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An Interview with Dr. Semir Osmanagic. 

 Dr. Semir Osmanagić an anthropology professor and pyramid researcher, provides a deep-dive into the pyramids discovered in Visoko, Bosnia Herzegovina. He offers a profound analysis of the pyramid phenomenon worldwide as he unveils the true potential of pyramids, not just as architectural marvels, but as providers of energy and healing forces. 

 Listen as Dr. Osmanagić demystifies the impact of these ancient structures on water molecular structure, human health, communication, and other aspects of life. This episode gives a groundbreaking perspective on pyramids, inviting viewers to explore the uncharted territories of an ancient civilization's genius. 
00:00 Introduction to the Bosnian Pyramids 
00:36 Discovering the Pyramids: An Interview with Dr. Sam Samir Osmanagic 
01:40 The Global Presence of Pyramids and Their Misunderstandings 
02:03 Unveiling the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun 
02:58 The Pyramid Science: A New Perspective 
03:54 The Controversy and Public Reaction to the Discovery 
04:53 The Pyramid as an Energy Complex 
10:53 The Healing Properties of the Pyramid 
17:15 The Pyramid's Impact on Water and Food 1
8:35 The Pyramid's Influence on Human Aura and Spirituality 
26:18 The Future of Pyramids and Their Impact on Society.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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