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Tuesday, 15 October 2019 08:26

Paul Haywood


This article is for an audience interested in the ancient history of Oceania, in particular an audience who like myself are interested in the art and interpretation of motifs used in art by ancient cultures.  Questions have previously been raised about potential habitation of Melanesia predating the first recorded Lapita inhabitants who came from Asia.  It is my aim to bring to the attention of the reader a potential questioning of the chronology of civilisation in this part of the Pacific.

In July 2019, on the island of Rah, part of the Banks Island group in northern Vanuatu, I have found volcanic rocks containing tool sharpening marks, as well as numerous carvings and iconography that do not conform to the known carvings of the early Lapita inhabitants of the Vanuatu islands.  These carvings are interesting from three points of view; their artistic imagery, their archaeological significance, and their provenance; who put them there, who carved them, and why.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019 08:16

Visitor of the Ravne Underground Tunnel from Arizona (USA) had a problem with constant pain in his left knee.

- For two years, I couldn't sit or walk normally because the pain was constant. I went into the tunnels and the pain was gone - he said.

He recommends that everyone come and visit the tunnels.

See his testimony below:

Sunday, 13 October 2019 18:10
Foundation's big friend and supporter from Czech Republic Radek Kubla has brought his 50th group to the Bosnian Pyramids. In this video he talks about his experience and plans for the future.
Sunday, 13 October 2019 17:50

My name is Chris Mathieu and I'll be representing Forbidden Knowledge News covering the 2020 Laughlin UFO Mega Conference in Laughlin Nevada, February 15th - 22nd. I'll be interviewing many of the presenters in the preceding weeks. I hope to meet you there!

Sunday, 13 October 2019 17:45
At the end of volunteer season 2019, Foundation's team has made great discovery. Below two layers of calcified plates with the stalagmites (!?) first drywall has been discovered. It is extremely old.
Field geologist Richard Hoyle explains the discovery of the drywall.
Thursday, 10 October 2019 08:37

An unusual and very unique park in Europe. Dr. Sam Osmanagich purchased 15 neglected, swampy properties in the heart of Bosnia back in 2015, near the entrance to Prehistorical Underground Labyrinth Ravne and transformed them, in four short years, into beautiful energy and artistic park! Beside the Bosnian Pyramids, this park located in Visoko, Bosnia, has become amazing attraction for tens of thousands of visitors who find there harmony with the nature, spiritual peace, serenity and many beautiful events.

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 12:32

Luigi Muscas claims the gigantic mounds of earth in the shape of a pyramid that dot the rural Sardinian landscape are the covered up remains of tombs of giants and their buried treasures. He profoundly states that the ‘Sardinians’ descended from a race of giants that came from the ‘stars’ and integrated with existing Earth inhabitants after the floods of Atlantis from which knowledge of navigation and three-sided, pointed pyramid construction around the world (Egypt, China, South America) originated from. He knows he is considered the ‘crazy one’ in town because he refuses to keep quiet about his and his families experiences and beliefs; and yet he feels content in his mission to share his truth.

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 08:45

Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

Pyramids are vortex generators and they are antennas into the Earth, so the planet can be kept in balance.

In 1968, my family, (my husband, myself and my two boys), lost four hours of time and were asked to build a pyramid so that my then 3 year old son John, could function in the physical world.

I feel that we met with the elders of the planet and they asked us to build a pyramid, which gave us the secret wisdom of how to balance the electromagnetic fields on the planet. Scientists and archeologists have mistakenly called the pyramids tombs. They are an antenna system that can teach us how to balance the tip and tilt of the Earth and how to better grow crops and shut down abnormalities such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

In 1975 we built a pyramid for my son who was now 10 years old and very dyslexic. This balanced out his electromagnetic field so he could better function on the planet. The designer of our pyramid, Kenneth Killick, put a layering effect of electric, di-electric, electric, di-electric coverings over the pyramid, creating an orgone generator. The pyramid is a wireless antenna. Putting an orgone covering on it allowed it to connect to the Earth motor.

Wilhelm Reich, who came to the U.S. in the 1940s created orgone generators by creating the orgone layering effect that we put on our pyramid. Since this process was healing cancer and balancing out storms, it was immediately outlawed by the U.S. government. The government burned 18 tons of his books, generators and motors. It was the biggest book burning in the history of America.

Shortly after we built our pyramid, Navy intelligence came to our door and wanted to discuss if we knew what we had done. It seems that the pyramid is a wireless antenna system and by putting a balanced field of orgone energy on our pyramid covering, we shut down the abnormalities in the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Lakes Triangle. This allowed us to balance out the stray electricity that was created by Sawyer Air Force Base broadcasting to submerged submarines during the Cold War. Kenneth Killick, at that time, told us that we prevented the oceans from dying. The radio station that was broadcasting out of Sawyer Air Force base was using the CN tower in Toronto and the Seattle Space Needle to send a signal all the way around the world. According to Kenneth Killick, this extremely low frequency radio station signal would have destroyed the life-force in the oceans had we not built our pyramid.

Now many people are concerned about the 5G antenna system that is being built around the world, especially in the US.  In July of 1987 we published a book called "Pyramid Energy, the Philosophy of God, the Science of Man." Tom Milliren became interested in our pyramid and sold hundreds of copies of our book to many dowsing communities all over the U.S. This book introduced to the dowsing community information on pyramids as antennas.

That is why at the ASD conference in June of 2013, we were able to take over 100 people through the Holy Grail Vortex and change the tip and tilt of the Earth. Pyramids are antennas that surround the globe. When hundreds of people make a pillar of light out of their heart chakra, like Brian Besco taught at this year's ASD conference, we can change the frequency of the Earth and take down hurricanes and tornadoes, heal people from a distance, and spread light and love around the world.

Thanks to the many dowsers that I have been working with over the years we have accomplished an understanding of how to heal negative frequencies such as 5G, extreme weather events, and the extremely low frequency (ELF) that would have destroyed the oceans from Sawyer Airforce Base during the Cold War.

Tuesday, 08 October 2019 08:43

Between the two archeological, scientific, tourist and volunteer seasons in the Bosnian Pyramid Valley, very intensive promotional activities are being prepared. The discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids, Dr. Sam Osmanagich remains one of the world's most active lecturers.

Three visits to Italy are planned, promotion in India, five lectures in Slovenia, presentations across the African continent (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe), two tours in the United States and a spring visit to the south of France, Frankfurt in Germany and Bulgaria.

Program of lectures on Bosnian pyramids:

- 17.10.2019, Izola (Slovenia), City Library, 18-20 h
- 18.10.2019, Bologna (Italy), Sala del Baraccano, Via S. Stefano, 21-24
- 19/10/2019, Milan (Italy), Via Fratelli Cervi, 14-15: 30 hrs
- 21.10.2019, Postojna (Slovenia), City Library in Serknica, 18-20
- 22.10.2019, Ljubljana (Slovenia), 20-22
- 23.10.2019, Jury (Slovenia), Jury cinema, 18-20
- 24.10.2019, Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Miran Jarc Library, 18-20
- 11/2/2019, New Delhi (India), Global Conference on Pyramid Power, PSSM Pyramid
- 16/11/2019, Olbia, Sardinia (Italy), 18-20
- 24/11/2019, Milan (Italy), Top Mystery Conference
- 10.-13.12.2019, Nile Cruise (Egypt), lecture series 17-19
- 4.1.2020, Khartoum (Sudan), University of Khartoum
- 01/09/2020, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), University of Addis Ababa
- 12/01/2020, Kampala (Uganda)
- 11/02/2020, Maswingo (Zimbabwe)
- 02/18/2020, Langley, Nevada (USA), UfoMegaCon
- 6.3.2020, Frankfurt (Germany), Frankfurter Ring, 17-20
- 07/30/2020, Frankfurt (Germany), Frankfurter Ring, 10-17
- 21/03/2020, Bugarach, Toulouse (France)
- 23/03/2020, Toulon (France)
- 04/04/2020, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), 5D Event: International Symposium of Quantum Consciousness & Healing
- 6.4.2020, Henderson, Nevada (USA), Town Library, 14: 30-16: 30
- 7.4.2020, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), Summerlin City Library, 19: 30-21: 30
- 04/04/2020, Sofia (Bulgaria)

Monday, 07 October 2019 09:53

Pyramid researcher Dr. Sam Osmanagich again goes on a tour of the ten most magnificent Egyptian temples and 28 largest Egyptian pyramids, from December 8-19, 2019

It is a traditional visit to the most important and oldest megalithic structures on the Egyptian soil. For the first time, visitors have the opportunity to listen to the conventional story that comes from Egyptologists and official guides on the one hand, and from Dr. Sam Osmanagich, on the other hand.

An exciting journey from the magnificent statues of Abu Simbel in the southern Egypt, through the 1.000-ton unfinished obelisk in Aswan, the temples of Edfu, Philae, Kom Ombo, Abydos, Dandera, Luxor, Karnak combined with the luxury Nile cruise and visit to the pyramids on the plateau of Giza, Dahshur, Meidum, Hawara with the visit to the Sphinx and the underground Serapeum.

Applications are open to everyone; the tour is in English, an international group led by Dr. Sam can expect numerous surprises and an unforgettable 12-day trip.


Monday, 07 October 2019 09:45

There are rare places in the Balkans where school directors can quietly lock the doors of their educational institutions and bring all their children, teachers and staff, knowing that they will spend the day worry-free, in nature, and have an educational character.

The beautiful 'Archeological and Tourist Park Ravne 2' in Visoko, managed by the non-profit  'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation, is one such unique space. Absolutely safe, no traffic, no noise, no danger. It is fully decorated and clean. Trash cans are densely set up. Water and toilets at your fingertips. Streams, meadows, concert stages, botanical gardens, playgrounds, recreational trails, climbing trees for the more skilful. There are stone circles, labyrinths, Summer House, the Green Crystal Pyramid for relaxation and meditation.

The Foundation insists on providing everyone with FREE access to the park. Also, parking and amenities are free of charge. It is the wish of the Foundation to provide the pleasure of visiting and enjoying the installations and landscaped nature to as many visitors as possible from Bosnia and the world.

A walk from the park to the pedestrian zone, about a hundred meters away, is followed by the entrance to the mysterious, prehistoric underground tunnels of Ravne, accompanied by the Foundation's trained and kind guides. There is also a Gift Shop Alley, juices, ice cream, polenta and pies, coffee and ice cream can be bought in front of the tunnel.

From February to June 2019, 47 schools from Bosnia visited the park.

Visits continue in September and October 2019. Recommendation is the most powerful means of promotion. Headmaster of 'Hasan Kikic' Elementary School, who brought in his 380 students and all teachers on October 1, 2019, announces a new spring 2020 visit and a recommendation to his colleagues in Sarajevo and across Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Is there anything more beautiful than a children's smile?

Monday, 07 October 2019 09:33

We are gaining traction on proof points that the Montana Megaliths are extremely ancient. The matching game has gone world wide. Researchers are sending photos and data that match what we are discovering here in the USA. Point by point we are accumulating a preponderance of evidence that the Montana Megaliths were once a vast metropolis in world wide, highly advanced and very ancient civilization rebuilt over and over throughout epochs of time from the beginning of civilization until 12,800 years ago. What was left after the asteroids and floods was covered with mud, trees and brush and has laid dormant until now. 

MORE >>>

Sunday, 29 September 2019 08:55

Questi in breve i temi dell’incontro di Syusy Blady con Semir Osmanagich e Michael Tellinger il 18 Ottobre a Bologna. Temi che accomunano questi due ricercatori, intensamente impegnati nel loro lavoro e nel far crescere nel genere umano la consapevolezza che siamo tutti “Uno” e che solo con mente aperta, pensieri positivi, cooperazione e attenzione uno nei confronti dell’altro possiamo diventare i “semi” di un cambiamento radicale.

Gli antichi siti megalitici, le piramidi in Bosnia e in altre parti del mondo, i cerchi di pietra e il calendario di Adamo in Sud Africa condividono tutti le stesse caratteristiche energetiche. D’altronde tutti i santuari, più o meno antichi, sono sempre sorti in posti “speciali”.

Molte sono state le esperienze di guarigione, documentate o semplicemente raccontate, ma non c’è da stupirsi, il corpo umano è energia, quindi se è sottoposto ai giusti campi energetici non può far altro che reagire positivamente.

Queste energie misteriose, inspiegabili, da dove provengono e dove sono dirette? Perché questi monumenti sono stati costruiti? Con quale scopo? E da chi? Sono macchine di energia?

Può essere stata la stessa antica civiltà scomparsa ad aver operato in tutto il mondo? Tutti i miti e tutti i testi antichi, dalle tavolette sumere alla Bibbia, raccontano la stessa storia, ma in qualche modo questa rimane sempre un “mito” e non viene presa in seria considerazione.

Non sono sufficienti le spiegazioni descritte nei libri e divulgate dal mondo accademico e scientifico.


Di Più >>>

Friday, 27 September 2019 17:31

In PART 2 of this interview; we are leaving no stone un-turned! Tesla, Scalar waves, natural healing, our history, our future, new energy, eco-communities, the Golden Ratio, Phi-ratio, Schumann resonancies, negative vs positive ions and the impact on our health, the cycles of 'time', the evolution of our planet and the re-discovery of Pyramids world wide...Join us on this incredible adventure!!!

Thursday, 26 September 2019 12:00

We all know about the pyramids in Egypt, but even the things we are taught are 'fact' about THOSE are extremely limited and often far from the truth. Never were these monumental sturctures intended as thombs. But then what were they? And why do so many people feel powerful energetic shifts through their entire system when they visit these (and similar) areas? Why are we not looking into these mass-experienced 'unexplained' phenomena?

Thursday, 26 September 2019 11:54

As part of the regular monitoring of water quality at ten sites managed by the Foundation 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' in Visoko, Bosnia analasys of water from the prehistorical Underground Labyrinth Ravne was also carried out. It is water bottled and sold by the Foundation as a pyramid souvenir. Samples were taken by an employee of the Cantonal Institute for Food, Health and Safety from Zenica on August 8, 2019 and submitted to the Institute's Chemical Diagnostics Service.

The results of the physico-chemical tests are as follows:

- The water temperature at the time of sampling was 11 degrees, and at the moment of submission to the Institute 22 degrees.

- The condition of the sample was satisfactory.

- The test was conducted on August 8, 2019.

- The organoleptic has determined that the sample is colorless and odorless, as required by the standards

- Ph value is at a great level of 7.49

- Residual chlorine is 0 (allowed up to 0.5 mg / l)

- Chlorides are 12.42 mg/l of the permitted 250 mg/l

- Ammonia is at the level of 0.088 mg/l and the permitted level is 0.5 mg/l

- No nitrite in the sample (allowed up to 0.5 mg/l)

Conclusion of the physico-chemical tests: water is acceptable to consumers.

The Microbiology Service showed the following results:

- The state of the sample as of August 13, 2019 is satisfactory

- The total number of coliforms is 0

- The total number of Escherichia coli is 0

- The total number of fecal streptococci is 0

- Total number of aerobic mesophilic bacteria is 0 cfu/ml (44 + 4h, 36 deg C), up to 20/ml is allowed

- Total number of aerobic mesophilic bacteria is 0 cfu/ml (68 + 4h, 22 deg C), up to 100/ml allowed

The Foundation continues its continuous periodic water analysys and informs the public in a timely manner.

Thursday, 26 September 2019 11:40

WM magazine - physical measurement of anomaly on the top of the pyramid of the sun. We confirmed the real energy of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which is still active today. We were able to measure a column, a beam of energy which emanates from the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. This beam has a diameter of 4.5 meters and a frequency of 28 kHz. This frequency is not of natural origin, it is made artificially.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 08:39




Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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