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Extraoridnary Discovery by Finish Researcher: Connection between Meteorite Sites and Temples around the World

Dear reader,
My good friend Dr. Sam Osmanagic suggest me to write this introduction to Google Earth kmz. database you received with this letter.
I created this large .kmz file database using Google Earth for researching geological phenomena which relate to our hidden history.
I hope you may find data interesting.
File tree is also easy to modify according to your personal preferences; perhaps too easy because files move and become deleted very easily with unintentional clicks while opening and closing them by black triangle buttons left to tacking boxes.
So please, be careful in handling the files.

In order to prevent copyright conflict with Google I cannot sell those files although years of analysis process has been financial burden and loss of leisure time for myself.
Google owns all rights of .kmz format, so only what I can do is to freely distribute files I created using it for benefit of whole mankind.
My creation is my intellectual property which I can donate for free, and by donating I don’t violate Google’s financial rights because I don’t sell anything what I created using Google’s tool.

However, this does not prevent me gratefully receiving your donations if you wish to grant them.
The bank account is: FI84 8840 0710 1047 92 and BIC/SWIFT is: DABAFIHH

So, then into the real issue:
About 14 - 15 years ago I run into website by Australian Irish Frank O’Collins.
His family’s traditional trade was in Catholic clergy, i.e. numerous of his relatives and ancestors are and were priests and monks in every level of the hierarchy, and before the Christianity in his family line had Druids too.
Thus he had a lot of interesting insider stories to tell what he heard over the kitchen table about how elites run the World behind the curtains and facades.
It is a great pity that this website is no longer available.
There he made a claim that if you draw a straight line from Treblinka over Auschwitz-Birkenau the line ends up into Vatican. Because this claim was very easy to verify, so I did.
I used Google Earth Pro, which Ruler function line accuracy is perfect.
Also he claimed that Einsatz Reinhard camps formed pentagram. I checked it and noticed that in geosphere the pentagram is twisted: equal armed pentagram is used in white magic but unequally armed one in black magic. Also, Lodz ghetto cut one pentagram line turning the pentagram into Devil’s Hoof. Moreover, it seems that line drawn western ”groins” of the pentagram through eastern tip of the ”head” points to rising point of sun during the equinoxes.
I draw the line from Treblinka II over Treblinka I and over Buna factory to Vatican—not over Buna camp proper. Nevertheless, the line is 1394 Km long and center of Buna camp locates 1,78 Km from the line so 1,78/1394 = 0,0012. In statistical analysis most often accepted error margin is 5 % (p = 5) and here error margin is 1,2 ‰. Same goes with every line: all error margins are below 5 %.

Just few evenings before I made these first drawings the Finnish Broadgasting Company YLE showd a TV-documentary about Felix Kersten.
Felix Kersten was Finnish Estonian personal therapeutist of SS-Reichführer Heinrich Himmler.
Himmler suffered seviere abdominal pains since early childhood and Kersten could ease them.
Himmler demanded that Kersten gave therapy sessions in Himmler’s office in SS’ headquarters.
There on Himmler’s large desk Kersten saw big European maps where straight lines were drawn.
Kersten interpreted the lines as a bomber flying route designs, as Himmler quickly turn them upside down off his view.
However, SS had no airforce and Herman Göring would had not allowed SS to play on his turf.
That information was my Aha!-moment what triggered my whole research project.
I marked main Nazi camps and massacre sites (they locate in file ”4.1 Fascist Camps & Massacre Sites), ghettos (they locate in file ”4.2 Ghettos”), and Vatican onto map, and then I draw the lines.
Not many lines came out, but too many to be a mere coincident.
Then I added more shrines which I knew SS-Ahnenerbe researched.
SS-Ahnenerbe was Himmler’s creation and pet project.
Result of this analysis is main file ”4.3 Lines Through Camps to Shrines”.
In these ”Unheilige Linien” to shrines I have found first concrete evidence of Nazi occultism what has been unevidenced rumour since World War II.
I coined term Unheilige Linien to describe straight lines through camps-ghettos-massacre sites to shrines, because obviously Himmler applied Wilhelm Teudt’s discovery of straight Heilige Linien between holy sites. Spotting of Ley Lines in Britain and Heilige Linien in Germany was popular outdoor pastime between the wars.

Then I started wondering why those Ley Line-Heilige Linien-Unheilige Linien target shrines locate there where they locate? Why they have been erected onto specific spots, often rebuild time and again above the same places? When a new religion replaced the old one, new religion’s new shrine was erected exactly onto same site. Why new religion have not chosen new unspoiled religiously clean place for its shrine, but build its new shrine onto place spoiled by previous heathen sins? What is so special in those places that they must have been used and reused time and again?

I noticed one mutual thing with all old shrines: originally they all were polytheist shrines where Sun was worshipped as supreme god. This is reason why I marked shrines with sun icon. In some shrines sun god was ousted from status of supreme god. In these cases thunder replaced Sun as a supreme god of the pantheon. These thunder god headed shrines I marked with icon where cloud covers the Sun.
All shrines are filed in ”2.2 Shrine Icons”.
However, there are more shrine icons cataloqued in this file than I have analyzed yet. Please, you are more than welcomed to create your own files for shrine you want analyse and draw lines into it if you wish. Please try to find some shrines what are not in my file, and see if any straight lines goes there.

So, polytheist shrines were headed by either Sun or thunder. In all mythologies Sun and thunder have always everywhere been utter archenemies. Sun and thunder always tried to undermine each other somehow. Each gods had their own symbols. What were symbol animals of those gods?
Sun hawk; Thunder vulture-eagle; Sun bovine; Thunder goat/horse…
Horses’ gallop rumble, thunder lightning rumbles, volcano eruption rumbles… Cone volcano gathers rain clouds, and smith god Vulcan was henchman of Jupiter, so actually volcanoes are thunder god’s dominion.
Horses pull sun disk in the sky, Phaeton lost control of bolting horses of his Sun father’s chariot and almost end up burning the Earth…
If a shrine is chariot of Sun god then volcanoes are horses pulling the chariot.

Thus I marked volcanoes onto map and started to draw lines.
Lines run perfectly over volcanoes into all shrines.
So that is explanation for selecting erecting sites for shrines: they locate at mutual end points of maximum amount of straight lines through minimum two volcanoes per line (because minimum two spots are needed to determine a direction of the line drawn through the spots).

But then I started to think about continental drift. When a plate moves over a hotspot, volcano erupting repeadetly forms a chain of volcanoes, such Emperor and Louisville chains in Pacific Ocean floor, or Great Meteor chain in Atlantic, or 90 Degree East Ridge and 85 Degree East Ridge in Indian Ocean floor. So volcanoes do not remain as accurate spots for drawing lines over.

Then I noticed one interesting thing in one of the lines: it run over a meteorite crater too—Obolon’.
Then I activated Google Earth’s meteorite crater database what still was available at that time.
That database is/was inssufficient, because it was made at the time when most of the craters known nowadays were not found yet and crater specifications were not known as well as they are nowadays although sometimes it is very accurate too.
I found Expert Database of Earth Impact Structures (EDEIS) by Anna Mikheeva PhD in Novosibirsk University Faculty of Geology and Geophysics.
I copied her EDEIS data and arduously by hand transferred it into Google Earth .kmz files.
Those locate under main file:
1.1 Impact Crater Database
Under this main file has 5 subfiles:
1.1.1 Small craters (0 – 10 Km)
1.1.2 Big craters (10 – 100 Km)
1.1.3 Giablems (100 – 1000 Km)
1.1.4 Hyablems (over 1000 Km)
Each of these files have sub-sub-files where each size craters are typified under 6 classes:
Proven (4) (Purple)
Probable (3) (White)
Possible (2) (Blue)
Proposed (1) (Yellow)
My Suggestions (Orange)
Discredited (Red)
These colour codes follow the symbol colour system used in Google Earth’s own meteorite crater database.
Colour codes and numbers 4 – 1 indicate how trustworthy impact markers verify the validity.
(4) Purple: Planar deformation features (PDF’s) in quartz; Hexagonal diamonds (lonsdaleites); Suevite, pseudotakhylites, coesite, stishovite, seifertite, maskelynite; Shatter cones; Iridium & osmium.
(3) White: Lechatelierite; Dialeptic glass; Tectites; Chrystalized stone melts; Impact breccia.
(2) Blue: Carbohydrate i.e. oil & gas fields (cosmogenic oil; impact brokes the crust way that oil can seep up from Moho into drillable field layers); Magnetic field anomaly (impact destroyed crustal magnetic field); Gravity anomaly (meteorite mass is heavier than crater bedrock around it).
(1) Yellow: Crater form; Rim walls; Central uplift.

Next there is:
2. Shrines Directory
with 3 sub-files
2.2 Shrine Icons
2.3 Shrine Diameters
2.1 Meteorite Crater Rim Shrines
Meteorite Crater Rim Shrines includes 2 main sub-sub-subfiles:
- Big Meteorite Crater Rim Shrines
- Giablem-Hyablem Crater Rim Shrines

My fourth discovery after Unheilige Linien, Volcano Lines to Shrines, and Meteorite Crater Lines to Shrines was Meteorite Crater Rim Shrines.
When I draw circles which show outer edges of big craters and especially giablem-hyablem craters, and activated shrine icons by tacking the box left to 2.1 Shrine Icons file for cross-examination, my jaw dropped.
I am a man who does not shock easily, especially after drawing thousands of straight lines from opposite side of Earth over tiniest craters into a shrines with accuracies what boggles the mind—but now I really lost my breath.
I hardly can believe my eyes still today when I see Black Sea giablem rim, Asia hyablem rim, Irano Afghan hyablem rim, Sunda Mariana hyablem rim, Dinaro Carpathian giablem rims, Mexican Bay giablem rim, West Africa hyablem rim, etc.
All most ancient shrines locate exactly above the inner pressure rims or the outernmost edge rim of giablem-hyablem craters. All. No exceptions.
If a shrine locates somewhere else, that shrine site is younger than diluvian.

Ley Line refuters try to refute validity of Meteorite Crater Lines to Shrines by applying statistician David Kendall’s Random Dot critique, what is valid in Ley Lines cases—perhaps. Get a look what happens when you pull straight line from holy volcano Llullaillaco through Easter Island around the globe back to Llullaillaco. That Ley Line refutes the Ley Line refuters.

Kendall’s critique is invalid in refuting Meteorite Crater Lines: although the Dots are random, the lines drawn through them are not random anymore, because there is one deliberatelly added Dot the Shrine what collects all the lines running straight through the craters into one mutual spot.
And moreover: that same shrine locates not only in mutual point of straight lines through craters, but above the inner pressure rim or outernmost edge rim of giablem-hyablem meteorite crater!

It is certain that undiscovered prediluvian shrines still unknown to us can become deceted in crosspoints of maximum amount of lines through craters. At least I have discovered a lot of potential and almost certain new meteorite craters with that method, such as crater rosary running north east from Dalgaranga crater through Australia pointing to holy island Kosrae.

What we have here is first undeniable proof of prediluvian super-civilization who knew our planet Earth better than we did mere few years ago.

They marked giablem-hyablem rim edges there where maximum amount of straight lines through small and big meteorite craters connect. Maybe they knew that sky will fall upon them and they decided to write everlasting graffiti using never-eroding meteorite craters as a pen to inform us that Kilroy was here. Then our ancestors the global cataclysm survivors built their religious shrines on those same spots time and again faithfully like true believers should.

And thus one final realization hit into my mind:
In religious rosary the beads symbol meteorite craters, string symbols the straigh line, the cross-star-moon etc. token symbols the shrine, and rosary-wearer’s head symbols the Earth.

I asked Dr. Mikheeva check out my method. She posted me her analysis of lines through meteorite craters crossing in South West Africa, and the continental crossing dot there hit Brandberg, one of the shrines. After I confirmed this, I have been persona non grata for her.
Also I contacted years ago to University of Oulu Faculty of Mathematics to check validity of my method, but they have been shelved the process they promised to do ever since.

It seems to me that academia do not want to jeopardize their reputation by dealing something what would ruin and rewrite the whole concept of history which is the foundation of current and future belief systems and therefore of our social system and whole civilization.

Therefore I donate — with wishes of getting voluntary donations for compensation of my enormous work :-) — this unfinished research for worldwide distribution in hope that eventually sheer mass of public awareness about the phenomenon would enforce academia to start investigation.

It is always the same thing when monolith paradigm becomes under a threat: I anticipate vicious attacks against my reputation and perhaps even against my persona. But attacs are not critique, but antithesis of critique. Real critique points error-weaknesses and offers corrections and improved explanations to them. I expect nothing else than that.

I hope you’ll feel the same amazement and enjoyment as I had analyzing these lines and rims.
If you have time and interest, please do your own research, improve the method, and see what you will discover.

Sincerely Yours,
Mika Virpiranta

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