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The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation would like to invite all able and enthusiastic people to assist in the 2020 archaeological excavations.

This year will mark the 15th anniversary of the Bosnian Pyramid project, the largest and most controversial archaeological project in the world.

The Bosnian Pyramid complex was first discovered by Dr Sam Osmanagic in 2005 and archaeological work began shortly afterwards. This research project is multidisciplinary, with scientists and researchers coming from all around the world to visit and work on the Pyramids

This is the only archaeological project of its kind that allows both professional and non professionals alike to assist in revealing the truth of our shared ancient hidden past.

For more info on volunteering and how to apply follow this short link to the official Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation website;

For More info on the Bosnian Pyramids Click Here

Source of video: ForgottenPyramid

Monday, 20 January 2020 10:18


January. The coldest month of the year. Most of the snow during the year. Freezing temperature, day after day.

Archaeological-tourist park ‘Ravne 2’ looks quiet. Stone installations are waiting for the sunny days.

But, inside the nearby hills, Foundation’s workers stay busy in the Ravne and Ravne 4 tunnels.

Sunday, 19 January 2020 07:50

Summer 2020 excavations being conducted at the Ravne Tunnels Complex within the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids will be primarily focused on two key localities; Ravne 3 and Ravne 4. These two sections of tunnels represent the most recently developed and active archaeological sites within the complex.
The Ravne Tunnels Complex is a prehistoric system of subterranean passages and chambers that at some point in the past have been almost entirely blocked up with loose rubble. Work has been ongoing since the discovery of the tunnels in 2006 to remove this material so that they may be explored. The principle purpose of the excavations is to identify a route through the ancient tunnels to gain subterranean access to the nearby Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

Friday, 17 January 2020 14:36

"The ancients built in an upstream direction, section by section, stepping up their creek bed a few inches at a time, making sure that 1) the water would have micro-turbulence at each step (every few feet), a turbulence that would generate health-giving negative ions, and making sure that 2) the water would run placidly, keeping erosion of creek banks to a minimum.

"As with the Fojnica and Bosnia Rivers in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, the ancients built their hills and pyramids from the water courses up.

"The ancients constructed creek beds and riverbeds, fully terraformed objects, as the foundations of hills and pyramids around the world."

Thursday, 16 January 2020 11:57
In 1975, when we put up our pyramid we discovered this beautiful situation happening with the underground emissions from Sawyer Air Force Base. Kenneth Killick told us our pyramid saved the oceans.
The Earth is a motor that generates an orgone field. Pyramids are antennas into the Earth motor and generate a frequency that will heal. The Templars understood this and they created cathedrals (resonating chambers), to tune the pyramids to a balanced frequency all over the world. When we put an orgone covering on our pyramid, we activated the pyramid antenna system with the Earth motor and balanced the system which shut down the abnormalities in the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Lakes Triangle and gained control of this antenna system that exists in cathedrals.  In 1996, when the Illuminati wanted to cap the Great Pyramid and send the energy up to the Millennium Dome, the spiritual Templars came to me and taught me how to move the energy through this antenna system using the Holy Grail Vortex. They desired to stop the Illuminati from ending free-will on the planet.
The Millennium Dome was designed as a great mind-control device to overtake the consciousness of humanity. That is why they put it on the Greenwich Mean Line. Now they have tricked society into thinking they need 5G which will do essentially the same thing. When we put an orgone covering on our pyramid, we took control of the resonance of the field through the use of pyramids as antennas. Using the HGV we can manipulate the frequency of the planet in such a way as to stop the mind-control and other abnormalities that they create, like hurricanes, tornados, etc.
The Templars, when they came to me, told me I had an antenna system that could save the world and that in a previous lifetime I was trained as a Mary to move the energy through the cathedrals by spinning my heart chakra. The Marys knew how to create a Pillar of Light going from the ionosphere to the center of the Earth. Brian Besco also does this same thing. This is a God given right. And when 144,000 individuals understand and use the pyramid system to send love through this ancient antenna field, we can create the frequency of consciousness that will advance humanity into a higher plane of consciousness.
Love and Light,
Mary Hardy
Monday, 13 January 2020 10:01

The Bosnian Pyramid complex represents the largest, most active geoarchaeological site in the word. In 2020, as we begin a new decade, Dr Sam Osmanagich and The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is celebrating its 15th year since multidisciplinary investigations of the Bosnian Pyramids began. This year’s upcoming summer excavation season promises to be the most intense yet, with active archaeological excavations taking place across the pyramid valley, both above and below ground on the Bosnian Pyramids of Sun & Moon, Vratnica Tumulus, Ravne Tunnels, Ravne3 Tunnels and the newly discovered Ravne4 Tunnels. Independent researchers and volunteers from around the world will continue to assist with the excavations and ongoing research.

Thursday, 09 January 2020 12:14

In 2014-2017, I spent 19 months as official videographer for Archaeological Park Foundation, the Bosnian NGO nonprofit organization that oversees excavation in the Bosnian Pyramid Complex, then shot archaeology videos in South Africa, Italy, Serbia, Croatia, and Texas. My latest videos in the "The Terraforming of Terra" series are below. For those interested in our terraformed planet, I've found conclusive evidence of ancient Earth-surface terraforming on three continents, specifically in Texas, South Africa, Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia.

Thursday, 09 January 2020 11:27

The percentile dispersion and concentration of haplogroup I to the level of I2a. annotated and animated maps and other illustrations. Prepared for the I2a1b (formerly I2a2b) group. Supposedly, the data reflects the concentrations from the 15th century CE onward. There appear to be virtually none of I2a in Sweden. However, what I found unusual and surprising is that the greatest concentration of I2a (roughly 40% to 50% of males) is found in the region between the Adriatic and Black Seas with the heaviest (>50%) being on the island of Sardinia west of Italy and in what used to be Yugoslavia (now, Bosnia-Herzegovina) in the Dinaric Alps Mountains. In an attempt to make some sense of this, 45 percent of the population of the region is Muslim having descended from Ottoman invaders in the 15th century. Given these percentages, the non-mixing of Muslims and Christians, and the low concentration of I2a in Turkey (formerly the Ottoman Empire), it may be a good guess that the vast majority of the pre-invasion Christian population were I2a. The pyramids are proof, that a more advanced civilization once existed on earth. And i know how crazy it is to claim that our history books are lying and not telling the truth, yet all the evidence points to this conclusion, im just wondering how even Michael Jackson was aware of all that. He tried to warn us, but most of us failed to listen, like always. For more information, contact Dr. John F Sase at or

Thursday, 09 January 2020 11:22
Wednesday, 08 January 2020 09:43

Researcher of megalithic and pyramid sites worldwide dr. Sam Osmanagich began his winter tour of East Africa, visiting Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The first stop is the marvelous Ethiopia, the land of the oldest hominids, the oldest remnants of homo sapiens, the largest obelisks and intriguing stone circles.

In Ethiopia, Lucy was found in 1974, at that time the oldest specimen of the first hominid, bi-pedal monkey. And although the age of 2.2 million years was long exceeded by new discoveries (including hominids 3 million years old, in August 2019, also in Ethiopia), Lucy remained remembered almost as a household item.

What will analysis of Dr. Osmanagich regarding the largest obelisks in the city of Aksum show?  Will the conventional explanation of megaliths as tombstones of Aksum's kingship remain valid after Osmanagich's research?

We will find out soon….

Monday, 06 January 2020 17:14

Discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids and Principal Investigator of the Project (2005 to present). Ph.D. on Mayan pyramids, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2007). Director of Center for Archaeology at American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Founder of “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, Sarajevo (2005 to present). Foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia (2007) and Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Diaspora, Basel, Switzerland (2015). Author of 16 books on pyramids around the world and ancient civilizations, translated into 17 languages (1986 to present). First “Honorable citizen” of the town of Visoko (2006). “Man of the Year” in BosniaHerzegovina (2007). Recipient of the United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition (2013) “for continuous support in promoting cultural and economic independence for people new to the USA.” First honoree of the Amelia B. Edwards Award for “outstanding research and advancement of knowledge of pyramids around the world”, Chicago, USA (2016). Awarded “Diamond in the Pyramid Science”, Bengaluru, India (2016) “for having done exceptional outstanding fundamental work in creating basic awareness for the Pyramid energy power”.

Thursday, 02 January 2020 11:43

The discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids and the researcher of megalithic and pyramidal sites all over the World Dr. Sam Osmanagich ended his traditional two-week trip to Egypt in December. At this time he hosted an international group of lovers of the truth about the ancient past. The participants were from the USA, Canada, Germany, Croatia, Australia, Serbia, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The carefully crafted program included all the major temples, colossal statues and pyramids along the one thousand kilometer route from the far south to the north of Egypt. Osmanagich introduced his guests to the story of the Nubian Desert and the reasons why the statues of Abu Simbel were not built by Ramses II, the beautiful temples of Philae, Edfu and Kom Ombo, why the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan was not made during Queen Hatshepsut's time, who are the true authors of the obelisks and greatest figures in Karnak and Luxor, why Amenhotep III is not the author of the Colossus of Memnon, ballooning over the Valley of  Kings and Hatshepsut Temple, the mysterious technological symbols, the Zodiac and Osirion in the splendid temples of Abydos and Dandera, who are the true builders of the pyramids on the plateau of Giza, Sakkara and Dahshur. what is the real purpose of granite blocks in the Serapeum ...

It was an opportunity to bring down the chronology and fairy tales of Egyptologists with scientific argumentation and to give a whole different dimension to these magnificent monuments.

Osmanagich also delivered a series of lectures on the Nile cruiser giving context to megalithic structures around the world. There were also times for fun, riding camels and horses, dancing and sunbathing on a cruiser, enjoying local food, but also meditating in the chambers of several pyramids.

This unique English language tour by dr. Osmanagich will only be organized one more time, in December 2020. After that, he changes location and from 2021 goes on tours in Central and South America.

Information and applications for the last Egyptian tour in December 2020:

Monday, 30 December 2019 09:22

New video from the most exciting archaeological project in the world. Volunteers with their enthusiasm, sincerity and open mind change the history.

Open invitation:

Sunday, 29 December 2019 08:49
Famous Czech researcher and publisher of 'WM Magzine' Jiri Matejka has made a new video in which he invites people from Czech Republic and Slovakia to visit Bosnian Pyramids.
Jiri has brought dozens of groups to Bosnia already. He's member of Foundation's International Advisory Board.
Wednesday, 25 December 2019 08:18
Renowned pyramid and megalithic sites researcher Dr. Sam Osmanagich is coming to Uganda in January. He will be doing a lecture titled: 'Pyramids around the World as Energy Machines'.
Lecture will be held in Design Hub in capital city of Kampala, on January 12, 2020 starting at 7:00 p.m.
Monday, 23 December 2019 10:06

Semir Osmanagich, who discovered the pyramids of Bosnia and has done studies on 75 megalithic sites and pyramids around the world, recently shared the results of studies done around Damanhur, showing the exceptional nature of the sacred places here. His research seeks to unite science, spirituality and energy, using various technologies: a PIP camera, Teslameter, Trifield meter, and other specialized instruments to measure magnetic, electromagnetic, bioenergetic, orgone and scalar energy fields, which are not visible to the naked eye. Semir and his technical team were here last winter Solstice, and areas measured include Damjl, the Sacred Woods Temple and several halls of the Temples of Humankind. After an introduction by Crotalo Sesamo, Semir spoke about just a few points from the 250 page document he has produced from the research at Damanhur.

MORE >>>

Monday, 23 December 2019 09:58
By: Eng. Goran Marjanović, Belgrade, Serbia

It is really more than astonishing that the latest findings of modern science are in complete agreement with the intuitive insights of the ingenious Nikola Tesla who, who favored potential (EMF) rather than "voltage" (potential difference = work) and the principles of operation of his "Magnifying Transmitter" developed in that direction !!! … (section 7.4)

Here is a link to the latest text (pdf, 13 pages)

"Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter - A Fractal of the Quantum-Hologram Reality"


An analysis of Tesla's records in his Colorado Springs diary ("Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-190"), published patents, and interviews given to reputable American journalists indicates the full consistency of the latest scientific theoretical considerations and experimental findings of quantum electrodynamics with intuitive insights of Nikola Tesla, principles and the technical solutions he used to make his famous "Magnifying Transmitter" made at his Colorado Springs lab.

Excerpts from the text:

The latest discovery of quantum physicists - the X17 particle (protophobic X boson, mass ~ 17 MeV) at the Hungarian Nuclear Research Institute, is so unusual that it can represent a potential discovery of the fifth force in nature and thus requires a re-examination of the Standard Model of Particle Physics! This newly discovered phenomenon of the quantum world is of great importance from the aspect of Tesla's technologies also as it simultaneously confirms Tesla's intuitive ingenuity and the concordance of his ether technologies with the experimental reality of modern physics and the latest ideas of theoretical physicists which could solve the mystery of dark matter.

The latest theoretical considerations of modern science show - but also experimentally prove - that potentials are more basic physical subjects than fields !!! Namely, Aharonov-Bohm's experimental verification of the "hidden vector potential" confirmed that electromagnetic interaction can take place in areas where there is no EM field !!!

This quantum mechanical phenomenon is the subject of numerous discussions but - in any case - pure potential (scalar field) currently is the most fundamental phenomenon in modern physics !!!

So - the experimental reality of modern physics points to the fact that the "electric potential", a scalar field, is a more fundamental level of reality than the vector electric field that appears in Heaviside's (simplified) version of Maxwell's equations! The fact is that Heaviside's vector interpretation can also be expressed in the potential form, but that does not solve the problem of the "missing" scalar part of the original Maxwell's "quaternion" version ...

In view of this, Tesla's scalar waves as longitudinal wave of potentials get the full scientific sense!

It is really amazing that the latest findings of modern science are in complete agreement with the INTUITIVE insights of the ingenious Nikola Tesla who, even a century ago, favored potential (e.m.f., ElectroMotive Force) rather than "voltage" (potential difference = work) and the principles of operation of his "Magnifying Transmitter" developed in that direction !!! …

All this points to the need, and indeed the necessity, for science to "go back a few steps" and to correct some of its, perhaps unintentional, but still too quickly decisions made regarding ether and scalar waves.

Thursday, 19 December 2019 11:06


Discoverer of the African stone circles Michael Tellinger and discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids Dr. Sam Osmanagich are inviting you to join them in life-changing journey to South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe in February 2020. This will be an opportunity to learn about the true origin of mankind during this exciting 2-week trip. Call is open until December 31st, 2019.



Tellinger and Osmanagich most recent video together:



Experience it all: oldest mainstream megalithic circle on the Planet – Gobekli Tepe, out-of-this-world Nimrod Tumulus, underground passageways of Cappadocia, mysterious pyramid in Hitite’s capital of Hatusha, place where Alexander the Great cut the Gordion knot, two Turkish megapolis - Istanbul and Ankara and much more.



Full documentary here:



Biggest festivities at the life-changing Bosnian Pyramid site. Don’t just visit the pyramids but become part of the pyramid energy, healing and spiritual change.




Dr. Sam Osmanagich will be hosting only two 1-week long tours to Bosnian Pyramids in 2020. After Summer Solstice your second chance is the Fall Equinox Tour, Conference and Festival. Not to be missed to be lead by the man who established the true pyramid science.





Dr. Sam Osmanagich is bringing 10-member research scientific team to Sardinia to explore, for the first time, energy, astronomical and medicinal properties of the megalithic structures such as Nuraghi (conical megalithic towers), Tombs of Giants, Domus de Janas and menhirs. Participants will have the opportunity to be part of the healing experiment by ancient stone technology.



Dr. Sam Osmanagich’s investigation of pyramid Monte D. Accodi:



For the last time, Dr. Sam is taking group to Egypt. If you want to get close to the gods (small ‘g’) as possible, join him in a trip encompassing all major temples (Abu Simbel, Philae, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Carnak, Luxor, Dandera, Abydos), colossal structures (Memnon, Unfinished Obelisk, Sphinx) major pyramids (Khufu, Khafre, Micerinos, Red, Bent, Djoser’s, Titi’s, Meidum, Hawara, Lahun) and mysterious underground Serapeum.


Saturday, 14 December 2019 19:35
Evidence of ancient terraforming on two continents, specifically in Texas, Serbia, and Croatia.
"So then we have to ask ourselves, 'If the institutional geologists are not doing their job and looking at the material, who will look at it, and what are the institutional geologists doing to earn their salaries?" 
Thursday, 12 December 2019 12:52

Intervista al ricercatore di fama internazionale Semir Osmanagich scopritore delle piramidi europee, in Bosnia, nel 2005 e affiancato dall interprete Cristina Redi.
Nuove e sorprendenti teorie sul tema delle piramidi del nostro pianeta, dei #nuraghi e dei siti megalitici in Sardegna. Dopo aver tenuto un interessante conferenza presso l' Auditorium Comunale di Guasila nella giornata del 17/11/2019, organizzata dall' Associazione "s'Om'e sr'Okku" Cultura Tradizioni Ricerca Territorio, ha risposto ad alcune delle nostre domande che da tempo ci poniamo e a cui ha risposto egregiamente.
A cura di: Simone Cirina
Montaggio: Federica Deiana
Riprese:Angela Farris

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 08:10




Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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