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The arrival of a large number of Slovaks in Visoko every year is a result of the systematic and dedicated work of the 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Foundation. From year to year, the director of the Foundation Dr. Sam Osmanagich holds lectures in the cities of Slovakia and gives interviews for TV channels, radio stations, magazines, daily newspapers, youtube TV sites and social media.

During his last visit, he gave a 10-page interview to the ‘Zem & Vek’ magazine. Dr. Osmanagich answers the editor Marian Benki in depth on questions about Bosnian pyramids, but also about the global context in which the phenomenon of the pyramid lies. The title of the interview is: 'If we know our true history, the elites could not control us anymore'.

The magazine is a few tens of thousands of copies and is distributed in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Also, there is a new YouTube channel presentation of Dr. Osmanagich in Bratislava. The focus of the three lectures were the healing effects of the pyramid energy. For two and a half hours, Dr. Osmanagich extensively talks about scientific and medical argumentation in favor of the benefits of exposure to the energies of the pyramid.

Video link to the English-Slovak version:

Semir Osmanagich - 3. Energia života 2018, Liečivý efekt pyramíd 1.časť

Semir Osmanagich - 3. Energia života 2018, Liečivý efekt pyramíd 2.časť

Semir Osmanagich - 3. Energia života 2018, Liečivý efekt pyramíd 3.časť

The long-time travel organizer to the Bosnian pyramids Martina Turiničova invites interested Slovaks to join her in this year's campaigns to the oldest world pyramids:


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Piramide, tuneli i park su otvoreni svaki dan.
Radno vrijeme: 9:00 - 19:00 (juli-septembar)
Posljednji ulazak u tunele u 18 sati.
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Video zapis iz Bosanske doline piramida 2014

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