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One of the key factors of the Healing capabilities of the Underground Labyrinth Ravne is certainly a high concentration of negative ions. Team of the Foundation 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' daily measures the presence of negative ions at fourteen different locations.

The ratios are standard: in front of the tunnels values ​​are between 200-600 negative ions per cubic centimeter. At the moment when entering the prehistoric tunnels, the values ​​multiply. Already at the egg-shaped block they exceed 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. On the K-1, K-2, K-5 blocks and in the Healing chamber they would be between 20,000-30,000 ni / ccm.

Therefore, this explains excellent results on the human body during the visits in the winter months.

It should be noted that the summer values ​​are generally higher. However, concentrations during this winter period are so high that they can assume record high values ​​during the summer season.

Also, the level of orgone (life) energy is three times higher in tunnels compared to the values ​​of the outer surface.

The table with the measurements on February 12, 2019 is attached.

Thursday, 14 February 2019 12:00

The arrival of a large number of Slovaks in Visoko every year is a result of the systematic and dedicated work of the 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation. From year to year, the director of the Foundation Dr. Sam Osmanagich holds lectures in the cities of Slovakia and gives interviews for TV channels, radio stations, magazines, daily newspapers, youtube TV sites and social media.

During his last visit, he gave a 10-page interview to the ‘Zem & Vek’ magazine. Dr. Osmanagich answers the editor Marian Benki in depth on questions about Bosnian pyramids, but also about the global context in which the phenomenon of the pyramid lies. The title of the interview is: 'If we know our true history, the elites could not control us anymore'.

The magazine is a few tens of thousands of copies and is distributed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Also, there is a new YouTube channel presentation of Dr. Osmanagich in Bratislava. The focus of the three lectures were the healing effects of the pyramid energy. For two and a half hours, Dr. Osmanagich extensively talks about scientific and medical argumentation in favor of the benefits of exposure to the energies of the pyramid.

Video link to the English-Slovak version:

Semir Osmanagich - 3. Energia života 2018, Liečivý efekt pyramíd 1.časť

Semir Osmanagich - 3. Energia života 2018, Liečivý efekt pyramíd 2.časť

Semir Osmanagich - 3. Energia života 2018, Liečivý efekt pyramíd 3.časť

The long-time travel organizer to the Bosnian pyramids Martina Turiničova invites interested Slovaks to join her in this year's campaigns to the oldest world pyramids:[UNIQID&fbclid=IwAR209E3R3hG_oW9CgN6KO-uugrp5aaQryc3oXGDI0uQD7WVLtdmQ4JgFF8g

Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:20

Visit to great explorer, author and scientist Michael Tellinger in his headquarter in Waterval Boven in South Africa: amazing Stone Circle Museum and Labyrinth of Intentions.


1. Michael Tellinger Stone Circle Museum 2019 >>>

2. Michael Tellinger on Labyrinth 2019 >>>

Monday, 11 February 2019 12:15

The popular English television station 'BBC 2 England' is preparing a documentary about Bosnia and Herzegovina. On that occasion, they spent a week in Sarajevo, Medjugorje, Mostar, Srebrenica and Visoko.

In Visoko, on February 7, 2019, they recorded a story about Bosnian pyramids, in which their popular journalist Romesh meets with Dr. Sam Osmanagich. The discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids speaks about the chronology of discovery, archaeological and scientific facts related to pyramids and prehistoric underground tunnels. He pointed out that this is the most positive project in southern Europe. Most of the story was recorded in the Ravne tunnels, where it ends at the block 'K-2'.

The show will be broadcast during 2019 and will be a great promotion not only for the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids but also for the invitation of the English people to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Monday, 11 February 2019 09:51
This is an extraordinary find, we have just found out that a stepped pyramid was built in Sri Lanka on top of a 660 foot tall rock. And
I am not going to make wild guesses. So, how do we find out what the full pyramid really looked like? In all civilizations, you will find similar looking structures built in the nearby area. For example, you don't find one Egyptian pyramid in the whole country, we find several pyramids, and we don't find one Hindu tower, there are similar structures always built nearby. Based on this practical idea, I decided to hunt for another stepped pyramid in Sri Lanka. And after a few days of searching, I found exactly that, in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. You can see right away that this is a perfect match for the Pyramid at Sigiriya. It is called Sathmahal Prasada.   
Monday, 11 February 2019 07:45

Two world-renowned explorers of megalithic sites, Michael Tellinger (South Africa) and Dr. Sam Osmanagich (Bosnia/USA) bring to light stone circles phenomenon.

Thousands of stone circles, channels and teraces in southern Africa have been neglected and misunderstood by conventional archaelogists, historians and geologists ('livestock corrals').

Finally, serious investigation has been done by two brave, out-of-box thinkers, with surprising results: Michael Tellinger: and Dr. Sam Osmanagich: www.samosmanagich


1. Dr Sam Osmanagich on Stone Circles of South Africa 2019 >>>

2. Michael Tellinger on Stone Circles 2019 Part I >>>

3. Michael Tellinger on Stone Circles 2019 Part II >>>

Friday, 08 February 2019 14:08

Egyptologists and historians have long debated the question of who built the Pyramids, and how. It has long been believed that the pyramids were used as a burial tomb for Pharaoh Khufu, who died in 2,567 BC. It is generally accepted that Khufu commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

MORE >>>

Friday, 08 February 2019 10:18

Reading/meditation  in the Ravne tunnels  Sept. 24 2018. (1 hour 16 minutes).
With dr. Sam Osmanagich (S), Aafke Douma (A), Rob Heiligers (R) and a small group of Dutch people who joined us in the Ravne tunnels.

First we are in a quiet and silent meditation during some 30 minutes.

A: Is it OK when I say something?


A: OK, we’re here in the tunnels today. When we meditate, I can see beautiful beings, violet, purple. But they are not from another planet. They are reflections of us, of ourselves. We ARE those beings, we are them. We really are lightbeings. So it is nice and quiet and peaceful over here. And because we are aware that we are those beings, we don’t have to be afraid. For nothing, for no one. It is so pure, it is beyond fear. It’s beyond anger. It’s beyond pain.
Maybe you can see them too. The consiousness of people all around the world is getting higher and higher and there are people who can see these beings too. And they are a reflection of ourselves.
So don’t be afraid if you see some lightbeings. It’s a reflection of ourselves in another dimension. It is to tell us who we really are. To let us know who we are. How great we are, how powerful we are.

A: Probably we forgot. This place helps us to remember who we really are. The whole place, not only this place in the tunnels, but also the pyramids, the whole Visoko-area helps us to ‘reclaim our purity’. We recognize ourselves in it. We are touched...
(Aafke has tears)
It is all about purity, pure LOVE.
And never let anybody, anyone tell you something. Don’t.  Investigate it all by yourself, always!
Don’t let anybody tell you something. No one.  Not even me. Because you will know inside what is good for you,  what feels right. Always investigate everything yourself!
Like we, Rob and me and our groups do it over here with our own clairvoyant research…
(whispers) Investigate!

A: Everything now says: ‘Let the children play’!
We are these children!
So let us play and don’t let us take everything so seriously but let us also play! Play life!

We forgot to play. If you play, in your imagination, everything is possible and that IS!

Everything is possible! So think big! Focus on what you want, on what you would like to achieve. What you want to achieve and not on what you don’t want. Focus on what you want and then let it go and let the universe do the job. And play. Play!

A: Are there questions?

S: Who is with us now? Spiritual entities?

A: Hmm…yes…

S: Which one?

A: It is not which one. There are more. There is…eh…

S: Let’s talk to one of them.

A: Hmm… It’s a resonance of ourselves, our Selves. We can talk to them, but we are talking to ourselves. Actually we are talking with our Selves. We are on different layers. We ARE in different dimensions at the same time.

S: Two days ago we had the fall equinox. Astronomers are saying that our planet once tilted, 22,5 degrees. They are also saying that most probabely our planet was hit by some cosmic material, by rocks? And then it got tilted. Is that true?

A: I get a ‘no’.
It also has to do with fear.
No, there are different things going on. There are a lot of sun flames and there was some sort of rock collapse but it didn’t hit so much. It only shook a little.
But also it has to do with our consciousness, it is about awareness. Where are we now? Where are we standing now? We are shaken again. But not in the way that it has so much influence . On the planet you mean? No. Because otherwise we wouldn’t sit here in the tunnels now. If that had so much influence, then it wouldn’t be safe to sit here. Then it wouldn’t be good, it wouldn’t be OK.

S: Why we are sitting here? All of us?

A: Now?

S: Yes.

A: To be one with the tunnels. And to feel the energy and to be aware of ourselves, of our Selves, how great we are, how powerful we are. That everything is possible. That we can achieve everything we want. We only have to believe in it and let go of all the old programs. This place helps with that process.  And because the awareness and consiousness is getting higher and going faster… (sigh)…
We resonate with this place. With this tunnel  at this moment.

S: How do you see this place in the future? The tunnels? The pyramid complex? How is it going to be affecting the world?

A: It is already affecting the world. And it is going to be more and more, and people who resonate will come. They will feel a call, they will come. And then they will take the energy with them.

S: And then? When they go home, when they come back home?

A: They have opened, they are open. They are in their purity! They resonated with the pure energy over here. This place is about purity. It helps opening up. They felt it. They are aware of this energy and they will bring it home, so other people will also open up. They will resonate with each other.
And if others don’t believe it, maybe they want to come here and see and look and feel for themselves.
Also there are people who want to come here, because they resonate with other lives they lived over here. Because they feel the call. And there are also people…
We who came here, will ‘infect’ other people with this ‘virus’. And not only people will come here, but also to the whole globe, the whole earth. And it is going to be a great place. It is already a great place. But it is going to be greater, larger, bigger.

A: It is going to be a process. If it is going too fast you cannot follow. You have to follow the process. Yes and focus on what you really want! And also be patient with it. Then it is going to be natural, this process. There is so much awareness already, that this place is so special. It will stay special, always. So there always will be people coming. But the infrastructure has to be OK, because otherwise you can’t deal and manage all these people who will come. So it’s a process and it will become greater and bigger and people will know. Know that it’s a powerplace!

And for the people who cannot come here, the people who have been here will take the energy home and give it through to them who cannot come here. They will resonate this pure energy.
So it is like a sort of oil… That will flow over the entire world. It’s the purity that has been touched. And if there are enough people who live in their purity, then from out of their purity, it will take over. Pure Love, unconditional Love. And it will melt everything. Everything!


A: It’s all about awareness. We ARE the tunnels, we ARE the pyramids.

What we forgot, is that we are eternal beings! We are going on and on and on with lives, in between lives, eternal... That’s what it’s all about.

There may be some fear and you may be afraid of something in your life, but don’t get into the story of fear. It is as it is, and you may feel it (a little bit), but you don’t have to go into this story again. It has already been.

So if a rock has hit the planet, don’t go into fear. But go into… ’It’s OK’. We are still here. And we have the power to… not to heal it, but to get it, bring it in the right way again. So we can live on it and we can play and we can have fun and we can all achieve what we want and all we have to achieve. And follow our mission and follow our passion. And there will be earthquakes and there will be all kinds of chaos, but that seems to be necessary to get a change, a transformation. To let you know that you are eternal and not ever have to be afraid.

S: In these tunnels, sitting on these benches, how do we interact, communicate at this moment?

A: With what?

S: With each other.

A: With each other. Without words! Without words and on other levels! There is a lot going on. So much more than we can see with our human eyes. Words cannot…, with words you cannot pronounce what you are feeling or what you are seeing. Some people see lights, some people see geomatric forms and figures, some see colors. But many people don’t like to talk about it, because they are afraid that other people will think that they are mad. Or that they will be classified as totally weird.

We communicate on many other levels. And if you communicate on Love or through Love and through your purity, then it is always uplifting, lifting you up. If you communicate from fear, you will attract ‘more’ fear

A: We communicate on different levels. I communicate with you (Sam) on another level then I communicate with Rob or with other people at this moment. So it IS and that is OK!
And we communicate with the beings, the orbs and all the other beings, and that’s OK too!
We don’t have to be afraid. If you are not afraid, then you can see everything and it is beautiful inside here! I can see colors, colors I have never seen before and I can see shapes and I can see geomatric figures that I have never seen before. On another level it is all possible.
And if you are open like a child, if you are in a state of mind like children are, then you can think that you are making it up, but it isn’t making up. It is all there, here! You can communicate with it. And communicate with each other about it. And if you are in Love, in love with yourself, with your purity, then you can also interact with beings that you maybe don’t like. You will ‘melt’ them. Then also you don’t have to be afraid.  

And treat everything with respect. Every human being. Every person you meet and every animal, every tree, every plant, every flower, everything!

A: There is so much going on in the world at this moment. There seems to be so much chaos. Stay calm, stay by yourself, stay within yourself, stay in your strength. In your own strength!
You cannot help people who are in a sort of catastrophe but you can sent them your Love if you can’t help them in any other way. You can sent them your Love. They will feel it at some level. Don’t get in anger or in fear. But sent them your Love!

A: Are there more questions?

S: How do you see energy in the tunnels developing? Is it getting stronger? Different?

A: Yes! Different. It is definitely getting stronger. It is getting more powerful and lila, violet, purple. It’s getting stronger. I can make images, films and photo’s of this now. It is getting stronger and stronger. There were some  people in our groups who could see that too! They could also interact with them, with these beings. And I am very glad they can see and feel it too, because earlier I was one of the only persons who saw these colors and beings. And now there are some more people who can see and feel the energy and also can ‘catch’ these energies on film or on photo. If you are not afraid and not in a state of fear, then anything can show itself. It is realy getting stronger. Stronger and softer at the same time.

A: A few years ago it was different. At some places in the tunnels the energy was some sort of heavier. Heavier than in other places. No it is getting more eh… I don’t know how to say it… more ‘soft violet energy’. And it also has to do with ourselves, our awareness and consiousness. People are more aware. They resonate. Actually they can see their own purity! Really see their own Self.
In the tunnels and sometimes even outside the tunnels but at this moment more in the tunnels. You can see it now too.

There is so much more to say. And the people here in the area are an example for the rest of the  world. There is so much… It is too much for now.
I can see beautiful colors now! I hope that you can see them too! I wish that you can see them too!

A: Can I say something in Dutch?

S: Hmm…

A: OK. Misschien kunnen we voor de mensen hier die het heel zwaar hebben gehad, nu samen een soort van energiering maken en dat we hen allemaal Liefde sturen.
We want to sent Love to the people here in the area, OK?

S: OK.

R: (to the Dutch group) ‘Krijgen jullie dit mee’?

Group: OK!

Silence while meditating together for 5 minutes…

A: And we thank Dr. Sam. Because he is making it all possible and has made it possible for us to come here, to see and experience these tunnels. Thank you!

S: Right, thankyou too.
OK, shall we get some light?

(1 hour 16 minutes)


Thursday, 07 February 2019 12:54

La più grande scoperta dei nostri giorni, la rivoluzione dell'arceologia. Le piramidi in Bosnia e della presenza di energia orgonica, intervista al dottor Sam Osmanagich

MORE >>>

Thursday, 07 February 2019 12:49

The Bosnian Pyramid question is not whether it is a pyramid, a sculptured mountain or a natural formation, nor of individual versus institutional claim. The controversy is about which, the hand or the finger, is pointing outside the paradigm. So follow with this video the direction the hand or finger is pointing to.

Monday, 04 February 2019 14:23

A huge man-made pyramid has been discovered underwater off the Azores islands by Portuguese amateur sailor Diocletian Silva. "The pyramid is perfectly shaped and apparently oriented by the cardinal directions, like Giza pyramids in Egypt.", says Silva. You will not find this anywhere in mainstream media because NOAA and other underwater mapping agencies have been mapping this area near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge since the beginning of this technology. They have surely known about this pyramid for some time.

MORE >>>

Monday, 04 February 2019 14:09

Do we really know about our past? There are so many unknow events that preceded us ... Archaeology in the 21st century is a science more inexplicable than explicable. But there is a man who refused to believe in history books, and he dared to show what was not shown: Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids. Get to know his incredible story, trajectory, and the contributions to world history.

Monday, 04 February 2019 13:24

January 2019 has been cold and snowy in Bosnia. But, despite low temperatures, Ravne complex in Visoko has stayed busy with local visitors and guests from several countries. Children enjoy winter sports in the park ‘Ravne 2’ and Healing Forest parents are really happy that such place exists.

‘Archaeological park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’ Foundation has dispatched three guides daily at the tunnel entrance for guests. Also, there is a crew of two official guides at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun every day.

Last few days guests from Bosnia, Netherland, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and Turkey visited tunnels. Among them was Mayor of Bosnian nearby town of Olovo.

Three Foundation’s crews have been working at the different tunnels: Ravne tunnels, ‘Ravne 3’ tunnels and Healing tunnels. They’re making nice progress so visitors should be able to see a lot of new things next season.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 09:53

Bosnian pyramid discoverer Dr. Sam Osmanagich is on a new mission. He just arrived to South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique, where he will be researching mysterious stone circles, during January and the first part of February 2019. The company will be made by world famous researcher Michael Tellinger who promotes the megalithic 'Adam's Calendar', stone circles and who has created the Ubuntu philosophy.

Tellinger and Osmanagich will host the international group of visitors from 16 countries from four continents (America, Australia, Asia and Europe).

During a tour of one of the stone circles near the WatervalBoven, town in the northern province of Mpumalanga, Osmanagich estimated the mass of the stone circle to 2,100 tons. The next stone circle with stone drywalls were twice as massive. Bearing in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of such stone monuments on the ground in the southern Africa, some of them reaching a height of 2.5 meters, it is obvious that some previous, developed civilization transported and installed millions of tons of materials in the construction of closed structures, without roof, entrance and window.

The naive explanations of the archaeologists that it is a matter of livestock corral, only speaks of the ignorance and unwillingness of conventional science, and in fact pseudo-science, to seek for the scientific truth.

Sunday, 27 January 2019 21:28

By: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

The fairies of the Egyptologists about the pyramids being the tombs of Pharaoh, came to an end. Pyramid complexes on the Giza plateau were not built by the Pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty Cheops, Kefren and Mikerinos 4,500 years ago nor did they have the technology and engineering knowledge for such an undertaking. Mummies, hieroglyphics, tools, furniture, symbols, or organic material that bind these monumental structures to the famous pharaohs have never been found.

These pyramids were built over 12,000 years ago as complex energy machines. Russian experimental physicists in 2018 proved that Cheops's pyramid boosts electromagnetic radiation within the so-called King's and Queen's chambers.

With geophysicists, professors Khavroshkin and Tsyplakov, we proved this in the case of the Red Pyramid in Dahshur in 2013. At the top of the pyramid, the radiation was 50 times more intense than at the base of the pyramid. We made non-invasive shots on this pyramid, because Egyptologists do not allow shooting on pyramids in Giza, where they have full access control.

During a visit to the Giza Plateau in December 2018, I brought a new instrument developed by Dr. Harry Oldfield from London. It is an enhanced version of PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) camera and is called NEV (New Energy Vision). The instrument registers the motion of photons. In the case of an active energy machine that draws energy through the top, then interaction with photons occurs and the camera clearly shows vertical bioenergetic fields.

Dr. Oldfield used this technology in Visoko in 2007 when it was clear that all pyramids in Bosnia were energetically active. Sasa Nađfeji from Belgrade confirmed this every year when shooting in Visoko, but also at the pyramidal peak of Rtanj in eastern Serbia.

I filmed Kefren's pyramid on December 16, 2018, and it was obvious that there was an interaction of the energy of the pyramid and photons in the atmosphere. In this way, for the first time it was confirmed that energy is released through the top of the Kefren pyramid.

Therefore, the Kefren Pyramid is an active energy machine, identical to the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.


Kefren's pyramid in Egypt, vertical bio-energy field (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Colossi of Memnon in Egypt, horizontal, static bio-energy fields (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Obelisk in Karnak, Egypt, horizontal bio-energy fields (Photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Step pyramid in Saqqara, Egypt, horizontal bio-energy fields, inactive pyramid (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Bell Rock, Sedona, horizontal bio-energy fields (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Nashville, Tennessi, natural field, horizontal bio-energy fields (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Natural pyramidal hills in Egypt, near Aswan, horizontal bio-energy fields (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Pyramid hill in Germany, Sonnenfeld am Tegernsee, horizontal bio-energy fields (photo: Dr. Sam Osmanagich)

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, vertical bio-energy fields (photo: Dr. Harry Oldfield)

Panoramic view: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun to the left, vertical bio-energy fields and town of Visoko, to the right, horizontal bio-eneergy fields (photo: Saša Nađfeji)  

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 13:23

By: Haris Delibašić

The sky was crystal clear this September’s night, just before dawn. As if I had never seen so many stars in the sky above the Earth before. When he appeared, Orion, above of the top of the largest Pyramid in the world, I realized why there were so many stars in the sky. They expected the arrival of a cosmic guest.

And as if the stars were watching at that moment, while the Orion's belt communicated with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. So close and so far, as if everything was there at the same time, on the same place, where they were seen with the eye.

And then I realized why I got up early in the morning before dawn. And why did I go to photograph the night sky above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, earlier than ever before.

The ancient pyramid builders new best about the cosmic connection between the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the constellation Orion.

"Three Sisters" or "Three Kings." The three main stars of Orion. They are called Alnitak, Anilam and Minataka. The most distant is 1340 light-years away from our Planet.

The same thing happened a few days ago and it was really like a journey through time. When Orion called me, after which he rose and stood above the very top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The connection between them is obvious. This is becoming visible when you stand in front of the the Northern side of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and watch this event in the night sky.
This time, Orion came even closer, as if it could be reached by hand, levitating above the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The Moon was watching everything. The lower part of the Orion star constellation looks like an arrow or a tail.

A regular cosmic visitor, who seems to be arriving to the sky above this place, just to receive the message from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which he will continue to carry with through the rest of the universe.

In a position tilted aside, as if rejoicing while levitating above. After then minutes, when he crosses the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in his path, this arrow or tail is still oriented towards its top. It's as if they keep there contact, while the Orion continues to sail along its star path.
I managed to make some interesting photos. Three sisters or three kings, in a mystical hug with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. I do not know when they will call me again, but the feeling is unique, looking at a cosmic meeting where neither time nor space no longer exists.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019 09:29

Anthroplogy professor, pyramid researcher and discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids Dr. Sam Osmanagich ( argues why known pharaohs were not builders of most magnificent temples, statues and pyramids in ancient Egypt. 

At this stage, Egyptology is not a scientific discipline. It simply tries to fit ancient monuments to their, very recent, time line. Egyptologists disregard most important document 'Turin King List' which goes back 36.620 years and era of gods and demi gods.
It takes an interdisciplinary scientific approach to deciphere the real age, builders, technology and purpose of temples and pyramids.
Dr. Sam Osmanagich brings the most important sites to the viewers in this series explaining technology and bulders.











Wednesday, 23 January 2019 07:32

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Thank you in advance of your kind support

Sunday, 20 January 2019 19:27




Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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