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In the organization of the company "Bosnian pyramids Inc.’’, the First International Tennis Tournament "Pyramid Cup" will be held at the tennis complex of the park "Ravne 2" from 17.-21. July 2023. The sport sponsors of the tournament are the Tennis Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first two days of the tournament, Monday July 17th and Tuesday July 18th, will feature qualifiers with eight participants, and the main event will also have eight participants. The quarter-finals will be held on Wednesday 19 July, the semi-finals on Thursday 20 July and the final on Friday 20 July.

The tournament is timed between the Wimbledon tournament and before the ATP tournament in Umag.

The best tennis players from Bosnia and Herzegovina have confirmed their participation in the tournament, namely:

- Damir Džumhur (career ranking 23rd, current ranking 164th)

- Mirza Bašić (74. / 561.)

- Aldin Šetkić (165. / 712.)

- Nerman Fatić (195. / 251.)

- Andrej Nedic (691. / 699.)

Also, participation was confirmed by Tomislav Jotovski (career ranking 510th) from Macedonia.

Negotiations are underway on the arrival of tennis players from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

It is the wish of the organizers to host the other ranked B&H players at the tournament including Radomir Tomić (1166 / 1179), Vladan Tadić (887 / 2383), Aziz Kijametović (752 / 1002) and Nemanja Malešević (1373 / 1493).

This will be a holiday of tennis and a review of the best that Bosnia and Herzegovina can offer to the world of this popular sport.

The best ranked Bosnian doubles tennis player Tomislav Brkić (40 / 81) will hold a tennis weekend for young tennis players on 15-16 July 2023

Also, work is being done on the organization of a showcase match of the best Bosnian female players Nefisa Berberović (221st / 341st) and Dea Herdželaš (183rd / 388th).

Matches will be played on two sets won. The third set will be a super-tiebreak.

The organizer bears the costs of travel (from the region), accommodation and meals, and the prize fund. Sponsors are also the City of Visoko and BH Telecom from Sarajevo.

All matches will be with no entrance free with the aim of promoting tennis and sports among the young population.

Applications of tennis players to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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