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At the invitation of the owner of the hotel and business complex 'Vema' in Visoko, Osman Suša, the team of the Foundation 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' visited this facility in the center of Visoko on May 4, 2023. Foundation’s director Dr Sam Osmanagich, tourist manager Ajdin Ahmetspahić and Park 'Ravne 2' Program manager Evelina Čehajić spent 90 minutes in the company of Mr. Suša for the guiding tour of the facility.

The construction of this significant investment for Visoko and Bosnia and Herzegovina is in its final phase. There are fine works on all levels: two underground levels of garages with 240 parking spaces, paving of the surrounding square and driveways, business premises for shops, boutiques and restaurants on two levels, and the hotel part that extends over four floors. It also includes modern spaces for spa and wellness; indoor swimming pool, saunas, cosmetic area with manicure and pedicure, gym, helipad, observatory, climbing wall.

The arrangement of the rooms, which range from double to presidential suites, is impressive. Most of them are fully furnished. This modern complex will mark a turning point in the offer of accommodation and catering facilities in Visoko.

In his statement, Dr. Osmanagić pointed out:

"I am impressed by this complex, which has long been a necessity for the tourist offer of Visoko, our project of the Bosnian pyramids and the guests of the Foundation. Finally, we will have suitable accommodation for top athletes, artists, musicians, researchers and business people who visit our locations and have been going to Sarajevo until now. The hotel's diverse facilities, privacy and comfort will enable a pleasant multi-day stay. It's great how every detail has been taken care of with the idea of ​​providing an unforgettable service. We need guests who will keep coming back to Visoko, and now, in addition to the unique locations of the pyramids, tunnels and park Ravne 2, we also have a top-quality accommodation capacity. Our team will soon start discussions about specific cooperation for the coming years with the representatives of the hotel.'

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