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Sound & ancient technologies

Piše: Dipl. Eng. Goran Marjanović

A few days ago, Mr. Vitaly Pravdivcev sent me a several links about the acoustic levitation recordings. As an example here is one of them:

Акустическая левитация, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=110&v=-F-RU_mQSEg

However, on the record:

"Как "плавить" камни звуком", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9lcLNZKtcM"

Is shown the procedure "How to" melt "stones with sound"! From that video I extracted several key slides:

1min53sec - illustrating the "experimental setup that made rock holes via the effects of ultrasonic vibration on the stone over metal tubes,

2min8sec - result of ultrasound impact after ten seconds

2min23sec, 2min27sec ultrasound effect after 15 to 20 sec

2min52sec results of ultrasound effect after one minute

Recordings from the Vinča archaeological site: http://www.panacomp.net/arheolosko-nalaziste-vinca/

1. Pic V.Pravdivcev br 30

2. Pic V.Pravdivcev br 32

3. Pic G.Marjanovic Vinča 1

4 Pic G.Marjanovic Vinča 2

5 Pic G.Marjanovic Vinča 3

Material fashion similarity shown at the pic 2min23sec (e.g.) and Vinča 1 is obvious and indicates to the possible identity of the applied technologies!

During the Scientific-research mission of Dr. Paolo Debertolis SBRG team at the APBPS site presence of ultrasound was clearly detected:

Image: SunPyr_Ultrasound - H.Savolainen recording, clearly shows the presence of ultrasound.

SBRG measuring Report:

Citation: “ultrasound:

Two lower frequencies:

around 9 387 Hz

next around 18 834 Hz

central between 28 361 to 28 417 Hz

next, between 37 827 - 37 854 Hz

higher around 47 259.

Distance between peaks is 9 444 - 9 456 Hz.” End of citation.

Fact that there are a lot of piezoelectric materials in the APBPS area, that ultrasonic signals were registered in this area with scientific equipment/method and real possibility of stone “softening” shown on the movie "Как "плавить" камни звуком", speak in favor of the idea of the sound implementation in the technique of levitation and stone softening/drilling as a technology of buildings construction, tool making etc ...

This knowledge combined with the EM phenomena ("About Scalable Waves - Theory and Practice",https://anamericaninbosnia.wordpress.com/2018/07/02/the-scalar-conundrum-will-solving-the-riddle-of- scalar-waves-help-us-solve-some-of-the-mysteries-of-earths-past /) points to the enormous technical possibilities of the ancient and indicate a high probability that the ancient civilizations knowledge was really high.

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