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Written by: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

During my visit to Zadar and its surroundings in March 2023, I visited four intriguing locations.

On the island of Pag, in the town of Pag, there is an unexpected megalithic wall. It is composed of rectangular and polygonal blocks that reach a mass of almost three tons. The most interesting is the polygonal block with nine sides/corners on the face. It is a typical feature of construction from the last megalithic cycle on the planet, which ended 5,000 years ago. This superior wall was later used for the construction of a salt factory.

In the northeastern part of the island of Pag, there is a phenomenon known as the 'Pag Triangle'. 25 years ago, a regular isosceles triangle was found with round pebbles, in places black in color, which differed from the surrounding karst. Due to the numerous energetic phenomena in the night sky above the island, it began to be talked about an unidentified craft that left a mark in this inaccessible area. Today this location is devastated, the regular shape of the triangle has been lost and the remaining sides are 30x26x24 meters, the pebbles are missing and only in places is colored black stone encountered. According to the measurements, there are no special energy anomalies.

In the hinterland of Zadar, near the town of Kruševo, there is a megalith that at first glance represents a multi-ton block on a block. However, upon closer analysis, it can be determined that the upper part of the block has been processed, creating the impression that it is two blocks and that an opening has been made between the upper and lower parts. The orientation of this block is in the north-south direction, and the orientation of the opening is towards the sunrise during the summer solstice. This is an anthropogenic activity, and the access plateau was probably used for ceremonial gatherings and astronomical observations.

Revisiting Asseria near town of Benkovac, a megalithic gem on the soil of Croatia, convinced me that the authorities still do not recognize the true, authentic values ​​of our megalithic sites. Asseria is still referred to as a 'Roman municipality'. It is true that after the bloody conquest of our region, ancient Rome had its own city there. However, the basic question is the real builders and the original purpose of these megalithic walls that served in a later phase the Illyrian Liburnians who also used it for housing. And although more numerous polygonal blocks are missing, certain sections of the walls are identical to those in megalithic town of Daorson in Stolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina with typical earthquake-proof construction. The perfection of construction and use of megalithic blocks without binding material goes alongside similar construction in Peru, Easter Island, Mexico, Montana or Egypt.

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