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Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Sam Semer Osmanagich airs from September 13th.

Energy source, Vibrations, Healing Frequency , Soul Healing, Cellular healing, Pure water, Resonance and sound and Cosmic connections, this is what 11 years of discovery of the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun has revealed. It is truly out of this world and yet at 3000 years old, tells us so much about earths past and our connection to the universe, the answers are here, tune in to find out so much more and open up your genetic consciousness from within.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:11

The most common types of energy fields that cause geopathic stress emanate from Hartmann Grids, Underground Streams and Geological Faults

Geopathic Stress:    Is the result of spending long periods working or sleeping above any building or place where the natural energy of the Earth is disturbed by weak electromagnetic fields created by underground streams, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and cavities.  Some early symptoms often experienced above these geopathic zones are related to restlessness, headaches, insomnia and fatigue. If you continue to stay in these areas especially during sleep, then in the long term the stresses on our bodies will emerge as more serious conditions such as, diseases of the central nervous system, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), miscarriages, and cancer. While we are asleep our body should be resting so it can repair body cells, fight infections and absorb nutrients from food. However, if we sleep in an area affected by geopathic stress, our body has to use all its energy just to keep its vital organs going. As a result our immune system becomes weakened, which means it has difficulty in absorbing nutrients or fighting off infections as efficiently as it should.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 09:53

A team of young German film students from the renowned Academy of Media Arts Cologne just arrived in Visoko. Over the next month they will shoot a film based in the Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids. It willbe the first feature film produced at this extraordinary place.The movie will portray the great archeological discoveries at the excavation of the pyramids and the vast network of underground tunnels. These mythical places are the backdrop of a adventures journey into the mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids and into the inner world of a relationship. PIRAMIDA SUNCA is telling the story of a young photographer and his girlfriend traveling to the Pyramids in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The consequences of their discoveries question their world views and put their relationship to the test.

You can support the film makers via their crowd funding campaign at

Your donations help them in the making of the movie and as a reward you will receive the film on DVD and other unique rewards like soil samples or artifacts form the great Pyramid of the Sun.

The film is made with the support of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and its founder Dr. Semir Osmanagic who will be starring in the movie as well. The main roles are played by the German actors Katrin Mattila and Jonas Baeck known from German television. Local crew and Bosnian actors will also take part in the shooting.

Picture 1 description: Poster Artwork for PIRAMIDA SUNCA

Picture 2 description: The director of the film (Damian Weber, left.) discussing the script with Dr. Semir Osmanagic. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 07:44

Discoverer and Principal Investigator of the Bosnian Pyramids Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D. will have a presentation in Visoko on Monday, August 22, 2016 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 p.m.

Lecture will be held in Cultural Center “Altinhag” in Prijeko. Osmanagich will be speaking in English and his lecture will be translated in thirteen languages for the workshop participants of HUESSA organization.

“Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation and International Association HUESSA have been having partnership for four years.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016 13:44

Ambassador of Peace and Master of healing sound, 82-year-old Don Conreaux from New York is coming to Visoko with the ensemble, which consists of 35 students of healing sound from all over the world. They travel through Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as Gong Caravan of Piece and in selected cities people lend plenty of good sound vibrations with concerts, performances and music workshops with the intention of creating a harmony of peace to people and the environment.

On Sunday, August 21, 2016 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm they will perform concert of the ensemble in the "Archaeological-Tourist Park Ravne 2" on center stage. Everybody is invited.

The intention of the participants of the concert is "spreading beauty, harmony and peace among people."

Video tour in 2015: 

Monday, 15 August 2016 12:48

Volunteering at The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation ( in July 2016, four years after hearing about Dr. Sam Osmanagich's incredible discovery, my expectations had been high. Despite this, every pre-conception was exceeded. Now caught in Visoko's magnetism, my next two visits are already booked; this force is impossible to resist! 

Friday, 12 August 2016 06:55

Bosnian Pyramid discovery is gaining popularity in Russia. First edition of 5.000 copies of the “Pyramids around the World: from Giza to Bosnian Pyramids” was sold in 2015. Second edition, with soft cover and black-and-white photos, with 20.000 copies has been sold, as well.

Russian publisher “Veche” has just printed second Osmanagich’s book: “New Archaeology: Megaliths and Energy of the Planet”. It is known that Osmanagich do not charge for the honorarium to keep the selling price of the book low.

Discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids will have book promotion in two largest bookstores in Russia: “Biblio Globus” in Moscow on August 10th (Wednesday) at 18:00 hours and “Bukvoed” in Saint Petersburg on August 12th (Friday) also at 18:00 hours.

During his visit in Russia, Sam Osmanagich will meet with three leading Russian pyramid researchers. He’s meeting pyramid builder Dr. Alexander Golod at the biggest pyramid in Russia near Moscow and will discus scientific analysis of 17 pyramids built by Golod in Russia and Ukraine. He will have a meeting with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov of University of St. Petersburg, discoverer of GDV technology that measure effects of pyramid energy to humans. Finally, he will visit construction site of the largest modern pyramid complex in Tomsk, Siberia and discus its progress by their designer Valery Uvarov.

Duration of his visit is August 8 – 19, 2016.

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 11:41

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Monday, 01 August 2016 17:44

Expeditions with Ajdin 

By: Ajdin Ahmetspahić, Foundation's Guide Coordinator

Summers in Bosnian Valley of Pyramids are magical. Even with rains or extreme heats the magic doesnt stop.

During the last week volunteers from Germany, France, Poland, Croatia and Bosnia have continued working with a help of volunteers from Cezch Republic . Our friend Daniela have decided to help us in a different way after dozens of touristic tours she organised. With a group of 10 people from Cezch and Slovakia she spent seven days working together with the rest of volunteers, on the locations of Ravne 2 Park and the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Everybody got together working passionatly. They had a great time and they went home with beautiful experience while Daniela is preparing yet another group to come.

This week's bad weather conditions didnt stop our fiercsome guests to continue cleaning and diging. The activities continued in „Archelogical-Touristic Park Ravne 2“ together with guests from Slovenia and Cezch Republic who are working on instalations of energetical spheres and megalithic spirals.

So Ravne 2 was full of exciting and passionate workers these days. Some were working on the entrance to the new levels of tunnels, some were cleaning soil and conglomerate on Bell Tower, while others were engraving cosmograms on megalithic blocks and preparing energetic spiral for park.

In return, Foundation granted delicious Bosnian meals and lunches from its own budget. Food has been prepared, through all summer, by women assocciation „Visoko's Sevdalije“. On this way we are helping a local community and offer a chance for cooperation. Interesting Jasna's stories have been entertaining to volunteers during the lunch break confirming them that  Bosnia is indeed country of happy and hospitable people.

After a couple of days volunteers focused their work on sonda no.5 on Pyramid of Sun, cleaning the ancient concrete blocks. We found the interesting crack in some parts of blocks and with a help of our archaeologists and geologists we are protecting and revealing new parts of oldest geopolymere on the Planet.

Laughter, team spirit and hard work can be seen every morning while volunteers are preparing to continue Bosnian Pyramids adventure.

Together with expedition members from France, England and Germany, this weekend we continue with excursions. I will show them that Bosnia has a lof of to offer. Many misteries and phenomena on these areas can maybe tell us why did our ancestors decided to build the biggest complex of pyramids right here.

Its already mid of season and we are on full power. Of course thats the case, we are on the most active archaeological locations in the world. My fellow countrymen seem to start realising it so. I can see rows of them at the entrance to the Ravne Tunnels and walking in the Park.

Seems like everything is going well. Some are awakening, some are already awaken for a long time so they are trying to wake up others. Alarm is activated.


Monday, 01 August 2016 17:37

The recent LiDar mapping of the Bosnian area noted as the Bosnian Pyramid complex calls into question old assumptions that they are not man-made structures and that thousands of years before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, advanced humans were creating pyramid-like structures in Europe.

For over 10 years, Dr. Sam Osmanagich has championed the discoveries behind the Bosnian pyramid complex and gathered convincing evidence that man formed what was once natural mountains into pyramids. In this program, we’ll discuss the latest discoveries at the complex and what science reveals.

Dr. “Sam” Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D. is Bosnian-born Houston (USA) resident author, researcher and businessman.

He discovered an ancient pyramid complex in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina consisting, to date, of eleven artificial structures: the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, the Bosnian Pyramid of Love, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon, the Temple of Mother Earth, Vratnica Tumulus, Dolovi Tumulus, Ginje Tumulus, KTK Tunnels, Underground Labyrinth “Ravne” and “Ravne 2” tunnels. 

He has established non-profit and non-government "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation to pursue the excavation and geo-archaeological work.


Monday, 25 July 2016 09:51

John Shaughnessy's book, Pyrmaid Gravity Force proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that mans past and present destructive penetration into planet Earths pyramid's has been the cause of many natural disasters around the world; The below mentioned damaged pyramids were built to prevent and or control, tectonic plate movement, volcanic activity, tidal waves, major earth quakes, land movements and the magnetic field movements here on Earth.

If I told you that every large pyramid on Earth has a sister volcano and Island located 180 degrees from said pyramid on the other side of the planet and located at the approximate same latitude of said pyramid would you believe me? This book will prove this up until now, little unknown fact. This book herein will describe a perpetual energy machine that works on gravity. It's not a perpetual motion machine as nothing is in motion. The ancient pyramid architects refer to gravity as the divine energy source not electricity as some scholars would have you believe.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs depict the snake as divine energy gravity, the Sun disc is colored red and the snake's body encompasses the sun disc, the energy that powers the sun is gravity. The Great Pyramid of Giza has one major energy output and that is a condensed gravity beam that shoots straight out the bottom of the pyramid to the center of the Earths solid iron core, this graviton beam then ricochet out to the exact opposite side of the planet approximately 180 degrees from said pyramid and roughly at the same latitude, this gravity beam lowers the gravitational fields roughly at the same latitude on the exact opposite side of the Earth or 180 degrees from the pyramid.  

John is an author, inventor, engineer, lecturer, visionary, researcher, ancient theoretical physics no Aliens


Monday, 18 July 2016 13:05

A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.

The allegations stemming from the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousands of giant human remains during the early 1900′s was not taken lightly by the Smithsonian who responded by suing the organization for defamation and trying to damage the reputation of the 168-year old institution.

During the court case, new elements were brought to light as several Smithsonian whistle blowers admitted to the existence of documents that allegedly proved the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons reaching between 6 feet and 12 feet in height, a reality mainstream archeology can not admit to for different reasons, claims AIAA spokesman, James Churward.

«There has been a major cover up by western archaeological institutions since the early 1900′s to make us believe that America was first colonized by Asian peoples migrating through the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago, when in fact, there are hundreds of thousands of burial mounds all over America which the Natives claim were there a long time before them, and that show traces of a highly developed civilization, complex use of metal alloys and where giant human skeleton remains are frequently found but still go unreported in the media and news outlets» he explains.

A turning point of the court case was when a 1.3 meter long human femur bone was shown as evidence in court of the existence of such giant human bones. The evidence came as a blow to the Smithsonian’s lawyers as the bone had been stolen from the Smithsonian by one of their high level curators in the mid 1930′s who had kept the bone all his life and which had admitted on his deathbed in writing of the undercover operations of the Smithsonian.

«It is a terrible thing that is being done to the American people» he wrote in the letter. «We are hiding the truth about the forefathers of humanity, our ancestors, the giants who roamed the earth as recalled in the Bible and ancient texts of the world».

The US Supreme Court has since forced the Smithsonian Institution to publicly release classified information about anything related to the “destruction of evidence pertaining to the mound builder culture” and to elements “relative to human skeletons of greater height than usual”, a ruling the AIAA is extremely enthused about.

«The public release of these documents will help archaeologists and historians to reevaluate current theories about human evolution and help us greater our understanding of the mound builder culture in America and around the world» explains AIAA director, Hans Guttenberg. «Finally, after over a century of lies, the truth about our giant ancestors shall be revealed to the world» he acknowledges, visibly satisfied by the court ruling.

The documents are scheduled to be released in 2015 and the operation will be coordinated by an independent scientific organization to assure political neutrality.


Monday, 18 July 2016 12:46

New LIDAR Scan of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex Proves Dr. Sam Osmanagich Right - and Proves Dr. Robert Schoch, Zahi Hawass, Archaeology magazine, and Wikipedia Wrong

In March 2015, a LIDAR satellite scan was made of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in the Visoko, Bosnia area. LIDAR (“light-radar”) scans provide a detailed topographical picture of the area scanned. 

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Monday, 18 July 2016 12:41
Awake event report (April 22-24, 2016) was published in Spiritual India magazine which you find its scanned copy in the attachment.
Every person who attended the event are still in those energies and vibrations with quantum shift observed in their inner nature...
Many soulful learning connections between the participants is noted and its growing into a wonderful and joyful community with memories everytime we all or few get together during our daily meditation sessions..
Thanks for all the light you got here with your presence and sessions....
We all would remember all the moments forever....
Love and Light,
Ram & Madhu.
Monday, 18 July 2016 11:44

Bereits im Jahr 2005 wurden in Bosnien-Herzegowina riesige verschüttete und zugewachsene Pyramiden entdeckt, die seither ausgegraben werden. Diese Tatsache allein - neben allen weiteren sensationellen Entdeckungen rund um den Pyramidenkomplex – bringt unser Geschichtsbild enorm ins Wanken, zumal Datierungen ein Mindestalter von über 30.000 Jahren indizieren. Wer war damals in der Lage eine solch gigantische Leistung zu vollbringen? Da aber weder in den Schulen, noch in den Universitäten und schon gar nicht in den Mainstream-Medien hierüber berichtet wird, hat das ExtremNews-Team ein weiteres Interview mit Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich im Rahmen der beliebten Sendung „Auf der Spur unserer Geschichte“ geführt, um die aktuellen Neuigkeiten der Ausgrabung zu erfahren.

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Thursday, 14 July 2016 12:40

Sixteen sculptors from Slovenia, Germany, USA and other countries are coming to Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina to create Megalithic circle. It will be installed in newly opened “Archaeological-Touristic Park Ravne 2”.

Sculptors are led by UNESCO Ambassador Marko Pogacnik from Slovenia. He has become famous for his work on Planetary healing through the geo-puncture (www.markopogacnikcom).

Their work on multi-ton stone blocks will take place July 22 – August 2, 2016 in the open and visitors are welcome to follow the emergence of artistic creation.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 06:42

One of the most important discoveries in the history of humanity is that of the rupestral paintings of the Coliboaia Cave, Bihor County, Western Romania. Research has proved that they dated since the 38th Millennium B.C., and some of these paintings are graphic representations of animals such as: a buffalo, a horse, a feline, one or two bear heads, a bull head (similar to the one in Lascaux Cave, France) and two hairy rhinoceroses or maybe a baby mammoth.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 06:29

Most Popular author of all time with 65 million books sold, world famous researcher Erich von Däniken (Switzerland) came to Croatia in July 2016. His first stop, on July 4th was Bol on island Brac. He visited his friend Dr. Sam Osmanagich in his Magelithic Park he built in 2014.

After visiting Megalithic Park ( which is located above the most famous beach "Zlatni rat" (Golden Horn) and offering breathtaking views of the Hvar channel, Daniken stated:

"This place captivated me!"

Accompanied Daniken was the mega popular researcher and TV producer Giorgio Tsoukalos, author of the series "Ancient Aliens" on "History Channel". He said that Brac architecture and climate reminded him of the Greek islands where his father was born.

This was first meeting of Osmanagich and Tsoukalos even though Bosnian Pyramid discoverer has appeared several times in this series that was viewed by more than 100 million people. Giorgio is the founder of the magazine "Legendary Times Magazine", as well.
Daniken and Giorgio are part of the exclusive tour cruise ship along the Dalmatian islands that provides interested participants the opportunity to meet with world leading speakers in combination with a healthy diet and swimming in the Adriatic Sea. The organizer is the tour company "Bridging Heaven with Earth" and its owner Bianca Childs, an American of Croatian descent.

In an exclusive interview to the journalist, "Jutarnji List" Tomislav Kukec, Daniken said:

"This is my first visit to Croatia. Bol captivated me. There I met with dr. Sam Osmanagich. I know him from my visit to the Bosnian Pyramids. I was delighted by the way he leads the project of the Bosnian pyramids. He has extensive knowledge of ancient history and know how to present it to the audience. I visited a section of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, which is undoubtedly artificial. Others I have not visited and I could not say whether the entire elevation is artificial or natural. However, the tunnels beneath the pyramids have impressed me. Osmanagic's team cleans existing tunnels that are a great mystery. "

Monday, 11 July 2016 19:09
Dear Sam,
I have been reflecting on our 'pyramid complex' visit since returning home and wondering if I can help you in any way.
What I can do is suggest you use the knowledge we have uncovered to prompt those 'dowsers' that you come into contact with to come up with an explanation for the ceramics and see if they agree in some way.....

I passed this ceramic each morning and questioned why it was there - no sign to show its validity yet it was obviously a ceramic. It looked like a brain a little but pituitary jumped into my mind and on testing that came up positive - that is the way it works.
The kidney lies in the tunnel approaching K5 (brain) in a similar manner as does the eye or visual system in another passage (unmarked) also the ear or olfactory system to be precise:

I have previously suggested K1 is the liver, with K3 the spleen, K2 the digestive system and K4 the lungs which does not leave too many organs/key systems to be found. You also have the high energy 40K Bovis 'chakra system'. I will be interested to find out whether the heart when you find it (up the eye passage) is higher energy than the chakras or whether the chakra system drives the heart!

Still to be found are the skin, adrenals, reproductive and skeletal systems, maybe lymph glands........exciting!

You have only uncovered a small percentage of the tunnels to date yet you have most of the body representation within those. What can be within the rest? Fascinating!

There were other ceramics we photographed like the rune stone that we have not interpreted yet - if we get an insight to those I shall contact you. In the meantime I wish you lots of success with your quest. We will return with others I am sure! )))

Yours sincerely,
Patrick F.

Thursday, 07 July 2016 11:52

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