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The 31ST Biohacking Health and Wellness Biomed EXPO returning to Las Vegas, Nevada on SEPT 14-17, 2023, latest in Stem Cell and Brain enhancement Technologies Expo/ Conference with world's leading experts in health, longevity, science & consciousness.

Press Release

Date: 6/19/2023



By: Saeed David Farman, CEO

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Phone: 1-702-890-1290

ALEXIS PARK RESORT, 375 E. Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89169.

Biomed Expo ushers in new earth frequencies of biohacking and Trans-Humanism at the Las Vegas Alexis Park Resort, SEPT 14-17, 2023. The conference brings together a highly coveted group of physicians to defy the preconceived limits of the human body. With 30 speakers with lectures, workshops and 70 exhibitors, this healing fest has curated the leading minds behind the latest leaps in healing modalities from scalar energy to functional homeopathy and Quantum Healing.

Attendees will receive codes on healthcare from a future timeline in which doctors harness Gaia’s source codes to help patients of conditions from cancer to Alzheimer’s to lupus with non-invasive modalities.

This year’s programming will be the largest quantum leap to the future yet: medical researchers, doctors, and disclosure groups, EX- Military Intelligence, California DEPT of Health Whistleblower, and the New Humanity Movement leaders will speak candidly on classified topics including: Tesla’s discoveries, Therapeutic Benefits of far infrared energy, Healing power of PEMF machines, Healing with Quantum Lasers, Biohacking your Brain with Nitric Oxide, Stem Cell therapy, Red Laser Therapy, how to do deal with weaponization of Parasites, Fungus, Bacteria, Viruses, converging the disciplines of metaphysics and medicine to enhance human cognitive functions, extend lifespan, and expand extrasensory perceptions.

Keynote speakers:

***Keynote Speaker: Dr. Patrick Porter, CEO of BrainTap.

***Keynote Speaker: Dr. Nathan Bryan

***Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Young

***Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rajiv Parti, MD.

***Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sam Osmanagich

Moderator of the Health Panels: Robert Scott Bell

More amazing speakers:

Dr. Scott Werner, Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Johnny Delirious, Sir Bill Walsh®, Babry Oren, Saeed David Farman, Ryan Veli, Sarah Breskman Cosme, Michael Dignam, Irena Skoda, Perry Kamel, Joe Blanton, Phillip Wilson, Nichola Burnett, Eric Dadmehr, Gaylord Rhodes, Laura Eisenhower, Alan Bedian, Amelia Brummel, Azucena Avila, Tracy Slepcevic, Ocean Sky, Deidre Madsen & Samuel Kiwasz.

Masters of Ceremonies: Amelia Brummel & Ocean Sky

Registration for this 4-day extravaganza of meet-and-greet banquet dinners with daily Functional wellness panels and over 100 lectures, workshops on biohacking is now open at https://biomedexpo.com






Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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