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Dear Mr. Osmanagich,

On our journey through Bosnia, I decided to visit the pyramids in Visoko. I had heard something in the media, but it wasn't clear, so I came with no expectations.

When I entered Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth [a prehistoric tunnel that winds beneath the pyramid complex], I had acute, or "chronic," sinus disease, and mild conjunctivitis. My daily treatment is 20g, thalassotherapy, inhalation, rinsing the sinuses, etc. But the treatment has never fully cured my problems but only temporary reduced symptoms.

When I walked into the tunnel, I felt better. As I kept walking, my breathing became deeper, and my sinuses were completely "purified." At first I went with a tourist guide, but it was so good for my health inside the tunnels that after visiting the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, I decided to come back and sit on a bench in a part of the tunnel reserved for meditation. My meditation session was phenomenal. And I could actually say that being in this tunnel is like a meditation. I felt like I was there in the "natural state."

When I compare my situation before and after the tunnel, I see a big difference. My sinuses were we now fully working. I cannot remember when I felt that way, perhaps in childhood.

Now I breathe with ease and generally feel a lightness in my head, and a general feeling of peace. I could not believe that this situation would occur after being in the tunnel. But the fact is that my health still continues to this day.

I'm thinking to enrich the area in which I live with negative ions [as in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth], to create better air and raise the vibration. In Zagreb, I'm not very close to Visoko, but if you have information about this, I would be interested.

Thank you for your findings and all the things you share with people.

I wish for you success and all the best,


Tuesday, 28 June 2016 08:21

This year, the first day of summer fell on June 20. This coincided with the appearance of the full moon, an astronomical phenomenon that we must wait another 70 years to experience.

Ideal weather conditions, a sunny day and a clear night with a full moon, made a great context for the celebration of the summer solstice sponsored by "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation.

At the beautiful natural site of the newly opened "Archaeological-Tourist Park Ravne 2," from early afternoon onward, guests of the Foundation began to gather. Singapore artist Yantara brought 95 participants from Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Canada and Australia. Ferhan brought a group of 40 visitors from Turkey and Cyprus. Irene brought 85 Slovenians.

The Foundation brought 70 conference participants from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Israel, Spain, Bulgaria, and other countries. Volunteers from Brazil, Poland, Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the United States eagerly anticipated the celebration. Rozina was with friends from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. There were also guests from Romania, New Zealand, Serbia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, and more.

It felt like the whole world gathered around the energy of the Bosnian Pyramids, that day -- for the celebration of the longest day of the year, when our planet's energy is the strongest. For a moment it seemed that the festival of joy from ancient times returned to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.

The new stage in the “Ravne 2” Park was for the first time equipped with professional sound and lighting systems.

On the stage were a succession of performers of spiritual music, calling for unity and harmony of humanity with nature. Meditation and messages of love and harmony were led by archaeologist Sue Jones from the UK.

PhD student of the Music Academy in Sarajevo, Mirsada, began the concert with a music of gongs. A group of Hare Krishna devotees, also from Sarajevo, went next. Gabriela Kowalski from Germany demonstrated the healing frequency of the prehistoric tunnel Ravne. Soloist of the Slovenian Philharmonic, Ljuben Dimkaroski, accompanied by his group, showed the possibilities of the oldest instrument in the world: a 60,000 year-old flute from the cave "Divje babe" in Slovenia, performing Macedonian and Croatian folk songs. Croatian singer Goran Karan sang three songs from hs rich repertoire. Singapore artist Yantara, with the help of crystal bowls, showed the richness of his voice and included a philosophical message. At the end of the evening, Turkish spiritual music star Seda Bagzan again stirred up the energy in the bodies of those present with her angelic voice.

The beautiful evening, full of socializing, ended at 23:30 with a promise by performers to come again on next year's solstice, June 21, 2017.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 08:11

Since the Ravne tunnels were discovered in 2006, by Dr. Semir Osmanagich, there has been many discussions regarding of what these tunnels were used for. Many have pointed out that there is, in fact, a human-intervention in the tunnels, for instance, the dry walls that can be found in Ravne. However, many people argue that these tunnels are only some mines that have been used before the discovery of the pyramids, for instance, in the Middle Ages. Some have pointed out that the tunnels were used by JNA (Yugoslav National Army) in more modern times. It is time to unwrap these different hypothesis, so we can have a better view of the Ravne tunnels.

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Monday, 27 June 2016 09:50


Sam Osmanagic auf seiner D/A/ CH Vortragsreihe 2016 / live Übersetzung Georg Udorf

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 12:10

The long-awaited concert of Croatian singing star Goran Karan, organized by the Bosnian NGO Foundation "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun," commemorated the grand opening of the first “Archaeological-Tourist Park Ravne 2” in Visoko, Bosnia -- and in all of the Balkans.

This newly designed archaeological tourist park is one of the first spiritual centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where visitors have the opportunity to practice meditation, yoga, and other activities. The beautifully designed park can host a diverse range of events, including educational, sporting, and other types of events.

The natural park covers an area of about 40 dunums (40,000 square meters) near the entrance to "Ravne 2," a second tunnel system recently discovered about 20 meters below the first level of Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, an extensive prehistoric tunnel that winds beneath the Bosnian Pyramid Complex. Ravne tunnel has become a world attraction in Bosnia, bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world in the decade since its discovery.

On this night, the opening of the park attracted a large number of visitors traveling from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from all over the world, to be part of this special opening ceremony.

Singer Goran Karan thrilled the audience with his first-ever concert in Visoko. His opening band was from Visoko and Sarajevo and well-known Bosnian artist Elvis J. Kurtovic.

Beautiful sounds echoed late into the night through the park, which, along with Archaeological Park Foundation's archaeological sites, has enriched the people's experiences in the quaint and lovely town of Visoko.

This Park is a gift from Sabina and Sam Osmanagich to Visoko, Bosnia and the World and should be a place from where messages of love and harmony are to be sent.

Monday, 20 June 2016 11:38

The energies have called on me and I have had visions and dreams. My life’s calling is healing and spirituality. Just before I heard about the pyramids I got an elated feeling within me and I remember telling my son that soon something big will happen changing everything in the world. All people need to be shaken and awakened and now is the time. People have for a long time been seeing the pyramids without noticing them. The Sacred Valley and the pyramids have now shown themselves to the World.  The Pyramids has chosen to show themselves to Semir Osmanagich who has an open mind and a force to implement it.

I have now visited the Sacred Valley - Visoko, and been to the pyramids and to the underground tunnels. I have channeled and received messages from The Sacred Valley. Many years ago before the Sacred Valley had their pyramids and tunnels visitors came here to Earth. They were welcomed by those who lived in that place we known today as Visoko. I see short beings with light brown skin and big dark eyes. Their heads have an elongated shape and their foreheads are tilted back. They wear clothing and headgear in dark materials. They have dark vertical stretches where we have mouths and maybe it's a some kind of mouth. I see no ears but there is instead a part where they feel energies, resembling a hole, and it is on both sides placed where we have ears. They listen differently than us because they mostly use telepathy. Their gaze scans and they use telepathy. The visitors were honest and had good intentions. Their bodies are not physically like our bodies and on the inside they have a different energy field with a higher vibration of energy. When Earth people perform activities we mostly use our physical body, and only a little bit of our energy body. The visitor’s bodies are different and they mostly use their energy body and the mental and spiritual strength and the physical body follows the flow. These Visitors came for a reason.

There were people on Earth and in Bosnia when they visited Earth. The people who lived there in that time was not of the same race and had the same energy as those who live here and now. They had a different intelligence. They lived in symbiosis with Earth and they welcomed the visitors without fear. The people treated their fellow human beings, animals, nature and the spirit world with respect and in love. Those who lived then in that time could speak through their eyes and use telepathy, they could listen to what was said without using words. Not in the same way as the visitors, but the Earth people had intelligence and a presence that we have lost today. Telepathy is now an almost forgotten language. It hasn’t been used for a long time and has weakened over time.

People who today live on Earth live with the absence of their own soul-singing. Only by stopping and listening, living in balance is possible. Without contact with the magic of life balance disappears. Today, most people are full of stress and affected by toxins. Only by being present and open, we can get a in better balance. The healing starts from within. I have worked as a healer now for almost 20 years so I have encountered so much in my way. I have no longer any doubt about the greatness of life and our capacity. Unfortunately, we live in a society now where it is almost impossible for most people to be in balance.

The visitors helped build the pyramids, tunnels, the megaliths and other undiscovered things. They shared their wisdom about energy and together created a healing place. The Pyramid of the Sun is a channel to the Universe.

Everything belongs together and in the same way that our planet needs to be in balance in order for us people to maintain our health - Mother Earth needs to be in balance so the Universe maintains harmony. Everything is connected and if something becomes disconnected, it becomes a negative influence. Now our planet is out of balance and the time has come - time for an awakening.

All underground passages between the pyramids under the entire valley connect.  It´s a network which together enhances the energies. The Pyramid of the Sun is like a machine that sends energy. The power goes up through the middle of the pyramid. The power/energy comes from the depths and and Mother Earth's voice speaks. Her breath travels energetically out and into the cosmos. There are many chambers in the underground tunnel both in the Pyramid and under the whole valley, large and small. There are many megaliths and polished crystal rods.

I see many performed ceremonies in the pyramid and in the tunnels. They have used rocks, plants, drums, some form of flutes, also their voices and the power of thought. I can see people standing in different chambers. The energy floating around in the network of the maze of tunnels and chamber. Our thought force along with vocal vibrations create energy activates the megaliths. By visualizing and the thought and voice when hands placed on the megaliths activates a particular channel. By people moving in a circle around the megalith the energy enhances even more.

The Megaliths task is to be a link for communications and to strengthen energies. The Megaliths was used to amplify energy through sound waves. They are like instruments and can be used to send messages. That is why they are not round or smooth. The height differences generate different sound waves. When people gather at the same time in different chambers they can send messages through Mother Earth and out through the Pyramid and out to other places in the Universe. That compares with Native American smoke signals, or telegraphy.

There is nothing in the tunnels which is a coincidence. All megaliths and other objects are placed in the right location to provide the desired energy. Those who have created everything in the Sacred Valley had the knowledge and knew how to use the forces of nature. They saw nature and used the forces and did not try to change nature. They used the underground water flow and the five elements - earth, water, air, fire and spirituality. They were able to build and shape miracles and energy power. We have the access to all the materials today, but the knowledge is forgotten. Today the focus is on supply and demand and the economy is the major power that controls people.  We know so little about the Universe, other worlds, planets, dimensions. The visitors are older than us and have more knowledge. They have helped us build the Pyramids with the dual aim of helping us - and helping themselves and the Universe. I do not know how the help will come but the Pyramids are like an oasis. There are many formations on Earth that have different magical purposes. I live near Ale's Stones in Sweden and there’s also a magical energy there.

The pyramid does not yet have the approval of the official scientific world. Clearing the tunnels and finding out more about the pyramids might help towards that end. The Pyramids potential capacity of delivering energy might be valuable to science. But what would science do with it? What has it done with coal-energy? With oil-energy, atomic-energy? Tunnels have been purposefully plugged up and hidden, the pyramid has hidden itself in plain sight for thousands of years. If the pyramid complex contains any dangerous power, it should be used carefully. Who is to be trusted with such power? No institution currently alive could keep any power (with for example the potential for “weaponization”) that the pyramids possess out of the hands of the absolute worst institutions of the world today. So let's hope that everything is done in the right time and that knowledge will be used wisely and with love.

Pyramid of the Sun

My first morning in the valley I meditated on the Pyramid of the Sun and felt vibrations in the ground. I could hear sounds and voices from the past. There are so many memories in Pyramid. The memories sitting in the crystals and stones and you can take part of the different memories by connecting with the earth and the Pyramid. There are various memories, and not all are equally good. There is both love and fear, but everywhere on our planet, it is never only light. The positive energy of the pyramid is strong and very light. The people who come here to Visoko to see the pyramids and how are closed/blocked from their spiritual side and blocked in their chakras do not feel good on the pyramid or in the tunnels because they cannot handle the energies. It will be too strong for them, and the people who have too much fear in themselves will not be here at all. They will not come even if they are invited and they will deny the Pyramids for as long as possible.

On my second climbing the Pyramid of the Sun I had my Shamanic Drum with me. I meditated on the top of the pyramid and then I used my drum and voice to spread my gratitude and love to the valley. The Pyramid of the Sun's energy is very special and rejuvenating. I felt like I was on top of the world. A week later I felt full with energy and did not sleep much. My mood was great and I was full of creativity and energy. The valley has a welcoming energy and you feel at home. On the Pyramid feel that you get in touch with all of their senses and the healing begins. The pyramid has a beam going up into space from below the Pyramid. By staying on top of the pyramid, I felt closer to my soul and I felt a part of everything.

If you make contact with your heart in meditation on the Sun Pyramid your pulse will connect with Mother earth's breath. The Pyramid can show you the wisdom that connects everything. Time is eternal and you can receive the gifts of healing. The energy of your chakras are activated and your kundalini can be awakened. 

The tunnels in the Pyramid of the Sun have not been examined yet. They have scanned and seen where they are. I have channeled that the pyramid tunnels together form one voice - Mother Earth's voice that talks about the Earth-being. Her voice radiates out through the top of the pyramid. These breath channels have previously been deep and powerful before the Earth was poisoned but is now weakening and by opening the tunnels going to help energy to be raised. The beam of energy is for us humans silent and invisible. All Earth Pyramids cooperate and when they are in their proper shape they work the best. This is the beginning of something big and it will take the time it will take. Things cannot be sped up. Things will be discovered and it will shake the world. An awakening will occur.

 I can see the ceremonies in the pyramid and on top of the Pyramid. I see bowls of ceramic with a milky liquid in. It is something that is taken at the ceremonies to strengthen the spiritual contact and I see all the crystals that are in the pyramid. Connect with each other and it is similar to invisible threads of light between all the crystals that are activated when ceremonies are held in the pyramid.

I see a white light moves in waves in all tunnels in the valley. Visitors and even earth people who lived in Visoko who first passed through the tunnels after the pyramid was created needed no other light than the waves of light. Just as the temperature and the oxygen travels - also the light travels. Our eyes do not see it if we do not use our inner vision and our third eye. Before the tunnels were filled again as it has been used torches there for the people who lived at that time did not have the capacity to see the light. The ability disappeared gradually and the years passed and when the tunnels were filled in the third eye was used only very sparingly.

Pyramid of the Moon

I really liked the energies of the Pyramid of the Moon. This Pyramid has been the women’s holy place and men were only allowed in some places of the pyramid at certain times of the year. Pyramid of the Moon has many features - the magic and energy of fertility. Every pyramid has their task. The sun was shining both times I visited the Moon Pyramid. The ground was warm and welcoming and there was wonderful vegetation. A variety of flowers. There have been other species that are now extinct. The Pyramid felt so welcoming and harmonious. You feel enclosed in an embrace of love. There is something in the energies that is not really possible to explain - a forgotten peace that we don’t have today, a presence to life and to ourselves.

I brought my drum and contacted the valley's energy through the drum and my voice. When I closed my eyes, I saw women carrying armfuls of flowers and everyone sang. There have been many ceremonies there and I got pictures of two elderly women who received and blessed the younger women. I guess it was a ceremony for the women who went from childhood to womanhood. The energies of the valley spread smoothly and the Temple of Mother Earth shows the energies around.

Pyramid of the Dragon

When I channeled I could see the pyramid from the top and it looks like energy radiates out horizontally. Rings of energy - from the center outward, like ripples on water. It is similar to a transmitter that takes energy from the universe and at the same time from Earth and sends it out horizontally. There is a power or energy spreading. I know and that the entire valley with Pyramids transmits vertically but The Dragon also sends a different kind of energy that fills the valley horizontally.

In The Temple of Mother Earth I see Ceremony, flowers, recreation, serenity and prayer

Pyramid of Love

I see love as a rejuvenating and healing Pyramid. The pyramid is the smallest Pyramid but very powerful, and it has also been used as a kind of portal to an altered state of consciousness on spiritual level.

 The Tunnels

Then I visit the tunnels the first time I felt a little shaky, and when I closed my eyes, it was like an energy was spinning me around as if someone held me and spun me in circles.

The first day when I went through the tunnels and into the Healing Chamber I met an energy. It came towards me and went through me. First I noticed a smell and then felt something go through me and I saw the color green. There are souls in the tunnels who have strayed from the time the tunnels were made. The souls do not come from Earth. Then every time I visit the tunnels, I met the green souls and there are many of them. Sometimes when they came through the tunnels I saw a wave of green light. Inside the Healing chamber you can feel a pressure in the ears, and if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of spirit voices. I feel that it is easy to breathe and I feel light and happy. Even if it is underground, you feel surprisingly easy and free. A sense of security arises although I normally can easily feel claustrophobic. I do not think all the tunnels are filled. I think they have been filled up in all the openings and when closer into the center they are open. I have photographed in many places in the tunnels and in the chamber of orbs caught a small blue orb and one White. The photos were taken on different days.

When I have channeled I have seen a large chamber. It is much larger than Healing chamber. It's like a hall with an altar in the middle. Around the altar are there people in circles. I do not know where this Chamber is, but it will be discovered near the Pyramid of the Sun.

The megaliths are interesting. When I came to the chamber containing K2 there was a group of school children in there and I sat down with the group. When they held their hands over the megalith, I saw a green light in a spiral come out megalith and go to the roof. The most interesting thing was that when the group got up to leave they went all in a circle around the megalith to make their way out. When they moved in a circle the megalith raised enormous energy in the chamber. I was not sure it would be a crystal in K2 after I saw the green light, but after I had been in Visoko a couple of days, I saw the crystals they sold and they were even green crystals. I have not seen such crystals before.

The Megalith K2 is not happy unfortunately. There are too many people who do not have the respect that comes in and lays their hands on the K2. I’m a crystal therapist and I know that if you use crystals in healing purposes you must also purify them now and again. A crystal used by a sick person that is never purified can lose its color or crack. Although the people come with good intentions, people have imbalances and fears that the megalith receives and transmits love back. An advice from me to the guides is that before they leave the chamber with the group they should thank the K2. For example, say “And now we move on and we thank K2 for the visit”. If the guide pronounces gratitude out loud and the group agrees in their hearts the energies will be softer and humbler. K2 will be positively affected.  Humility will be sent out and it will in return help the entire project with the tunnels.

To give and take is important. You cannot just take for then there will be imbalance. Everything in nature demands respect and we must show gratitude. If you pick flowers you ask for permission and show gratitude by thanking. Nothing should be taken for granted. By showing gratitude in your heart for the good things in life, you will receive good. That's the way it works when there is balance. What's found in the tunnels are of enormous forces and should not be abused. When me and my son visited the K2 in the second time we had not discussed K2 and the energies. Yet we both chose to give rather than to take from K2. My son told me afterwards that he poured a few drops of water on K2 as a gift, and I sent healing.

I have taken aura photography before I visited Visoko and one aura photography after. It shows the great development of my spiritual side, but also that the visit has had a positive effect for me on the physical and mental level. My aura is larger and brighter. I'm full of energy

The Sacred Pyramid Valley - For purification and Healing

Pyramid Valley and the Tunnels have positive energy & healing energy. By visiting one of the pyramids, the tunnels, and the Holy Triangle it will increase your energy. By visiting in any order the eight holy places your body will vitalized, your chakras will be balanced and your aura expanded.

Tunnels - greatest influence on Root Chakra

The Energy of the Tunnels: Security, love of Mother Earth, free breathing, pure oxygen and negative ions, stones and crystals, drinking water. Dormant darkness and growing internal light to connecting with the circle of life and the eternal soul's journey

Pyramid of the Moon - greatest influence on Sacral Chakra

The Energy of the Pyramid of the Moon: Goddess of fertility, birth, life energy / Qi-energy, growth and increasing, creativity and creative power. Dance, liberation, and ecstasy.

Pyramid of the Dragon - greatest influence on Solar Plexus Chakra

The Energy of the Pyramid of the Dragon: Let go of control and connecting with the self-confidence, masculine energy, center of balance and focus, protection and care.

Temple of Mother Earth - greatest influence on Heart Chakra

The Energy of Temple of Mother Earth: Pure love and care, humility and respect, embrace life, friendship and family. Inner peace and joy.

River Bosna, River Fojnica - greatest influence on Throat chakra

The Energy of The Rivers and the underground water:
Flow, purification, rejuvenation, clear thoughts, clear vision and vitality.

Pyramid of Love - greatest influence on Third Eye Chakra

The Energy of the Pyramid of Love: Cosmic wisdom, the universe source of power, channel to spirituality, spiritual awakening, the core of knowledge and spiritual contact.

The Triangle - greatest influence on Crown Chakra

The Energy inside of The Holy Triangle: pure consciousness, Spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness, Flower of life - sacred geometry, lighting

Pyramid of the Sun - greatest influence on the 8th - 12th Chakras

The Energy of Pyramid of the Sun: Aura expanding, kundalini, doorway between your immortal soul and your earthbound personality. Transcendence, Divine gateway and spiritual balance.

I feel that there are many things that are undetected and there is yet much to discover. There is something quite close to the valley which is also covered with soil and vegetation. I do not know what it is but it is built by intelligent hands.  After his visit to the Sacred Valley, I often had a visit in my dreams of the green souls. I've flown with them across the valley and I have visited the tunnels.

Susanna Vindej

Sunday, 19 June 2016 21:11

For the average member of our civilization perception through their senses and consciousness would conclude that it is an ordinary greenish stone …

Friday, 17 June 2016 12:08

The first day of summer this year comes one day earlier than usual. According to the astronomers, Summer Solstice comes on Monday, June 20th. The "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation has received numerous calls from interested parties to take part in Summer Solstice event.

The Foundation have been trying to get permission to organize an event at the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. However, Federal Ministry of Culture, which is responsible for the protection of the Medieval fortress on the top of the Pyramid, denied the request.

Therefore, in the future, Foundation will organize all musical, cultural and entertainment manifestations in the new “Archaeological-Tourist Park Ravne 2".

This year’s star of the event will be Turkish artist and singer Seda Bagzan, who delighted everyone with her performance in 2015. It is expected that she presents her new album at this occasion.

Famous musician of Macedonian origin, a soloist in the Slovenian Philharmonic, Ljuben Dimkaroski confirmed his coming as well. He gained fame playing the oldest instrument in the world, 55,000 years old flute. With them, a few artists from Singapore, Croatia and Bosnia will take a part of this special event.

Organized group of visitors for the concert are announced from Slovenia (two buses), Singapore (100 visitors), Slovakia, seventy participants of the Conference for the Summer Solstice, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Serbia and other countries.

Again the message of peace and love will be sent from the Bosnian pyramids in the world.

The time of the concert is Monday, June 20, 2016, from 18:00-23:00 hours in the beautiful Park "Ravne 2" in Visoko.

Friday, 10 June 2016 21:09

Bosnian pyramids 2016 season trailer. Hundreds of volunteers, tourists and researchers are coming to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to experience and research the Bosnian pyramids.

Be sure to hit that like button. Comment if you have some questions. Subscribe for more videos from me. 

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Monday, 30 May 2016 21:13

Published on May 25, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Sam Osmanagich (February 24, 2016)

© Sam Osmanagich
Toto video môže byť šírené jedine celé, bez zmien a zadarmo, vrátane celej tejto poznámky.
(Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License)

Monday, 30 May 2016 17:57


Highlight!! The discoverer of the pyramids: Dr. Sam Osmanagich is part of the
evening as a special guest. He will answer questions from the audience.

In Bosnia, in 2005, the largest pyramid complex on the PLANET was discovered.

In the last 2 years more than 2000 voluntary people (young and old) came to Bosnia to excavate this gigantic world heritage for humanity.

Our history books have to be rewritten, because what was found in the valley of Visoko, surpasses all we know, about this world.

> 220m high pyramids
> Perfectly aligned to north south east and west,
> Built from the toughest concrete ever,
> An energy phenomena at the top of the pyramids!

All that was built 34.000 years ago !!

Its simply incredible that there is so little report about this world sensation.

Thats why the young musician and filmmaker Alex Dolphin from Lower Austria decided to create with his partner Stephanie Balih a brilliant MUSIC & FILM Event, which goes on TOUR in Austria / Germany and Switzerland

TOUR-START was on April 9 at KINO Achtmillimeter in Mank, and on May 31st the EVENT is the first time in LINZ!

The Austrian POP band "THE KNUTSHERS" perform songs witgh texts about:

the Pyramids, society and nature, LIVE ON STAGE

MORE >>>

Monday, 30 May 2016 17:51

Award “Amelia B. Edwards“ for contribution to the research of pyramids and spreading of knowledge about pyramids around the world was presented to the discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids, Dr. Semir Osmanagić.

The award was presented to Osmanagić within the first international scientific conference “Global Pyramid Conference” held in the past several days in Chicago, Illinois.

This is the second US recognition presented to Osmanagić. Congress of the USA earlier awarded the Charter with recognition to Osmanagić. .

Osmanagić is studying pyramids in China, Bolivia, Peru, the Canaries, Mauritius, Indonesia, Egypt, USA, Spain, Central America and other countries. He wrote 15 books which were published in 16 world languages.

At the award ceremony, the importance of his management of multidisciplinary scientific project of the Bosnian pyramids was pointed out.

The award Osmanagić won is named after the famous Egyptologist Amelia B. Edwards (1831-1892), who became famous thanks to the protection of the pyramids in Egypt and establishment of the “Egyptian Research Fund” which is still active, stated the Foundation “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of Sun”.


Monday, 23 May 2016 11:33

I was very fortunate to be part of the Global Pyramid Conference held this past weekend in Chicago Illinois. This event was not just focused on the most famous Egyptian pyramids, but on pyramids that have been found and studied all over the world from Central America to China and everything in between. It turns out that the Earth is home to more than 10,000 pyramids and some of these ancient structures defy our modern understanding of construction and history. Many of these ancient pyramids are dated so far back in our known history that just their acknowledgement would completely rewrite all the history books.

MORE >>>

Friday, 20 May 2016 19:14

Originally aired in 1996 by NBC, the Host Charlton Heston points out the Bias against Anti-Darwinian Historians and Anthropologists. These are follow up interviews with some of the Greatest Scientists on the cutting edge of breaking the back of the current Paradigm that man crossed the land bridge between Siberia and the North American Continent only 15000 years ago. This video has brought to the forefront that there is a almost Cultist mentality in the Paleoanthropology, History, and the Anthropology Scientific Community

Friday, 20 May 2016 07:25

Now I really want to share this discovery. It might be dangerous area to visit, but maybe you have time to help prove that mythology is REAL! 

I believe I've discovered the Chimera of Greek mythology on Google Earth, it's fossilized in the mountains in Turkey right where the ancient Greek historians said it lived.  Here are pictures of it's heads, one face is perfectly preserved, that one head is 120 feet wide, together the two heads are 400 feet long. The ground looks cracked all around in a "compression depression" from the force of the impact when Bellerphon, riding Pegasus, slew it and it fell to Earth. It looks like it landed on an automobile windshield. And just take a look at face! UNBELIEVABLE! Perfectly fossilized with eyes, nose, and mouth clearly identifiable. Scelera, iris, and pupils clearly identifiable. You can go on Google Earth and find it for yourself. 3-D imagery is especially compelling.
The Chimera is 2.3 kilometers from Gobekli Tepe, that circle of huge carved standing stones found in Turkey relatively recently, and is all over the alternative news. I'm talking with some people in Turkey so someone might hopefully survey the "Chimera", examine and document it with pics, vids and samples. Please help spread the word about this so it can be studied before it becomes covered up or destroyed by regional conflicts, and lost to mythology again.
I also have a video on Youtube about the discovery. What do you think of this???
Please share this video link with people, it's rock and roll archaeology!
Thanks very kindly for your time and interest.
Peter Tilden Lund
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Friday, 20 May 2016 06:29

Only brave ones decide to go on a adventure, this is why only such people come upon some interesting things. In the far cold Arctic, on the Russian Champ Island, Franz Josef Land archipelago a group of researchers have found dozen mysterious ball-shaped stones. These perfectly round spheres can be found all over the island, as if they were trees. As glaciers melt away because of the sun and rising heat, more of these mysterious spheres get revealed. This would be a more common place to research if it wasn’t so territoriality fragmented and distanced from the mainland. Some researchers think they have an explanation how these stones have appeared.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 13:09

Originally aired in 1996 by NBC, the Host Charlton Heston points out the Bias against Anti-Darwinian Historians and Anthropologists. These are follow up interviews with some of the Greatest Scientists on the cutting edge of breaking the back of the current Paradigm that man crossed the land bridge between Siberia and the North American Continent only 15000 years ago. This video has brought to the forefront that there is a almost Cultist mentality in the Paleoanthropology, History, and the Anthropology Scientific Community

Monday, 16 May 2016 19:40

New Radio Carbon Dating from archeological sites around the world tells us that the Earth was populated with highly intelligent civilizations dating back more than 25,000 years who knew how to harness energy thru sound and magnetic frequency.

Evidence of this history cannot be denied.

Because…..they left us Pyramids to reveal the TRUTH.

Thursday, 12 May 2016 21:22

A teenager from Quebec has discovered an ancient Mayan city without leaving his province’s borders.

William Gadoury is a 15-year-old student from Saint-Jean-de-Matha in Lanaudière, Quebec. The precocious teen has been fascinated by all things Mayan for several years, devouring any information he could find on the topic. 

During his research, Gadoury examined 22 Mayan constellations and discovered that if he projected those constellations onto a map, the shapes corresponded perfectly with the locations of 117 Mayan cities. Incredibly, the 15-year-old was the first person to establish this important correlation, reported the Journal de Montreal over the weekend.

Then Gadoury took it one step further. He examined a twenty-third constellation which contained three stars, yet only two corresponded to known cities. 

Gadoury’s hypothesis? There had to be a city in the place where that third star fell on the map.

Satellite images later confirmed that, indeed, geometric shapes visible from above imply that an ancient city with a large pyramid and thirty buildings stands exactly where Gadoury said they would be. If the find is confirmed, it would be the fourth largest Mayan city in existence. 

“I didn’t understand why the Maya built their cities far away from rivers, in remote areas, or in the mountains,” Gadoury told the Journal de Montreal, explaining how he developed his theory.

Once Gadoury had established where he thought the city should be, the young man reached out to the Canadian Space Agency where staff was able to obtain satellites through NASA and JAXA, the Japanese space agency.

Scientists across the board have been blown away by Gadoury’s discovery.

“What makes William’s project fascinating is the depth of his research,” said Canadian Space Agency liaison officer Daniel de Lisle. “Linking the positions of stars to the location of a lost city along with the use of satellite images on a tiny territory to identify the remains buried under dense vegetation is quite exceptional.”

Being 15, Gadoury has decided to name the city K'ÀAK ‘CHI, a Mayan phrase which in English means “fire mouth.”

The next step for Gadoury will be seeing the city in person. He’s already presented his findings to two Mexican archaeologists, and has been promised that he’ll join expeditions to the area.

Says Gadoury: “It would be the culmination of three years of work and the dream of lifetime.” 


Thursday, 12 May 2016 21:17

In the outermost tunnel labyrinth Ravne ... everywhere was complete silence ... no sound ... only water movement after throwing stones ... but video recording is heard a strange noise ... anyone talking to us? After returning home and watch the first video recording I was in shock ... The human ear can not hear anything but the sound of experienced technology ... What can it be? Video and audio is original!

V nejvzdálenějších tunelech labyrintu Ravne... všude bylo úplné ticho... žádný zvuk...pouze pohyb vody po vhození kamene...ale na video záznamu je slyšet podivný zvuk...někdo na nás mluvil? Po návratu domů a prvním shlednutí video záznamu jsem v šoku...Lidské ucho nic neslyší, ale technika zvuk zaznamenala...Co to může být? Video a zvuk je originál!

Thursday, 12 May 2016 21:01

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