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The worldwide promotion of the Bosnian Pyramids is continuing in 2017. The Director of the "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, accepted the invitations for presentations at a lot of conferences and public lectures.

Therefore, in the beginning of February, he will have a series of seven presentations in Izrael where he will present the new book "The Unexpected Archaeological Sites in Israel and Palestine" but also the energy aspects of the Bosnian Pyramids. Consequently to his previous visits to this country, during the spring of 2016, the first groups of visitors from Israel came to Visoko. We are expecting much more of them to visit us in this year.

In the last week of March, Dr Osmanagich will visit several Croatian cities on the Adriatic Coast: Solin, Supetar, Umag, Zadar and Vodice.

Osmanagich is planning an intensive promotion of Visoko as a touristic destination to the Bulgarian public. In the first week of April, Dr. Osmanagich moves ahead with a series of presentations throughout Bulgaria: Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Sofia.

After four years of break, the discoverer of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Pyramids will come to Serbia again. The project is going to be presented to the audience in Vrbas, Subotica, Belgrade and Vršac. Following to this, the short tour will take place in Macedonia including the visits to Skopje and Bitola.

By the end of April of 2017, one of the most important conferences in the world of independent researchers will take place in Butuan, Philippines. Amongst all presenters are the discoverer of the Pyramids in Indonesia, Dr. Danny Hillman, the discoverer of the stone circles in South Africa, Michael Tellinger, the author of the documentary bestseller show and the pyramid researcher Dr. Carmen Boulter from Canada, the researcher and the pyramid constructor from Russia, Valery Uvarov, the collector of the antique artifacts Klaus Dona from Austria, and the American researchers of the ancient history, Dr. Rita Louise, Wayne May, Arthur Faram, John Shaughnessy, and others. Key note presenter of the Conference is Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

During May, in the legendary pyramidal mountain Kailash in Tibet will be the conference on "Revealing the ancient knowledge of the Kailash”, and among the presenters is the leader of the Bosnian Pyramids Project. In the beginning of July, in St. Petersburg, there will be the traditional scientific conference organized by the Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov who has invited Osmanagich to present the discoveries on the archaeological sites in Visoko at this year's conference.

By mid-August, Osmanagich will have two presentations at the conference in Montreal (Canada). In October he will visit Finland for the first time and in Helsinki, he will address the Finish audience. Then, there will be a presentation in the USA (Philadelphia), and a great tour in North Germany with the presentations in following cities: Hannover, Hamburg, Braunschweig, Gottingen and Kassel.

Currently, we are negotiating with the presentation organizers in Australia for the visits of the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids by the end of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018.

Saturday, 21 January 2017 20:39

Should a new structure be added to the already lengthy list of 11 ancient structures in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex?

As of April 2015, Ginje Tumulus was the farthest-south structure in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. The new structure proposed for addition in the Complex, the Bosnian Pyramid of Remembering, is located 4 kilometers west and slightly north of Ginje.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017 20:12

By Steven & Evan Strong, with Hunwi Howarth, Jinki & Aunty Lois Cook

Not long ago I received a phone call from a lady I had never met, whose name, Hunwi, is as unique as is the set of circumstances that led to her seeking us out. She is, along with some other like-minded women, in the process of purchasing some small acreage that is, not coincidentally, less than two kilometres from the Standing Stones site.

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 12:22

“I have had a few questions about the Bosnia Adventure we are taking in September 2017.  I know that some of you still equate "Bosnia" and "war" but I can assure you that it has been a very peaceful place since the war ended 20 years ago.  At no point in my time in Bosnia did I ever feel unsafe. In fact, I also had some of the best, swiftest emergency medical care when I had a minor emergency in Mostar (plus the paramedics were gorgeous, as are virtually all Bosnians). 

Bosnia is "next level" spiritual power.  When I say it will change you, I mean it at the core and cellular level.  I have had an amazing, adventurous, Indiana Jane kinda life, but NOWHERE ON EARTH has impacted me like Bosnia.  There is a reason that traditional archaeology and history are afraid of it.  There is a reason why you don't hear every day that these pyramids are potentially 30,000 years old.  There is a reason that the extensive international studies about its power and potential purpose have been buried.  

To know and understand what is happening in Bosnia, you have to be there.  You have to experience the power for yourself, let it sink in to your human essence and penetrate who and what you are.  Your understanding of what humans are capable of will be changed utterly.  If you are a lightworker or a healer who wants to take your mission to the next level, taking a pilgrimage to Bosnia and spending concentrated time at these sacred sites is like getting a double Ph.D. The data regarding the often miraculous healing effects within the Ravne tunnels is amazing, and also something that needs to be experienced.  

If you are a fan of Ancient Aliens, or a supporter of the theories around Atlantis and/or other lost ancient civilizations, Bosnia will expand your understanding of all these subjects.  

And for all of my Mary Sisters, well, Medjugorje is a magical and very powerful feminine place.  It is not a coincidence that there were Marian apparitions in the same place there were also Bogomils and pyramids...!

I will post the links to our trip in the comments section.  Please read the additional information on the tour page about where we are going and what we are doing if this interests you at all. 

Here is a great Irish radio show with Dr Sam Osmanagich.  Very worthy of your listening time.  Also, Filip and I did shows with Sam on our radio show, The Spirit Revolution.  If you happen to have links to those shows which I can post, please let me know!

Listen to this: 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 12:17

The Director of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, Dr. Sam Osmanagich is presently on a visit to the USA. His extensive promotion of the Bosnian Pyramid discovery is taking place along with the invitation to the American public to visit Visoko and Bosnia-Herzegovina and to volunteer during the following summer.

On Thursday, January 12, 2017, Osmanagich was interviewed by the Pyramid Researcher Robert Potter, who has visited the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in 2012. This was the second interview that Osmanagich gave to the Radio Station "Victory of the Lights”. Besides the American market, the one-hour long interview has been broadcasted on the popular Radio Station “Pyramid One radio” in Australia.

During the conversation, Osmanagich introduced to the audience the updates about the project, in particular on energy recordings and healing effects of the pyramids on the self-healing and spiritual growth process. He also presented the discovery of Tesla's Standing (Scalar) Waves over the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Robert was delighted with the new information which extends along with his findings and asked for the next interview for the following month.

Chris and Sheree Geo, the Radio Presenters of the popular Californian Radio Show “Truth Frequency Radio: Beyond the Veil”, got a one-hour interview with Osmanagich on Friday, January 13, 2017. They were impressed with the new facts from the world of pyramids. The discussion was as well about the potential pyramids in the Antarctica, Bahamas, Cahokia and China. However, the majority of the time was dedicated to the Bosnian Pyramids Discovery, the energy phenomena measurements, pyramid as powerful communication device, and, as well as about the producers of the pyramid energy fields, that are improving the molecular structure of the living beings, water and food. The hosts invited Osmanagich to appear again in this Show, but this time for two hours.

Listen to the Interview on the following link:

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 12:11

Dr. Semir Osmanagić and Daniela Bosna about books about PYRAMIDS AROUND THE WORLD AND BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS. Filmed in Luhačovice, Czech Republic 5th December 2016. 

Semir Osmanagić in Czech Republic December 2016, Part 2/6

Monday, 16 January 2017 10:42

As Above, So Below will take you on a mystical journey deep within the heart of Bosnia; travelling above to The Pyramid of the Sun’s energetically charged peak and, down below into its mysterious underground tunnels. The Pyramid was built by an ancient race that possessed knowledge of anti-gravity, subtle energy, resonance, healing, spirituality and astronomy. Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

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Monday, 16 January 2017 10:16


I have been working for months with my friends at the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, as well as my beloved friend and mentor Isobel Denham, and my travel partners at Body, Mind, Spirit Journeys to put together this once in a lifetime journey to explore the life-changing mysteries of Bosnia. We have designed this gorgeous adventure to inspire, excite and astonish everyone with the power of this, one of the most mystical places on the planet. We also wanted to create an itinerary which served to honor the memory of my beloved late husband, Philip Coppens. Bosnia was his greatest passion.

I first visited Bosnia in September of 2012, when Filip was a keynote speaker at a fascinating conference which revealed astounding scientific conclusions around the Bosnian Pyramids. Filip had been involved with Dr Sam Osmanagich, who discovered the Bosnian Pyramid complex, from the early days of the discovery. I learned that these were the largest and oldest pyramids in the world as a result. But I understood little else - about not only these extraordinary structures which change so much of what we think we know about human history, but also about Bosnia as a country. Every day I spent in Bosnia during those weeks was filled with awe, beauty, and mysticism. I was challenged and thrilled in new ways. Our time within the Ravne Tunnels with Dr Sam were some of the most powerful mystical and supernatural moments of my adventurous life. They changed me for the better. They made me stronger, gave me more faith, more resolve, to stay on the path of discoery and truth.

Filip had been on that path for years because of Bosnia. He and I pledged to make Bosnia a larger part of our lives, and even considered buying a property near the Bosnian Pyramid complex - That is how much we loved it and how deeply we were impacted by our experiences there. That is how important we both believe that understanding the Bosnian Pyramids is to the future of this planet.

My beloved Filip passed away just three months after our adventures in Bosnia. He was working on a book about Bosnian Pyramid Power even while in the hospital. It has taken me four years since his passing to collect myself to a point where I am ready to return to this amazing place. In fact, I MUST return. Bosnia calls me now in a new and powerful way, and I not only must heed that call, I must invite some of you to come heed it with me! I need to share this amazing place, along with the incredible people who taught me about its profound meaning in our lives for the 21st century. It might just change your life, and the planet, in the most magnificent way.

Who will join us???

You can read more about the journey, and Dr Sam and Isobel here:

Monday, 16 January 2017 09:38

Positive energy and a focused spirit are evident in the bearing and in the faces of people who support the Bosnian Pyramids Project.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017 17:03

All we are used to this, that preserved to our day wonder of the world, Egyptian pyramids, It is the largest and unique building in the world. Meanwhile, in Bosnia, in the center of Europe, recently discovered a giant pyramid, which is much larger and older than their Egyptian "sisters". Why such a monumental structure has remained unnoticed? The point is, that over the millennia pyramid covered with thick vegetation and looked like an ordinary mountain.

Semir Osmanagic, doctor of sociology at the University of Sarajevo and correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, He stated in 2005 r. after a series of tests, the forested mountain near the town of Visoko (30 km from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina) It is indeed ancient, 220 meter pyramid. She built her unknown civilization existing in Europe about. 40 000 years ago.

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Monday, 09 January 2017 19:34

April 8, 2016, I published an article which I called The Mysterious Artefacts of the Bosnian Pyramids. This article has received a lot of positive comments and there has been overwhelmingly a lot of readers, especially from the USA. Thousands and thousands of people have taken their time to read my article regarding the artefacts of the Bosnian pyramids. As a thank you and because all of us love science, especially history, I have decided to make a second part of this theme. This article will be built the same way as the previous one and will act as a continuation on the previous article.

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Saturday, 07 January 2017 17:44

In 2005, Dr. Semir Osmanagich made a groundbreaking discovery which, after 11 years of archeological digging, sample testing, radiocarbon dating, and two scientific conferences still divide the archeological community. He is the author of 15 books on ancient civilizations and pyramids around the world.

OMTimes is proud to share this exclusive interview.

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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 13:39

In November 2016, we’ve established the International Advisory Board of the "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, as the advisory party. By the end of the December, the Board had 107 members from 39 states.

The Board Members are:

- The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramid Tour Organizers from Great Britain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, USA, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Singapore, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Kuwait, Israel and Macedonia.
- Translators/publishers of Dr. Sam Osmanagich’s books on pyramid topics, from Spain, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Russia.
- Pyramid Experts from USA, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Austria, Serbia, Belgium, Finland, Ukraine, Egypt, India, Canada, Croatia, Brazil and Greece.
- Akashic Records Experts from USA, Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden and Bosnia-Herzegovina
- Organizers of the lectures and presentations on Bosnian Pyramids from Great Britain, USA, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Singapore, Vietnam, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, France, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Italy.

The Foundation Board initiated the work through three Committees: (1) Science Committee, (2) Promotion and Finances Committee, and (3) Spirituality and Akashic Records Committee.

The Foundation’s long-time friends and supporters have gathered in this way in an international body with a common goal: to give a significant support to the most important scientific-archaeological project of the World.

Thursday, 29 December 2016 08:27

Date: 20th December 2016

Attention: Semir Osmanagich

From: İpek Emre (Turkey), Özgür Barış Etli (Turkey)

Subject: Comparative Study Of Göbeklitepe And Bosnian Pyramid Signs




Dear Mr. Semir Osmanagich,

We are İpek Emre and Özgür Barış Etli from Turkey, both are currently researching Bosnian pyramids. İpek Emre (Sabancı University) was the participant of your last conference in İstanbul, Turkey. She made acquainted with you in this conference. She also writes some articles about Bosnian pyramids. Özgür Barış Etli is an astrophysicist that graduated his master degree from Ege University Astronomy and Space Sciences. He also wrote a book about Göbeklitepe.

As you know there are lots of ancient signs that have found in Bosnian pyramids. In the meantime we were casting an eye on these symbols, we realized a resemblance between some of Bosnian pyramid signs and certain Göbeklitepe signs.

In our opinion, it is the first report case that compares Bosnian pyramids and Göbeklitepe. As you can see on below pictures; three of these signs are so similar. Besides, there are two more symbol similarities that were shown below (The circle with centered hole and ‘H-like’ letter). We think there is a connection (we have no answer yet how this connection can be) between these cultures. Further researches should proof more similarities and equalities about Göbeklitepe-Bosnian pyramids connection, if any.

We also compared Gokturk (Orkhon) alphabet letters with Bosnian pyramid signs, and have found some remarkable equalities. We will publish this study in the near future (We may send you in English).

Please analyse these similarities intently.

Our Best Regards.

İpek Emre: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Özgür Barış Etli: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wednesday, 28 December 2016 08:54

The low temperatures of the second half of the December 2016 weren’t the reason to slow down the work at the Underground Labyrinth Ravne. Research and maintenance activities in the complex of the tunnels are continued without reducing intensity.

Employees of the "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation are divided into three teams: team one is in the lead, cleaning the tunnels which are directed towards the Pyramid, the second team follows the first one and installs the wooden support. In addition to this, when the second team has some free time, it replaces the deteriorated wooden support in other parts of the tunnels which are open for the tourists. The third team is reinforcing the stability and sustainability of the existing walls, especially on the landslides.

Starting last year, the wooden construction of the pit is treated before installment. The tree bark is removed and the wood surface is burned. In this way, the insects and the bark are removed so the processed wood has a longer lifetime.

The last working day for the Foundation workers in this year will be the December 30, 2016.

Nevertheless, the Tunnels are open for the visits every day, including the December 31, 2016 and January 1, 2017 because the Foundation takes the tourism seriously. After all, on December 31, we expect the visit of the Czech and Bulgarian guests. 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 08:17

By: Valery Uvarov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Cosmic baby is the first application in history and the only one in the world to make it possible to calculate the dates for the conception of a strong and healthy child with outstanding mental and spiritual abilities.

The unique feature of the Cosmic baby app is the fact that the calculations are based on the Ancient Egyptian doctrine of a threefold unity in the structure of the Human Being, the Earth and the Universe (for more details, see Valery Uvarov’s 2007 book The Pyramids. Legacy of the Gods).

In Ancient Egypt, where the birth of a child was regarded as the arrival in the world of the latest embodiment of a god, preparations for conception began with working out the dates of the passage of particular energy flows during the annual cycle.

This was a highly important and sacred part of the knowledge obtained in deep antiquity directly from the gods. The gods taught that a child’s health, talents, outstanding qualities and successful future depend on the influence of specific planetary-energetic and cosmic factors, superimposed on the biorhythms of the parents and the future child at the moment of conception.

Reflecting the principle of «Anthropo-similarity» (like human body), the teaching explains that the Human Being and the Creator are constructed to a single genetic code. It follows logically from this that the potential for the harmonious development of the Human Being, who has a common basis with the Creator, is envisaged in the genetics of the Creator Himself.

To realize that potential a person should possess particular knowledge and engage in a harmonious interaction with energies of the Universe, which is the body of the Creator. In that case, a person’s aptitudes and capabilities will evolve in accordance with the program envisaged by the Creator’s genetics.

Following the principle of Analogies, the algorithms used to calculate conception dates are based on biological, bioenergy and cosmoplanetary cycles, as well as the resonances between them that connect the human organism, the Universe and the Earth in a single complex, harmonious system.

The explanatory part tells about the mechanism of the exchange of energy information that the source of energies necessary for the harmonious development is the energy system of the Human Being, the Earth (what is below) and the Cosmos (what is above).

The teaching contains a direct indication that a person’s abilities become “divine” only when his or her energy system is synchronized with that of the Earth (see The Emerald Tablet of Hermes).

The importance of the teaching for people today lies in the fact that, despite its great age, it contains knowledge and technologies significantly superior to the achievements of modern medicine.

At the start of the third millennium, couples’ preparations for the conception of a child include a complete screening of the future parents, identification and treatment of abnormalities that may have a negative influence on the health of the future child. But there are two substantial shortcomings to this modern approach.

The first is the long list of abnormalities that cannot be cured and the rate of advancement of negative processes can only be slowed.

This is not only due to a lack of sufficient understanding of the mechanisms behind the appearance and development of disorders. The problem lies in the general unsatisfactory state of most parents’ nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Modern medicine generally lacks adequate solutions that make it possible to restore a person’s condition by using mechanisms inherent in the very nature of the Human Being. By contrast the ancient teaching behind the Cosmic baby app is based on those very mechanisms.

The second substantial shortcoming of modern medicine is the fact that it takes no account of the mechanisms of karma and the genetics of energy shells. It does not even occur to doctors that the reasons for a number of serious genetic abnormalities lie in diseases and disorders that have their origins in their patients’ past lives.

Ignorance of those mechanisms or an unwillingness to accept their existence does not free a person from their influence. It is on this very front that the ancient teaching provides an opportunity to resist and avoid the negative influence of factors that cannot be removed with a scalpel…

A knowledge of the rhythms and cycles of specific flows makes it possible to do more than neutralize the negative influence of karmic factors and breakdowns in the genetics of the energy bodies.

Synchronization of a person’s energy system with the Earth’s energy shells effectively restores the state of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, boosting them and preparing the parents for the act of conceiving a healthy child.

A correct choice of days for conception takes account of the existence of special energy flows and their rhythms, resonance and interaction with which fills a person with special subtle energies. Superimposing themselves on the bio-energy rhythms of the parents at the moment of conception, these energies produce a special impulse. If everything is done properly and at the right time, the future child will become the bearer of energies that open up boundless possibilities before it.

Within the future parents’ annual bioenergy cycle there are just a few days favourable to the conception of a healthy, gifted child and quite a number of days that are highly unfavourable for conception.

Sadly, people today have no idea about this. For that very reason, theCosmic baby app, which makes it possible to identify dates favourable for the conception of a strong, healthy, brilliant child is of very great importance for the future of humanity.

Saturday, 24 December 2016 10:52
An astounding display of astrological genius by the ancient Irish - best showcased by the once-a-year illumination of a giant prehistoric tomb - has been scuppered by bad weather.

The highly-anticipated 5,000-year-old sun ritual, which occurs annually on the shortest day of the year (December 21), sees a beam of light travel up the burial monument’s narrow passageway before lighting up its main chamber for 17 minutes.

However, the majesty of Newgrange - an engineering masterpiece and a focal point in Ireland's rich tapestry of mythology - is still weather-dependent. Overcast skies and rain meant the light show never came to pass.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016 10:48

This article by Aafke Douma and Rob Heiligers (The Netherlands) was published December 20, 2016 in the Dutch magazine Vruchtbare Aarde (Fertile Earth, )

A clairvoyant research into the Valley of the Pyramids near Sarajevo

The mystery of the Bosnian pyramids

In 2005, Semir Osmanagich brought the news to the world: there are also pyramids in Bosnia. Larger and possibly older than one of the Seven Wonders of the World of the classical antiquity, the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. Since then, the discovery of the spectacular pyramid-hills exercises many minds. Critical archeologists and geologists see nothing but regular hills. In the meantime, the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids draws enthusiasts from all over the world who want to see the phenomenon for themselves, or want to work as a volunteer to help dig up the tunnels and scrape clean the slopes.

Aafke Douma and Rob Heiligers attended a lecture by dr. Sam in the North of the Netherlands, and decided to explore the valley in their own (clairvoyant) way. This is their report.

It starts exciting already: a bit too late I arrive in Aafke’s village; the Amsterdam-Ring has an unexpected Sunday morning traffic jam and to our surprise customs at Schiphol Airport do not notice my fathers pen-knife in my pocket. Anyway, exactly five minutes before take-off we are sitting in our Air Austra chairs. A short course ‘keeping your calm’ we got for free this morning. To be clear: my colleague Aafke Douma is quite talented: clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient. She ‘had seen us fly away, so relax’. These kind of experiences keep our cooperation vital, and almost always her clear observations are correct. So now we are on our way to South-East Europe, to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where pyramids are waiting for centuries. We are looking forward to it


Many times I had been in Egypt: travelling in the Sinaï desert, to temples along the river Nile and of course around the Pyramids of Gizeh. Once I was lying in the granite sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber, and it is rumoured that after that ‘you will never be the same again’. Add the facts like there is a Golden ratio in the location of these pyramids, and also their connection to certain stars, etcetera… In short, from the moment the Bosnian pyramids came into the news, I was aware of their presence.

In 2006 TV broadcasts started (CNN 2006, ABC 2007, BBC 2008 and National Geographic 2009). Dr. Sam Osmanagich declared quite frankly that ‘with these discoveries in the Balkans history needs to be rewritten’. Crazy enough life just went on after this. Maybe a Bosnian pyramid doesn’t match the image of the grave of an Egyptian pharao that everybody had gotten inprinted in their youth?

Almost ten years later Aafke and I are attending an inspiring lecture by the same Dr. Sam in Joure, a small city in the North of the Netherlands. The foundation In-sight invites speakers every month to talk about spiritual subjects. This time some two hundred people gathered to watch an impressive series of photos of pyramids taken by dr. Sam.

There are the well known examples in Egypt and Mexico, but also you can find them in China, Japan, Korea, India, Mauritius, USA, Peru, Bolivia, Canary Islands, Greece end Italy. At the end, as a final, there are images from his fatherland Bosnia. We see a pyramid of 220 meters high, close to the small city of Visoko. That is more than 70 meters higher than the highest (Cheops) in Egypt! In the surroundings they found four other pyramids. Fascinated we hear all the stories and facts, and then Aafke whispers to me, ‘I have to go there, sorry. And you too.’ 

Into light

In our rental car on the Ring of Sarajevo we see the slim minarettes of the mosques in the city. We drive along wooded mountain slopes with some scattered cemeteries and I realize myself that there was heavy fighting over here in the Balkanswar, only twenty years ago. All kinds of feelings crawl on us, Aafke gets a ‘heavy heart’, and at that moment we really want to return home. Then ‘I bring our car into a light-ball’ and immediately the atmosphere gets better again. With our experience in energywork  we are used to situations like this: energy follows attention. A clear rule.

After half an hour or so we arrive at Visoko, and with some help we find our spacious appartment. When we sit on our terrace with welcoming offered Balkans-coffee suddenly from minarettes in the city Arabian prayers are sounding at the same time together. Near to us a pack of dogs starts howling with it. In awe we listen to this lovely ‘sad choir’.

Because of the magnificent view of the enormous Pyramid of the Sun we decide to got there immediately via a narrow road around the back. In a meadow next to the top everything gets clear, and our fatigue of the journey disappears. We experience joy and gratitude, and Aafke says she feels ‘like a happy girl’ again. Is this the healing pyramid-energy where so many people are talking about?

‘m & M’

A few days later we visit the same Sun pyramid again with Ajdin Ahmetspahic, assistant of Osmanagich and coördinator of guides and volunteers. A group of volunteers from many countries (20-70 years young/old) is cleaning collegial the ‘impossible’ concrete on the pyramid slopes. The three of us climb higher into the woods where there is crack in the concrete. It is hard for us to see it as something else than a giant vagina. Aafke gets invited to stand in the opening and to tell what kind of information she ‘receives’.  

When she tunes in on something or somebody, already her whole life she feels a certain vibration or frequency, and then some holographic information reveals itself. About a human being, or an animal, a house, forest or mountain. Everything has its own ‘energetic ID’, and she can see, scan and read it. In this case it concerns information about a pyramid.

What could be clarifying is the difference we make between what we call little ‘m’ and big ‘M’. Little ‘m’ (in Dutch ‘mens’) is about us as human beings with more or less possibilities, living in ease or difficulty,  in duality and individualism. Big ‘M’ is about the incomprehensible Mystery where we are part of inseparably: Magnificent, Metaphysical, Multidimensional and a lot More, the collective ‘Endless Consciousness’ (as Dutch heartsurgeon Pim van Lommel named that once).

A lot of people are searching around as a little ‘m’, but ideally we are here on earth a flourishing mMmmMMmmM-human being, with our ‘m&M’ conscious and connected. Little ‘m’ Aafke Douma in this case has a very clear connection with her big ‘M’, the Mystery or Consciousness where all information is available in ‘no-time’.

Zooming in on the Sunpyramid this hill has a very big impact on her physically, where she has to get used to at first. After a while she calms down and is able to speak ‘as the pyramid itself’. In this way the following information comes to us (a very short summary of a recorded session of 60 minutes):

‘The Sunpyramid is a kind of energy-engine that is active again since 2008. The energy and radiance of it will become stronger and stronger the coming years, which will have a harmonizing effect on all people involved and the world as a whole. The form of the pyramid and the concrete cover will take care that the energy stays focused. The pyramid-energy is vitalizing and expands Consciousness. Just Be. More Human Being, less Human Doing.’

Before she stops Aafke has me feel the pyramid-energy even extra by putting her hands on my shoulders. I experience a lot in my head, ‘steam comes out of my ears’; I become very quiet – a lovely feeling. Ajdin has the same ‘mindblowing’ experience. This warm feeling must be what attracts many tot his place as a tourist or volunteer, and gives them a reason also to return again.

Aafke lets go of the pyramidenergy, climbs out of the opening and tells us that she never experienced something like this. She is deeply impressed. Wondering about everything we go down to the valley, where we have a tasteful Bosnian lunch.

Later that day we do special meditations on the sunny top of the Sunpyramid. We wanted to really feel this 4,5 meters wide pulsating energybeam where everybody was talking about. By approaching the beam very carefully and experiencing it for a while intensely, our system gets an ‘upload’. In awe we drive back to our apartments. Aafke and me both want to be alone in our sleeping rooms with all these new feelings, and we have a long and deep sleep that night.

As agreed we also have a meeting with Sam Osmanagich this week. First the plan was to join a Polish group, but their tour was cancelled. So suddenly we can be with Osmanagich for two and a half hours just the two of us. Afterwards we hear that this is quite unique, so we count our blessings.

Dr. Sam is a vital and sympathetic man who can talk spirited about his discoveries. With his leather hat and leather jacket he looks a bit like movie-hero Indiana Jones, another archeological fighter for the good cause. Add black poodle-dog Sunny at his side, and we can speak of a striking appearance.

At first Sam Osmanagich shows us the little museum next to the entrance of the Ravne tunnels. It all started over here, the entrance that was not a cave, but the beginning of a large tunnelnetwork, all together dozens of kilometers long, streching even under the Sunpyramid.

It is exceptional to see all these unknown ceramic artifacts found in the tunnels. Like a tile with the form of long toes, and a circular stone object thats fits into the hand. Mediumistic observers say this is a ‘laser-pistol’, Sam tells us. Aafke adds that this laserbeam arises from somebody’s own attention or focus. It could be used for cutting but also for healing, it is 33.000 years old and has a connection with Lemuria. The tone is set and from this moment on we really have Sam’s attention. Also Sunny likes to be caressed by us.

Later we walk into the tunnels with Sam. We are lucky to wear safety-helmets because the spaces are often not higher than 1.80 m. Sometimes with my 1.91 I bump quite intense into the support beams in the tunnels. Immediately we notice the clean air in there. The deeper we go into the tunnels, the better we seem to be able to breath. As if we are on a mountain top, instead of underground! How is that possible? Measurements show very high Bovis-rates of energy, and there are many stories about inmprovements in bloodpressure, lungcapacity, bloodsugar-rates  and a general feeling of well-being. Others are healed of severe health-problems. One starts thinking of a spontaneous rejuvenation process. The water present has exceptional qualities.

Large lightbrown and smooth ceramic stones are shown to us. They seem to be lying exactly above underground waterstreams, neutralizing the atmosphere. The stones have a relaxing radiance, and often people are meditating over here. Sunny is sitting on them sometimes, and Sam tells us that he is the only animal coming into these tunnels.

Everywhere in the tunnels are side-passages that are not opened yet. Aafke notices on certain spots a lot of energetic activity (‘it is busy over here’), and zigzagging we arrive at the end of a tunnel, some 300 meters away from the entrance. There we sit down on a bench and Sam would like to ask some questions. Surprise! Working ‘on location’, we hadn’t thought of that before. I take my voicerecorder and we can start.


Akashic Records reading 26-09-2016. This is the first 10 minutes of the Ravne-tunnel voice-recording (46 minutes 3 seconds). With dr. Sam Osmanagich (S) and his dog Sunny, Aafke Douma (A) and Rob Heiligers (R) from Groningen, The Netherlands. NATURAL Centre Consciousness & Flourish. 

S: Who created these tunnels?

A: They aren’t human, they are round. They have a round shape and sometimes they change of shape. They dont always have the same shape.

S: How did they build this?

A: I don’t know if they have built this. (Wait, I have to take my dowser to double-check some things)… I see some forms, they are not human. It’s like what they think and then it’s there. If they think of some form.

R: Instant creation, you mean? So they think?

A: Yes, but it’s not like thinking as we do.

S: Are they still here, those beings?

A: Yes, it’s busy here.

S: Are they in this tunnel where we are sitting right now? Can we communicate with them?

A: Yes, if you want to.

S: What do they think of our activities in the last years, do they approve them?

A: Yes, they laugh.

S: They laugh? We are in the proces of learning and we show our respect. I hope that they understand it?

A: Yes, that’s very important (respect) so they know it’s OK. They can’t hardly wait (Aafke laughs) to show you some more.

S: In those tunnels? So we are going to discover more tunnels? And maybe with bigger chambers?

A: Yes, and more water.

S. More water. Now, we realize that water is very important, with healing abilities, it vibrates higher.

A: OK Min - Mino - (Aafke communicates with them, tries to pronounce how they call themselves) Minocho .

(pronounced: Mee – noch (o like in stop, ch guttural ggg) – o (o like boat): Minocho)

S: Are they of this planet?

A: No. It’s in another dimension. It’s like they are hopping dimensions. People can’t see them, or feel them. Not yet.

R: They are in a parallel dimension?

A: Yes… And they are sad that most people can’t see or feel them yet. It will come. They are nonviolent. But there are people who are very afraid of them. Because they have some sort of power, a sort of ability to instant create. Oh God, just like me, they can… It’s like using a thermostat button.

S: They can calibrate?

R: They can put the energy lower and higher, in communication also?

A: Yes, so some people can’t see them. Because they don’t want to make them afraid.

R: OK and Minocho, what does that mean?

A: I don’t know, it’s a name.

S: How long have they been on this planet?

A: Before us humans.

S: Now, we take this number of approximately 35.000 years as the time that the Pyramid of the Sun was built. Are we correct there?

A: It was longer ago…

S: It was much longer?

A: It is not built… Oei, ik vind het ook spannend, Oof, I’m a bit tense too.

R: Gewoon doorgaan, je doet het goed joh. Just go on, you are doing alright

A: OK…  55…(A asks the Minocho) OK.

R: 55.000?

A: Hm yeah…

S: Is the Sunpyramid the biggest construction?

A: (whispers) No.

S: There are bigger ones? Closeby? How far?

R: What is close?

A: 7 km from here.

S: Is it still preserved or is it damaged?

A: It’s damaged. You can’t see them now, but in time you will.

S: Was one of the purposes communication? So are the pyramids communicating maybe with some other planets?

A: Yes. But there is so much more going on. It’s about so much more…
I’ll tell you later on when we get out of the tunnels. (there is someone nearby also listening)

R: This is something private for Sam?

A: Yes.

S: Our goal with these tunnels is to get under the Pyramid of the Sun. Can you see that we can progress through these tunnels?

A: Is there an easier way? …. … … OK… … …
(whispering) You can ask them for help. To help you to achieve a faster way.

S: Through these tunnels, or do I have to find another entrance?

A: Through these tunnels.

S: Are there some other sections?

A: I don’t know what it means, but I get four sections.

S: Not blocked?

A: Yes. I don’t know what it means, but I get four sections, four sections.

R: What is happening now?

A: There is great value in this all. They ask if you know what you are doing.

R: What do you mean?

A: De waarde. The value.

R: They know this value. What…?

A: Keep passing it on… and on… and on. So that people will come.

S: So they encourage us too bring more people so they, the people become aware?

A: Yes, that’s it, to become aware. And there will be people who can see them too. And they can communicate with them. And you can do that too. OK, hij is een wetenschapper, he is a scientist.

R: He has a little bit too scientific approach to communicate? More intuïtive would be better to communicate?

A: Yes (to Sam) If you want to. (Aafke gets emotional and laughs and cries at the same time).

R: Rustig maar, wat gebeurt er? What’s happening? You are crying also? Why is that?

A: (very emotional) Because they are such beautiful beings. With a sort of energy like a newborn baby. So pure... And they are non violent. It’s eh… (crying) Most of the time people don’t see them, don’t feel them, don’t sense them. It’s time! They say that they want to be known also...

R: The Minocho? What is to be known from them? About them?

A: You can let them help you. They can show you the way to a get a faster … To get … There are four open sections that you have to explore, they will bring more opening, purity. Because the other world can’t go…  Ze kunnen het niet naast zich neerleggen.

R: They cannot let go how it is in the world now? That’s what you are saying?

A: Yes. If the other four sections are open, then you (dr Sam) will have proven for most people that it is like it is. And that’s important!

S: Hhmm…

R: And you talked about this value? Do they have a word for it, for this value?

A: Je… je eigenheid terug halen. How do you say it in English?

R: To, to reclaim your…

A: Ja! Yes.

R: Your own power?

A: It’s not power! It’s not about power. It’s purity.

R: To reclaim your purity?

A: Yeah, that’s it! And not only for you, for yourself. (very emotional) But for the whole. For all! And it will get stronger and stronger and stronger, the whole lines.

R: The effect!?

A: Yeah!  (…………silent…………………) It’s all going very fast. What they are talking about is that in about three years it will be complete.

R: The coming three years?

A: Yes.

R: Or three years from now?

A: It will be explored…

S: The other sections, the chambers?

A: Yes.

S: So they are discovered within three years?

A: Yes.

S: Are they on the same level as the tunnel that we are in right now?

A: No.

S: They are not? Are they lower or higher?

A: Lower, three… meters. Is it possible, meters? Three meters lower? Hij moet gewoon doorgaan met z’n werk.

R: Just continue with your job.

A: Yes, just continue, you’ll find them.

R: It’s not about meters?

A: It’s lower.

S: What is in those chambers? Are there any artefacts? Are there any objects?

A: There is the energy, (emotional) pure energy.

S: Now we have some instruments to measure energy. We call them scientific instruments. Are they measureable using our instruments, like electro-magnetic fields.

A: Yes, that is why and how you can prove it and then they cannot deny it.

R: And it will be even higher energies than other chambers like we’ve passed through now?

A: It’s different. It’s not higher, it’s not about higher, it’s about…, it’s different.

R: OK, different in what aspect?

S: Are these chambers all part of the complex? It was all about the energy? To amplify, to get very specific frequencies? The best field for us?

A: Yes.

R: And they created it by thought? That is how it was constructed?

A: Yes. (whispers) and we can do that too. We don’t know yet. Maybe if you find those chambers we can do it too. OK.
Oh OK (laughing) the dog (Sunny) can see them to, the Minocho…

We all smile and look at Sunny lying at our feet. And so it went on with dr. Sam for another 40 minutes, with information like: the next three years this place will be known more widely; a growing number of visitors; new archeological finds of artefacts: new passages in direction of the pyramid will be discovered; new spaces with special energies; more accepted scientific proof. And more…

Right after this reading Sam Osmanagich is being asked to come out of the tunnels again. We follow him outside, other guests are waiting for him for a while already. He talks to his assistant Ajdin Ahmetspahic and tells him to visit certain places in the valley with us, to gather more information. Sam says he is flying to India the next day to visit a Spiritual Science-congress. He would like more Akashic Records information, Ajdin can come with us. ‘Thanks for your inspiring reading, and see you next year’!

We give him a heartfelt thanks too and are still a bit confused about what we did hear inside. Aafke asks me if ‘she really didn’t say silly things’? Haha, well. Instant creation… 55.000 years ago… Minocho, the Love they express… Reclaim your purity… Consciousnesss. Being conscious... Is that the topic over here? Is that what it is all about? Consciousness-change? Purity?

In the evening we are still talking about it on a little caféterrace near the river Bosna. We are glad a magazine like Vruchtbare Aarde (Fertile Earth) is interested to publish our story ‘to feed the soul’ (thanks editors!). But still all is quite hard to believe. How to fit this information in our human perspectives? In a vision about our history, much greater than only a human history apparently? And how do you communicate this?

Near the terrace there is a high wall with many bulletholes. On a wall beneath it an artist painted large impressive faces of mourning men and women. This happened just recently. What really happened in this valley during all these (tens of) thousands of years?

Next day with assistant Ajdin we visit the Tumulus-hill Vratnica (with nearby in a meadow another graveyard). In the afternoon we enjoy a wonderful walk in nature to the second of the five pyramids, since 2005 known as the Pyramid of the Moon. Both locations offer special exxperiences. It is a bit too much to inform in detail also about these places, but in short is the Tumulus about ‘neutal, stillness, stoicism’ and the Moonpyramid is more ‘female’ than the ‘male’ SunPyramid.

On the way back the as a psychologist educated Ajdin (28) tells us about daily life in Bosnia since the war. At that time he was just a kid. We are a fragile nation now, he says. Confidence is gone, everybody is cautious and alert. Also there is a lot of denial, and the country is divided politically. That is why this pyramid-valley is so important. ‘For many this gives hope to a better future’, he says. ‘Especially my generation’. With his scientific ‘to measure is to know’- approach Sam Osmanagich met limits. That’s why he added spiritual sources to his reasearch: so called Akashic Records readers who can receive information by tuning in on our collective energetic consciousness (Akasha). We did not want to know about these finding beforehand, to be able to do our own unbiased research. Now we can ask Ajdin if what we found out in our sessions matches with what other readers have received.

Aafke gets compliments about how specific and detailed she was, and tangible in her clairvoyant answers. Also because of our cooperation and way of asking questions. Ajdin tells us that our information has the same kind of answers as what he read and heard from other readers. Good to know, with our findings we are not alone.
This is what we found: Non-human origin / Older than human history / It results from another, parallel dimension / It is about energy and purity. For the creators these locations are non-material and energetic / It is made as ‘instant creation’ with some sort of ‘attention-power’.

We say goodbye and thank Ajdin for his warm involvement with our work. He says: ‘You’re welcome and see you again’.

It is our last day in Bosnia. We fly in the afternoon so we have some time to visit the Ravne tunnels for the second time, the two of us now. At the same spot deeply into the tunnels where we did our reading with Sam we meet the Minocho again. In the next 30 minutes we receive more information… We hear that their dimension is timeless, there is only now. It is non-local, where they want to be, there they are present, also outside the tunnels. We get information about how they look like, how they live, who they are in essence: an expression of loving purity and consciousness. We feel moving contact.

Afterwards we ask ourselves, these Minocho, are they part of us? Like in ‘m & M’? If what we meet here in fact is a Magnificent Metaphysical Multimensional big ‘M’-experience, it could be possible that all this is a reflection of our endlessly expanding consciousness. And other people will have the same kind of observations too then…

In our car we drive back to Sarajevo Airport.  We are very amazed and tell each other that ‘everybody should experience this’. We develop ideas about informative and meditative meetings around our Bosnian experiences. And we have thoughts about how and when to visit Visoko again, maybe next year with other interested people.

The Minocho let us know that they want to be ‘public’ from now on. And that they are a reflection indeed of purity inside of us. Since then we ‘see’ them everywhere, our mysterious consciousness spreads out by itself, in an effortless way apparently. Aafke says about this that the veils between all realities are getting thinner all the time.

Travelling home

We have an easy journey going home including a nice meeting at Vienna Airport with a young South-African volunteer who we met the day before on the Sunpyramid slopes. He tells us that he has been in Visoko six times already in the last three years. And he even bought a piece of land just behind the Sunpyramid to build a house. ‘I want to live here and be able to invite people to be together,’ he explains. ‘It is so fantastic to be part of this adventure. And everyone I meet near the pyramids feels the same. Seeya!‘

Home again in Groningen in the north of The Netherlands we need time to get used to all that happened to us. The inspiring trip has a lot of impact and we talk about it many times. A few weeks later we receive an email from Sam, reacting on our questions about certain publications (like this one) and our idea of ‘Bosnian meetings’.

He writes: Very nice to hear from you. We did have such a good session in the tunnels. I'm happy to see your desire to promote this subject more. You have my full support. More people we bring, better for global consciousness. All the best and see you next year. Sam.

In the mean time we integrate all discoveries effectively in our daily energetic healing work.  And also in our ‘natural healing’-workshops where we love to use these Bosnian Pyramid energies. Also we already planned interactive lectures called ‘The mystery of the Bosnian pyramids’ where we will share scientific information, our stories, our readings and our photo’s of the Valley of the Pyramids. Also we will give a taste of our clairvoyant insights during meditations where we will ‘guide people to the Bosnian tunnels and pyramids’. 29th of December we will perform the first lecture in our hometown Groningen, and after that others are scheduled soon. Like one in Joure where we saw the inspiring lecture of Sam Osmanagich, half a year ago. Nice coincidence!

Aafke and I are very grateful for all we experienced, and also for the support we received and still are receiving. Probably only a glimpse of this wonderful mystery at the Balkans is reveiled yet. We will see when history will be rewritten, how this all will fit into our turbulent (little ‘m’) world now, and how it will contribute to ‘global consciousness’. One thing seems clear: Bosnia, see you!

Rob Heiligers, November 2016

Aafke Douma (1958) and Rob Heiligers (1954) work near Groningen in their ‘NATURAL Centre Consciousness & Flourish’, where (with their clairvoyant talents) they help people to find causes behind physical and psychological symptoms and to clear problems. Also they offer energetic workshops in natural healing, for beginners and professionals.  See also their website:  | Facebook: NATUURLIJK Centrum Bewustzijn & Bloei

The Akashic Records readings we did during our period in Bosnia September 25-29, 2016 you can find on our website, if you like. We are sorry our site is in Dutch, but go to ‘nieuws’ (news) on the toprow and see the complete written recordings in English over there. Enjoy!

Saturday, 24 December 2016 10:33

The Summary of the 2016 worldwide promo - tour of Dr. Osmanagich

Behind all the leading brands in the world are creativity, immense energy investment, finances and worldwide promotion. After the negative happenings in this region (1914 Sarajevo Assassination and 1992-1995 war period) and the affirmative 1984 Winter Olympics story, Bosnia-Herzegovina got another global brand. It is the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids which has millions of references on the Internet.

The openness and the positive energy of the project, the volunteers, the world independent researchers, the attractiveness of the discovery, tens of thousands of visitors and the interest of the global media are all elements of the Bosnian Pyramids popularity.

However, without continuous promotion, the story would lose on its freshness and presence.

For 10 years continuously, founder and leader of the Bosnian Pyramid Research is tirelessly visiting all parts of the World speaking about the significance of the discovery of the First European and Worlds largest Pyramids. He is patient in explaining the true purpose of the Pyramids, the scientific, energy-related, spiritual and healing aspects of the Bosnian Pyramids. In this way, he affects not only the promotion in Bosnia but the shifting of the global consciousness as well.

During 2016, Dr. Sam Osmanagich held 51 presentations in 18 countries on four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and North America).

Most frequently he visited Slovenia and sent the invitation to Slovenians from Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Novo Mesto, Kranj, Celje and Velenje to come and visit Visoko. That’s why it isn't strange to have Slovenians visiting the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids on a regular basis.

During 2016, Osmanagich presented also in 5 Austrian cities: Vienna, Gratz, Salzburg, Linz and Gotzis. On the top of the list of the national territory coverage of Osmanagich's presentations are also the United States of America with the presentations in following cities: Chicago, Houston, Sedona, Los Angeles (Skype) and Philadelphia.

The Director of the "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation paid two visits during this year’s tour, to the Czech Republic (presentations in Prague, Zlin and Ostrava) and to Slovakia (Bratislava and Kosice). The continuous presence in these countries throughout the years resulted in a significant increase of the visitors.

Two presentations took place in Italy (Damanhur, Modena), Netherlands (Utrecht, Joure), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), India (Bangalore, Auroville) and Izrael (Tel Aviv, Lotem). Osmanagich continues with regular visits to Croatia (Zagreb), Turkey (Istanbul), Mexico (Ojuelos), Switzerland (Geneva), Germany (Chiemgao) and Egypt (Dahab). Also, he visited Cyprus (Lefkosa/Nicosia) for the first time.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dr. Osmanagich spent the most of the time in Visoko and Sarajevo. He presented 8 times in Sarajevo and 2 times in Visoko, on different occasions.

Along with the direct meetings with the potential visitors in the world, Dr. Osmanagich received many guests and patiently presented the archaeological sites in Visoko. During 2016, he had 42 organized tours for the visitors around the world.

An intensive media campaign was done again in this 11th year of the Research Project of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.

Different media channels were used for this purpose. The Bosnian Pyramids were visited by the National TV stations from Japan, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates (Sharjah), and by the Commercial TV Networks from Russia (“My Planet”), Slovenia (TV 3) and Bosnia (TV Sarajevo, OSM, Hayat, N 1, BHTV).

The intense development of the Internet media was noticed by the Foundation. Online viewers of the American TV Channels “TV Virtual Light Broadcast” and “TV Believe it or not” got familiar with the Bosnian Pyramids trough the interviews with their founder.

Conventional and Internet Radio Stations hosted frequently Dr. Osmanagich. English BBC Radio has interviewed him on two occasions in 2016, and later on, “Radio Minalio” from Spain, “Radio Split” from Croatia and “Radio Auroville” (India). Internet radio shows were recorded for the Canadians, Hawaiian Islands, “Cosmic Switchboard Show” from Australia, “Business Game Changer” from the USA, “Revolution Radio” from the USA, “OM Times Radio” (USA), along with two interviews with Richard Hoagland and his show “Other Side of Midnight” (USA), “Real Coaching Radio” (USA), “Earth Ancient Radio” (USA), popular “Richie Allen Show” (Great Britain), “Radio M” from Bosnia, “Radio Mavak” and “Radio Russia” from Russia.

Indian Newspapers and Web portals (“Times of India”) which have great circulation are translating the list of written media and websites. These are the magazines "Misteriji" and "Zarja" from Slovenia, “National Post” from Canada, “Jutarnji list” from Croatia, “Avaz” from BiH, “Juarez” from Israel, “” from BiH and many others.

The positive promotion continues in 2017 and the Presentation Schedule for the World in 2017 is almost fully booked.

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