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Numerous interviews and lectures by the Bosnian pyramid discoverer Dr Sam Osmanagich, continue with undiminished intensity. This is an endless promotion of the world's oldest pyramids, healing tunnels and the park 'Ravne 2' as a global cultural, sports and artistic oasis and a district of freedom and spiritual peace.

In the next four months, there will be events on four continents and Osmanagich's appearances at gatherings in thirteen countries: Slovenia, Bahrain, India, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Serbia and Italy.

From January to May 2024, we record some of his promotional activities:

- January 24, 2024. Interview for the state public service radio Television of Serbia

- January 25 Interview for YouTube TV channel 'Profa podcast' from Niš (Serbia)

- January 25 interview for YouTube TV channel "Evening Podcast" from Zadar (Croatia)

- January 29 online press conference in Ljubljana on the occasion of the release of the book 'My Conversations with Artificial Intelligence' in the Slovenian language (https://www.facebook.com/Dr.SemirOsmanagicSlovenija)

- January 31, receiving the title of 'Ambassador of Knowledge' in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

- February 7 reception for the managers of the International Olympic Committee in the Ravne complex, Visoko (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

- 19.-24. February visit to Manama (Bahrain), giving presentations, media interviews, meetings with artists, archaeologists, politicians, Ministry of Tourism

- 24. Presentation for the First Global Conference of Meditation Leaders in India

- February 29 Lecture in Knin (Croatia)

- March 1 Lecture in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

- March 2 Lecture Nitra (Slovakia)

- March 3 Lecture Prague (Czech Republic)

- March 10 Lecture Uppsala (Sweden)

- March 11 Lecture Uppsala (Sweden)

- March 12 Lecture Orebro (Sweden)

- March 13 Lecture Gothenburg (Sweden)

- March 14 Lecture Malmo (Sweden)

- March 15 Lecture Malmo (Sweden)

- March 17 Lecture Copenhagen (Denmark)

- March 19 Lecture Bolsward (Netherlands), location: www.apollanja.nl

- March 22 Lecture Beetsterzwaag (Netherlands), location www.lezingsemir.nl

- 23 March Lecture Schipluiden (Netherlands) www.ophodenpijl.nl

- March 24 Lecture Ingelmunster (Belgium) www.shiva-center.be

- March 25 Lecture Genk-Hasselt (Belgium) www.lifefullness.be

- March 26 Lecture Vienna (Austria)

- March 27 Lecture Maribor (Slovenia)

- March 30 Lecture Rtanj (Serbia)

- 11.-14. April Lecture at the international conference Los Angeles https://aiexpocon.com/

- 2.-5. May Oxfordshire (Great Britain) Conference 'Call of Time'

- 10.-12. May Damanhur (Italy) Lecture in Damanhur


As a result, these unprecedented activities will have a further affirmation of the discovery of the Bosnian pyramids, volunteerism, the festivals this year in the park "Ravne 2" and tourist destinations in BiH.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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