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How Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels boost the immunity

Dr Sam Osmanagich answering questions from British journalist Mark Hodgkinson (www.wimbledon.com) about difficult times for Novak Djoković
British journalist prepared the list of questions for his article about Novak Djoković. Here they are:
‘I have some follow-up questions. If you have a moment to answer these, perhaps in a video as you did last time, that would be very helpful. Thanks so much!
Why do you believe that the pyramids can boost immunity against COVID? I see you told the New York Times that ‘this place is 1000 times more powerful than any vaccine’. Do you have any more information on this topic?
Did you ever have any conversations with Novak about the pyramids boosting immunity against COVID? Did he believe that the pyramids could help protect him from COVID?
Do you think Novak was unfairly treated by Australia last year? Did you speak to him or message him when he was in the detention centre or prison in Melbourne?
How do you think that experience - being deported from Australia - might have changed him and the way he thinks about the world?
Did that show that Novak stands up for what he believes in?
Please can you explain more about how the pyramids can be used an advanced communication system? And how they emit energy beams?’






Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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