.

Dr. Osmanagich took the government to court and sued them. After five years, in 2012, the judgment was given in his favor and against the government. Finally, he and his international teams, volunteers and employees could come back and continue the excavations in some legally permissible areas. Unfortunately most of the surface of the Pyramid of the Sun is covered by tall pine trees which became “protected,” and there are also a lot of private proprieties. So, it will still not be very easy to dig freely where necessary, but only in certain areas.

Not only more concrete blocks have been cleaned up in time, but also many pavement stones on different levels composing structurally inclined terraces on the Pyramid of the Moon. Also various archaeological features of the Pyramid of Love, the Pyramid of the Dragon, and the Temple of Mother Earth, as well as of nearby Vratnica Tumulus.

In addition, a lot of interesting studies and scientific observations of different energy phenomena have been continued independently by Dr. Osmanagicih and the collaboration of an independent, international, scientific researchers’ team.

Already at the beginning, when it was first studied, in 2006 and then in the following years, the characteristics of this geological location, scientists discovered a large iron plate beneath the Pyramid of the Sun. As we know, iron produces a magnetic field, and the tunnels’ running water creates electric currents and also release (health-giving) negative ions and natural magnetism. These natural elements together produce powerful natural energies, and apparently the pyramidal shape above amplifies these energetic phenomena.

Also a LIDAR scan of the site has demonstrated that these structures have pyramidal faces oriented toward the cardinal points. Indeed, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has the most perfect orientation to Cosmic North of any pyramid thus far analyzed on the planet. The scan also shows the presence of inclined spiraling claystone terraces and its extended underground system Tunnel Ravne. It’s a network of 7 different levels of passageways, from 32 Ft. (10 Mt.) to 1,148 Ft. (350 Mt.) depth, producing a spiral formation with many inner chamber networks and also different channels of (pure) water and it runs for over 10 miles (16 km.).

Energy screening shows that the ionization level of the air is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside, which makes the underground chambers into “healing rooms”. Having in mind the fact that there is not technical radiation (from our technology) or cosmic radioactivity, this underground labyrinth is an ideal place for the body’s rejuvenation and regeneration.

This prehistoric tunnel system, built 34.000 year ago, was filled in approximately 4,600 years ago, but some connecting and ventilation passageways, and some large dead-end chambers and water channels were not filled in. The reason why this big tunnel system, at one point, was closed is unknown.

Currently the tunnel system is being excavated of loose sand and riverstone. During this excavation, many small artifacts have been found, (I also found 2 interesting artifacts), as well as big stones, quartz crystals and huge ceramic megaliths, up to 18,000 pounds (8 Tons), with unknown symbols and Runic alphabet incisions.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of information about the ancient European civilization which lived here and built these huge structures.

Another big question was to find scientific elements to date the age of this apparently very ancient site. Dating studies of the soil which covers the pyramids today, based on depth, humus and clay content show ages from 12.000 to 15.000 years old, indicating that the pyramids are even older. In 2012, organic material was found between the concrete blocks and shown by radio carbon dating to be 24.800 years (+/- 200 years.) giving already the minimum age. Finally, in 2013, between the first and the second concrete block, a fossilized leaf was found and the result from the radio carbon dating calibrated to the calendar date was of 34.000 years old!

This was a really great and unbelievable surprise and this was proof that the Bosnian Pyramids are not only the biggest, but also the oldest on the planet discovered until now.

The Bosnian Pyramids are not the only case where the dates are surprising very old. Lately, in the center of Australia, in Flinders Ranges, has been found human presence and artifacts of a culture from 49,000 years ago. In Western Java, a big pyramid of 23.000 years old and also in China there are 250 pyramids, 20 are huge and older than 12,000 years, but impossible to visit. This is just a short list of some archeological sites, that reveal a revolutionary shift in the historical chronology of human civilization. The discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids should push back the timeline civilization for more than 20,000 years.

This is also another reason why all these scientific discoveries, which would impress the scientific world, have been ignored by the orthodox academia and/or ridiculed by mainstream science and media until today.

All these exciting discoveries made by Dr. Osmanagich and his international and independent teams, of course, lead to even more questions. A fundamental one, is to understand today, with modern technology, new disciplines of sciences and scientific verification of the energy phenomena, which is the real purpose of the pyramids.

Maybe our modern science and experts in these kind of inter – disciplinary scientific methods, like scientists, physicists, electrical and sound engineers, anthropologists, geologists, archeologists and so on, will redefine, with all the logical opposition of the orthodox archeologists and historians, the true reason for these huge and complex geometrical structures, which always have been considered just mysterious tombs of important kings.

Continuing their researches, four independent teams, in different years and during the four seasons, have all gotten the same results in their study of an energy beam at the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. They discovered the presence of an electromagnetic beam of 28 kHz, with an approximately four-meter radius, a continuous and focused energy beam, coming out from, or going into, or both going out from and going into, the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. Fifty years ago, American researcher, Ralph Ring demonstrated, using ping pong balls, that 28 kHz is a frequency of levitation (anti-gravity).

Because Mother Nature doesn’t create such energy beams, scientists know that it is artificial. Scientists were surprised that this energy beam was stronger the farther away it was from the top of the pyramid. This was a discovery of so-called “non-Hertzian” energy. Thus, it has been concluded that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is a perpetual Energy motion Machine, that presumably has been working continuously for 34 thousand years. And the source of this strong electromagnetism is at 1.3 ml. ( 2,240 mt.) below the pyramid, produced by an iron or metal plate.

With a scientific instrument, the biologist Harry Oldfield, built a PIP camera, (Polycontrast Interference Photography) that make it possible to photograph and see the ambient bio – energy fields, that are invisible to our eyes, like the human energy field, which are also studied. Photographing the different pyramids, in different season and years, they saw that these fields, just on the pyramids were vertical and not horizontal, like they are in any “normal” place. This was a clear demonstration that electromagnetic fields are very strong in all the pyramids. Showing that, obviously, a lot of energy is accumulated inside each pyramid and is released continuously in a strong flow.

Also, mechanical energy studies, with sound and ultrasound, have been made. Sounds can be heard from 10 Hz to 20 kHz and the ultrasounds, which human can’t hear, are above the 20 kHz frequency, but today it is possible to measure them. The results of the ultrasounds made in different times, in different seasons on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, had the same frequency of 28 kHz. To make it possible for us to hear, they have been recorded and then converted to 8 kHz, using the Compaunder, to have an idea which kind of sounds can be produced by ultrasounds. It was impressive to hear this kind of electronic sounds produced continually and with a fast speed.

An electronic engineer from Serbia, measured more electromagnetic phenomena on the pyramids and in the Tunnel and he found extreme low frequency, called “Schumann Resonance” of 7.83 Hz. Everything resonates in nature, humans, animals, plants and this is considered, for many studies, the best energy field for our physical, intellectual, and spiritual abilities. Our Planet also, for the long time has been resonating at this frequency, before our modern electronic technology, which produces a lot of bad electromagnetism and effects its natural ionosphere frequency. In these last 20 years it has arrived at 16 Hz.

Again, they recorded the electromagnetism of the Pyramid of the Moon and then converted it to  sound. Also this result was impressive, more like music, always continuous, but different from the Pyramid of the Sun.

All of these scientific discoveries have been ignored and/or ridiculed by mainstream science. But, even more interesting studies have been done on the Pyramids in these last 12 years. The Foundation has also created the beautiful “Park Ravne 2”, near the Tunnel’s entrance, with a lot of interesting sculptures and activities, as an extension of the site, open to all Visoko’s inhabitants and to all the tourists who come any time of the year.

It is very important to understand the particularity of the Bosnian Pyramids project, that is the most open archeological project in the world. Any excavation and any independent, international, scientific verification of the phenomena are not a conventional, elitist, secret and mysterious discoveries. Everything is documented in the Mueum at the site, Dr. Osmanagich’s books, internet website and different links and video about it.

The future will be even more exciting and full of important and surprising discoveries. Especially with the excavation of the Tunnels which will provide access to the interior of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Only then we will have more information about the mystery of this very ancient, unknown, European civilization.

And it will be not about finding Ancient Bosnian gold artifacts, coins and jewels!


Monday, 30 January 2017 08:02

Rob Potter interviews Dr Sam Osmanagich on 01-12-2017
Rob Potter interviews the most knowledgeable archaeologist in the world when it comes to pyramids. He shares his latest updates on discoveries in the Bosnian Pyramid complex. There are numerous pyramids several temples. The endless tunnel system is still being discovered and there will be likely astounding discoveries for decades to come. This gigantic megalithic site must be seen to understand its significance. I was honored to go there in 2013 and would love to return someday soon. Please Enjoy Dr Sam the real Indiana Jones.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 12:39

Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D. will share his and his team’s findings about The Bosnian Pyramid. There are astounding facts related to Engineering, Energy Signatures, Healing and Spirituality that are part and parcel of the Bosnian Pyramid story.

Dr. Osmanagich has gathered an international team of physicists, scientists, geologists, archaeologists, engineers and volunteers to work on the most important active and public archaeological site in the world.

Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Anthropology Professor and Director of the Center for Archaeology and Anthropology at the American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Dr Sam’s website:

Dr. Sam Osmanagich discusses the Engineering, Sacred Geometry, the Energetic and Spiritual aspects of The Bosnian Pyramid.
For Part 2 go to:…


Monday, 23 January 2017 12:29

Cosmic Internet

Written by: Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Abstract: The energy phenomena registered above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun summons a different definition of the pyramids instead of the conventional, dogmatic explanations. The pyramids are energy amplifiers which have been sending and receiving information through the Sun. The discovery of the Tesla's Torsion Fields above the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, travelling faster than the speed of light, withholding energy while passing through the cosmic bodies, empowers the concept of the existence of the Cosmic Internet providing almost instant, intergalactic communication in the Universe.


Fifteen years ago, in my books, I wrote about the role of Mayan's as the "cosmic watchmakers" and a civilization whose goal was to harmonize our Planet's frequency with the Sun's. This hypothesis I had, for the time being, Wikipedia Editors used as the "argument of discrediting".

My researches and arguments that the pyramids were constructed all over the world and that the oldest ones are also the superior have led to the situation in which the Egyptologists built up the hostility wall in my direction. My assertion that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the oldest in the world has provoked the reaction of the world's most influential Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass, and banning us for many years the access to the leading scientific TV channels in the world. Our evidence of the oldest concrete of the best quality in the world which has been discovered on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the existence of the largest network of the prehistorical tunnels have caused the written petition of the European Archeological Association against our research.

Of course, the time and the scientific arguments prove that we were right and they were wrong.

Therefore, the new history is getting written, not only of the Europe, but the whole World as well.

But, it's not only that the history books are wrong inside our education system. We are taught wrongly, or to say it better, programmed, with all of the basic knowledge.

The physicists, astronomers and geologists... persist with the assertion that the Big Bang Theory created the Cosmos out of nothingness and that today it’s expanding rapidly. The biologists still support the Darwinism and incline that the life is created from inorganic matter, that the evolution is the cause for the wildlife development and that the Human originates from a monkey. They were wrong. The life originates from the intervention on our Planet. The species are changing over a long period of time through the experiments in which the evolution plays a small role and the Homo sapiens is the result of the genetic engineering. And, of course, we aren't the first or the most developed civilization in the Planetary history.

Philosophy, physics, mathematics and the engineering insights can explain the Cosmos, the creation of our Planet, and the life on Earth. But, along with the conventional knowledge, it is necessary to de-programme and open up to the spiritual knowledge and the sacral geometry in order to understand the energetical essence of all living and unliving matter.


Let's put us in the role of the Creator of Cosmos. We start creating a large number of the galaxies from the centre of the Universe. At the present time, the assumption is that there are about 400 billion galaxies in our Cosmos. These assumptions on the number of galaxies tend to rise in several past decades.

Each galaxy has many star systems. For example, in our galaxy the Milky Way it's estimated, up to ten years ago, that there were 100 billion stars. However, we speak about 400 billion stars now. Amongst these 400 billion is also our Sun.

Each Star has several planets. We are, for example, the third Planet in the Solar System. Furthermore, planets have moons sometimes one, sometimes dozens, etc.

Let's go back to the Creator's role. If we've created such immense and complex system with an almost endless number of cosmic objects we ask ourselves how to manage them, how to monitor the condition of all objects, how to set up an efficient communication system?

The Einstein's physics teaches us that the fastest speed in the Universe is the speed of light. 300,000 km/s is almost about enough for our earthly terminology. But, for the light to travel from the Earth to the Sun it takes almost eight minutes. This is rather slow. To reach the second nearest star it would take almost ten years for the light to travel. Far away in the galaxy, the light would reach the stars in a few hundred or even a few thousand years. The travel to the many of other galaxies would acquire much more time.

The speed of light would be very impractical and too slow for the Creator to have the communication with all of the cosmic "subjects".

Is there a speed greater than the speed of light? According to Einstein, no object with the real mass inaction could travel at the speed of light. However, to the whole new wave of the independent researchers, the limitation of the speed of light isn't the obstacle for a faster speed existing. A German physicist, Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl says that the neutrino particles are able to travel faster. He spoke about that in Visoko to our team in 2014.

For many other researchers, among which the most prominent is Nikola Tesla, scalar waves, or standing waves, created in torsion field interaction are travelling at faster speeds than the light. It's estimated to be 10 billion times faster speed than the light’s. Thereby, the torsion fields can move through any other cosmic body (planets, suns) without wasting energy. This means they are able to travel at great velocity, transfer information/energy, and that there's no loss of the quality and the quantity of the information.

Ideally is to have at the both ends two producers (generators) of the energy which are mutually communicating through Tesla's Torsion Fields (Waves). The information transfer is almost instant between two distant parts of the Cosmos, and the information doesn't lose on its quality during the transfer.

Many elapsed cultures on our Planet have regarded the Sun as "the Father". Today, the archaeologists are trying to interpret the ancient beliefs and in a simple way interpreting the relation of some nations towards the Sun, as the "divine service" and the "sacrifice offering". It's the historical mistake to claim that the Mayan's have sacrificed their captives to the Sun God. Mayans didn't perform the offerings, but they've had respect for the cosmic Father. The Sun isn't giving us only the heat and the energy, therefore, the life itself, but it's also giving us information, refines us and acts on our DNA. Short gazing at the Sun during sunrise or sunset is medicinal for us on the physical and spiritual level.


The pyramid is the most powerful of all geometric shapes in terms of the energies. If located over the potent energy spot the pyramid becomes the energy amplifier. Under the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, there are iron plates (generating electromagnetic field), underground water flow (releasing negative ions), and the second one, deeper underground water flow, creates the electricity together with the one from the above. Also, we find the natural magnetism, Orgone energy... These energy phenomena can be measured with our scientific instruments. But, how can we measure the energy phenomena for which we haven't yet developed the scientific instruments?

During the archaeological excavations, we've discovered great amounts of quartz crystal on the surface of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. It's also found in the underground tunnels and most probably it can be found under the Pyramid itself. It's well known that the quartz crystal is receiving and then amplifying the energies. The cavities (the underground tunnels) also amplify the energy. The spiral layout of the seven-leveled tunnel inside the Pyramid leads to the acceleration of the energy travel and to the amplification of its intensity. Finnish researcher, Mr. Sci. Mika Virpiranta found that there are 26 volcanic lines leading towards the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Namely, if the Pyramid is lying on the line that connects two volcanoes than it's lying on a volcano line. In the case of the Bosnian Pyramid, 15 of 26 lines have three, four or five volcanoes on the line. This fact, again, points out the importance of the location in Visoko, because the volcanoes are followed by the energy sources: lava, iron, crystals, minerals...

If we add up the very precise layout of the Pyramids in Visoko (equilateral triangle between the pyramids of the Sun, Moon and Dragon, and another triangle between pyramids of the Love, Earth and River Fojnica) and the applicability of the other elements of the sacral geometry (“Flower of Life”, irrational numbers, Fibonacci formula) then there is no doubt that all of this contributed to the development of an energy complex of great power which we've named the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids. Its original boundaries might never be discovered; not only five or possible eight pyramids as we think today, two or three tumuli, two levels of underground tunnels.

The energy flow had greater intensity and it was much stronger. Our Planet was stronger and healthier in the Past, until the global catastrophe manifested and the last Ice Age occurred 12,000 years ago.


Research of the physicists, electrical engineers, anthropologists and sound engineers on the energy phenomena over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, as well as on the other pyramids, tumuli, Ravne 1 and Ravne 2 Tunnels, along with the comparison with other natural hills around Visoko have been taking place since 2010. The teams from Croatia, Italy, Finland, Serbia, Germany and other countries have discovered, among other, the existence of energy beam over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with the frequency of 28 kHz, which is focused and continuous.

In September 2016, an international team from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, led by the engineer Goran Marjanović from Belgrade, went one step further. They have mounted the instruments on a drone and took it 50 meters above the Bosnian Pyramids. During the flight, it went horizontal every 10 meters, on all four sides of the world.

The electrical field was measured over the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. After two months of information processing, the engineer Marjanović had two revolutionary conclusions:

1. The energy beam over the pyramid top, with the previously established radius of 4.5 meters, is expanding in radius and getting stronger. It's strongest at 21.3 meters above the pyramid, after what it gets weaker intensity when at 43.3 meters it has the same value as at the null point, on the ground. Or, in Engineer Marjanović words:

"The image shows the "E" field signal recording in a horizontal flight registered at 43.3 meters in the ninetieth second of the flight. The recorded value VRMS (Median Value/Median Square) on this "spot" is 156 mV and it is very close to the value measurements on the ground at the 0 position, 0 seconds of flight, with 150 mV. It is very interesting that during the takeoff (from position 0 to 1) the "E" field signal recordings grew along with the changes in height and afterwards dropped down to the value it had at the position 0. The more detailed description shows that the registered intensity of the field is the biggest at the 20th second of the flight, during the takeoff, at the reached height of 21.3 meters. The synthesis of the recorded values and the "E" field intensity allocation analysis in vertical and horizontal flats allows us to conclude that the energy field above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has the shape of an oval, uneven ellipsoid with the biggest density of the energy at the height similar to the virtual height of the Pyramid. The represented "waviness" in relation to the intensity and the orientation, in the wave mechanics terminology, would be appropriate with the affirmative interferent process terms, i.e. amplitude "composition", and the phases of the particular energy fields, and the constitution of "3D Standing Wave", ie. complex Scalar (torsion, axion, spinor, micro leptonic …)”.

2. For many years, we have wondered about the orientation of this energy beam: is it directed towards the particular solar system (Orion, Pleiades, Alfa Centauri, etc.) or towards the particular planet in another solar system? The Earth's rotation of 462 m/s doesn't give enough time to focus the beam to a particular cosmic object or eventual information transmission. However, the findings of Goran Marjanović's team gave a completely logical explanation for the beam's direction. Namely, Marjanović found the following:

"The VRMS analysis of the registered values during the horizontal flight, at about 40 meters of height, indicates slightly raised values in the south-southwest zone what indicates that the beam is slightly inclined in the direction of south-southwest."

Considering that the measurements were performed at noon and during the afternoon it is logical that the energy wave was following Sun's movement. This is convincingly the largest cosmic object. Therefore, the communication between the Earth and its star is ongoing, during the most of the day.

The research performed by this team lead to the following conclusion: 

"The 3D structure of the energy fields over the locations 1-Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, 2-Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, 3-The Bell Tower Hill, has a similar configuration analogue with the scalar field term, in the shape of an oval ellipsoid with the maximum density on 21.3, 25 and 13 meters, respectively. The represented "waviness" in relation to the intensity and the orientation, in the wave mechanics terminology, would be appropriate with the affirmative interferent process terms, i.e. amplitude "composition", and the phases of the particular energy fields and the constitution of "3D Standing Wave", ie. complex Scalar Wave or Torsion Field.


The Cosmos with the endless, quick and efficient communication couldn't exist if it's filled up with a vast number of black holes which are expanding and consume all on its way. Such Cosmos couldn't exist too if it is filled with never ending vacuum in which there are no particles which facilitate the transport and communication. Therefore, the designed system with the existing communication needs another kind of a definition of the Cosmos and its elements.

The creators of the electrical cosmos idea, in which everything is based on electrical particles, have been gaining more supporters because they explain in a logical way almost all the cosmic processes. They don't start the story with the irrational "Big Bang Theory".

That's what is rational is the existence of super-fast and super-conductivity Cosmos, without the internal discontinuity and black holes. The Cosmos is limitless and behind everything is the cosmic mind, the Creator. It created the Universe we have been given, with a greater attention to the monitoring of the processes and the state (vibrations) of all cosmic entities. Besides ours, it created endless numbers of other universes, and in order to visit them, it would be necessary to take a cosmic dimensional leap.

We are all just a part of the cosmic Internet together with all other cosmic entities in space including our Creator. The information transmission is almost instant regardless of the fair distances.

Thereby, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, on our small mother Planet, is a link in the cosmic Internet.

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:10

Fresh And Alive president Ken Rohla explains what pyramids are, how they work, construction tips, which scientists' work to study to learn more, Dr. Alexander Golod, Dr. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Valery Uvarov, Dr. Semir Osmanagić, Dr. Patrick Flanagan and his book Pyramid Power, and Dr. Fred Bell. Will Fresh And Alive be coming out with pyramid kits? Which is better, one large pyramid or several small ones?

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:02

The worldwide promotion of the Bosnian Pyramids is continuing in 2017. The Director of the "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, accepted the invitations for presentations at a lot of conferences and public lectures.

Therefore, in the beginning of February, he will have a series of seven presentations in Izrael where he will present the new book "The Unexpected Archaeological Sites in Israel and Palestine" but also the energy aspects of the Bosnian Pyramids. Consequently to his previous visits to this country, during the spring of 2016, the first groups of visitors from Israel came to Visoko. We are expecting much more of them to visit us in this year.

In the last week of March, Dr Osmanagich will visit several Croatian cities on the Adriatic Coast: Solin, Supetar, Umag, Zadar and Vodice.

Osmanagich is planning an intensive promotion of Visoko as a touristic destination to the Bulgarian public. In the first week of April, Dr. Osmanagich moves ahead with a series of presentations throughout Bulgaria: Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Sofia.

After four years of break, the discoverer of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Pyramids will come to Serbia again. The project is going to be presented to the audience in Vrbas, Subotica, Belgrade and Vršac. Following to this, the short tour will take place in Macedonia including the visits to Skopje and Bitola.

By the end of April of 2017, one of the most important conferences in the world of independent researchers will take place in Butuan, Philippines. Amongst all presenters are the discoverer of the Pyramids in Indonesia, Dr. Danny Hillman, the discoverer of the stone circles in South Africa, Michael Tellinger, the author of the documentary bestseller show and the pyramid researcher Dr. Carmen Boulter from Canada, the researcher and the pyramid constructor from Russia, Valery Uvarov, the collector of the antique artifacts Klaus Dona from Austria, and the American researchers of the ancient history, Dr. Rita Louise, Wayne May, Arthur Faram, John Shaughnessy, and others. Key note presenter of the Conference is Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

During May, in the legendary pyramidal mountain Kailash in Tibet will be the conference on "Revealing the ancient knowledge of the Kailash”, and among the presenters is the leader of the Bosnian Pyramids Project. In the beginning of July, in St. Petersburg, there will be the traditional scientific conference organized by the Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov who has invited Osmanagich to present the discoveries on the archaeological sites in Visoko at this year's conference.

By mid-August, Osmanagich will have two presentations at the conference in Montreal (Canada). In October he will visit Finland for the first time and in Helsinki, he will address the Finish audience. Then, there will be a presentation in the USA (Philadelphia), and a great tour in North Germany with the presentations in following cities: Hannover, Hamburg, Braunschweig, Gottingen and Kassel.

Currently, we are negotiating with the presentation organizers in Australia for the visits of the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids by the end of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018.

Saturday, 21 January 2017 20:39

Should a new structure be added to the already lengthy list of 11 ancient structures in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

As of April 2015, Ginje Tumulus was the farthest-south structure in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. The new structure proposed for addition in the Complex, the Bosnian Pyramid of Remembering, is located 4 kilometers west and slightly north of Ginje.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017 20:12

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