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The mosh-pit of history on Terra

Saturday, 16 November 2019 23:53 Published in News

By: Jock Doubleday

I think that if we watched the history of Terra on video, and if we fast-forwarded it, we would see a mosh-pit of ancient advanced species arriving, building, creating civilizations, warring with new arrivals, being destroyed, more species arriving, creating again, building pyramids across Terra as scalar-energy G.P.S. locators for space travelers, bringing refugees from other warring star systems, genetically engineering other species, mining for gold, mining for copper - an endless chaos of intermixing agendas.

Distinguished Russia quantum physicist, professor at the University of Petersburg and inventor of scientific instruments to measure energy levels Konstantin Korotkov, has been granted permission to visit tunnels under the pyramids in Teotihuacan. He has done series of measurements in the tunnels and on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, Moon and Quetzacoatl.
His conclusion was that energy in the tunnels was bad, but very strong and positive on the top of the pyramids. However, he stated that so far the strongest energy he's measured was on the top of the Bosnian Pyramids.
Professor Korotkov has participated in several conferences on Bosnian Pyramids n Visoko, Bosnia. He's done series of measurements. During the press conference in 2016 he exclaimed that' discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids equal discovery of the Mayan pyramids'.
More in his report:

By Richard Hoyle

“Geometry has two great treasures: one is the Theorem of Pythagoras, and the other the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio; the first we may compare to a measure of gold, the second we may name a precious jewel.”




Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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