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Turnaround of the World Media: A Long-Overdue Recognition of Pyramids in Bosnia

The Bosnian pyramids have again made a splash in the major media.

Currently showing on one of the most popular TV channels in the world, "Discovery Science”, is an episode about the discovery in Visoko, Bosnia of the world's oldest and largest pyramids. 

The episode airs as part of the series "Unexplained Mysteries" ("Unexplained Files,” season 2014-2015). The documentary was filmed in May and June 2014. 

The producers resorted to the usual pattern: they tried to make a balanced presentation of the issue. On one side, there were four British and American experts, pre-declared opponents of this discovery, in the fields of archeology, geology, Egyptology, and physics. On the other side, there was Bosnian pyramids discoverer Dr Sam Semir Osmanagich and physicist Slobodan Mizdrak from Zagreb, Croatia.

British archaeologist Henry Chapman, who became known after his statement on "National Geographic" channel that the pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not exist, said that before 12,000 years there were no developed societies but only primitive hunting tribes. Editors easily denied this by showing findings from eastern Turkey and the megalithic site Gobekli Tepe, built long before 12,000 years ago, the fruit of very advanced civilizations. 

Egyptologist Campbell Price talked about the long-outdated theory that, for the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, tens of thousands of workers were needed. At the same time pictures were shown of primitive wooden and stone tools from Egyptian museums.

Geologist Dougal Jerram argued that pyramid-like structures might arise by a process called "cold iron,” when natural iron plates under the ground collide with neighboring ground. But this theory fails to explain the resulting perfect triangular sides and, for instance, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’s near-perfect orientation toward Cosmic North, the best orientation so far documented of any pyramid in the world. 

Henry Chapman said he doubted that “Dr. Osmanagich dug the tunnels.” His statement was followed by images of newly discovered water channels in Ravne tunnel and numerous pre-historical intersections with side-tunnels.

Dr. Osmanagich presented scientific arguments concerning the analysis by the Institute for Agropedology of the age of the sediment above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, giving it a minimum age of at least 12,000 years, and analyses by six different scientific institutes of the artificial concrete blocks on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

The claim of British archaeologists that the pyramids are tombs for pharaohs denies the fact that no pharaohs have been found, no bodies of any kind have been found, and no inscriptions have been found, in the largest and oldest pyramids in Egypt, though of course mummies have been found in the Valley of the Kings.

In the second part, the documentary raises the question, “What is the purpose of the pyramid if not to be a grave/tomb?" Osmanagich gives convincing evidence for the thesis that the pyramids are not tombs but energy machines that use natural energy resources, underground water flows (as electricity generators), conductive materials like quartz crystal and ceramic, and that the geometric shape of a pyramid combines with these factors to create powerful electromagnetic and ultrasound beams.

Physicist Dr. Robert Lomas allowed the possibility that underground water flows do generate electricity but raised the question of how the energy would get to the top of the pyramid.

Then physicist Slobodan Mizdrak from Zagreb performed for the cameras a measurement of electromagnetism. On the access plateau of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, instruments indicate the absence of any electromagnetic field. However, at the very top of the pyramid, in a diameter of only a few meters, an energy beam of 26-32 kHz, with an output of 2.2 V, was measured. 

Specially for this show, a drone was used above the pyramid. During recording, electromagnetic rays were measured whose power increased as the drone moved away from the top of the pyramid. Thus, at a height of 18 meters above the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, there was a measurement of the greatest strength in volts. This was a shocking non-Hertzian energy phenomenon for the authors of the documentary.

Several times, it was repeated that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest and oldest documented pyramid in the world, showing the location where the organic material was found inside and near the surface of the pyramid. Radiocarbon dating of that material has given a minimum age for the structure of 29,200 years, which makes it the oldest documented pyramid in the world.

Although the documentary ends with the question, “Is this discovery one of the biggest frauds in history or is it the greatest discovery in history?" the viewer is given enough information to draw intelligent conclusions. 

The show will be repeated during the 2014-2015 season, and an estimated 20 million people will view it. The complete series of "Unexplained Mysteries" is viewed annually by 100 million people.

This episode has just taken a huge step in changing the scientific paradigm of human history. The new paradigm is that pyramids are not tombs for pharaohs but in fact energy machines, and that the largest and oldest of pyramidal energy machines so far documented by science is the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. What Dr Sam Semir Osmanagich announced in 2005 has now reached the mainstream.

And now the history books need to be changed.

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